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Get resource bonuses
11:25:25 Mar 3rd 20 - Mr. Necromorph:

Hi! I'm just curious, how close should I build my city to a resource to gain its bonus? On the other hand, can I get multiple bonuses? I mean, if I would build it close to a mountain and a forest and a river at the same time.

I assume, if I settle I can't do it back so I ask these questions first.


12:13:21 Mar 3rd 20 - Mr. Bling:

you wont get bonuses by rainbowing a city

12:47:00 Mar 3rd 20 - Princess Aisha:

Rainbowing means building little bit of everything

Settle city near a mountain to get mining bonus
Another city near water to get farming bonus
Settle near forest to get lumber bonus

I sometimes mix maybe two (near mountain and forest) to get two bonuses.
The closer you are, smaller city it will be (except dwarves who build inside mountain and elves who build inside forest = settle right next to terrain) so need to be little bit further away to get bigger city. 

17:04:26 Mar 3rd 20 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

You can get mining bonus near water too!

18:31:47 Mar 3rd 20 - Mr. Fry:

Thank you guys, that's everything what I need to know! ;)

00:01:29 Mar 4th 20 - Percy (Sir Inception):

You will still get bonuses by rainbowing cities, but you need to make sure they will be large cities if you are going to rainbow hard. This is because the distance required to get the max resource bonus for a given resource is based on city size. Smaller cities need to be closer, larger cities like 90kís can be pretty far away and still get it.

For example, if you build a city a decent distance (4 ticks or so) from a mountain and it only gets to be a 40k, it may not be a great miner, whereas a 90k in the same spot would be. Thatís because the 90k will reach further (both visibly on the map and in terms of the invisible bonus resource extension). So be sure to plan cities wisely. 

Also, water does seem to give a partial mining bonus, but from my experience itís less than being near mountains themselves. So take that info as will lol

21:23:57 Mar 6th 20 - Endless (Ms. Nephthys):

try doing a Ctrl A on the map and you'll see whether or not your city is going to have any resource bonus

22:40:40 Mar 6th 20 - Cao Cao (Mr. The Good Witch):

I never knew that, or i used to know that and forgot. Thanks Endless :)

00:51:24 Mar 7th 20 - Mr. Necromorph:

The blue size of the square around the picture of a city after ctrl+a has the same size for all city

The size of the blue squares around the cities after press ctrl+a are the same size. Shouldn't it be bigger for the bigger cities? Or do I need to watch something else?

01:06:16 Mar 7th 20 - Percy (Sir Percinium):

TL;DR - blue square is marginally useful for city spacing, but useless for resource bonus estimation. Build relatively small cities close to a resource and for large cities make it generally close, but even a large offset can net you full bonus.

The blue square that pops up with ctrl+a  gives the max square for any given city, but is honestly fairly worthless for any kind of real judgement. The most useful is for city spacing, as it allows you to see roughly how far laterally and vertically a 90k will reach, but the corners are clipped on the cities, so you can technically stack them in closer than the square shows, making it only half useful. For resource bonuses, those ranges extend MUCH further than the blue square shows. One era, an ally had an elf city in trees in the middle of a large clearing and still got a mining bonus (in two cities) despite having 1-2 other ally full on 90k cities separating him from the resource (mountains). This happened because it was a full 90k. Resource bonus range scales with city size, and that blue square doesnít account for that.

04:26:53 Mar 7th 20 - Endless (Ms. Nephthys):

if you have trees or mountains , water, within the total area youíre going to get resource bonus, itís useless for anything else :p

05:14:41 Mar 7th 20 - Percy (Sir Percinium):

While that is true, I was simply stating the actual resource range extends much further than that square, but quite a long shot. Iíve counted a distance of over 2 other squares away and still getting full bonus so long as itís a 90k. Just trying to help a new player realize large cities can be placed away from resources and get the bonus, doesnít HAVE to be touching or in the blue area at all :) seen too many people try to make a 90k tour the resource and end up getting 72k or less when they could back away well enough for an easy 90k and get the same result

08:56:41 Mar 7th 20 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkruul):

I always thought 90k gets max bonus regardless of distance.. could be wrong though I suppose.

09:45:54 Mar 7th 20 - Rajkumar Bala (Mr. Bala Bala Bala Bala Bala Bala):

A 90k city income close from resource terrain, and a 90k city income far away from resource terrain, is never equal.

Its a thing, we tell players equal to fool them. You should never know the real tactics :) 

10:00:32 Mar 7th 20 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkruul):

Well that's not nice.

11:08:09 Mar 7th 20 - Mr. Ignis Fire:

He is just joking. Read on the guide and you see.

11:45:19 Mar 7th 20 - Rajkumar Bala (Mr. Bala Bala Bala Bala Bala Bala):

Hahaha :) 

11:47:25 Mar 7th 20 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkruul):

You know, you should just print concise information lol.

18:05:49 Mar 7th 20 - Percy (Sir Inception):

Thatís what Iíve aimed to do since my return nearly a year ago: peel away the crap thatís gets thrown around and bring truth to those who seek it. 90k near resources and 90k away net the same result, just takes longer to get it. Example: a 90k as close to a mountain as possible while still a 90k might get the bonus at 40k of the total building count, while a 90k 1-2 city distances away might only get it at 78k or fully maxed out. Either way, a fully maxed out 90k can get it from nearly any distance away. 

However, if youíre doing a non-90k city, then you should pay attention to distancing. From my experience, 40k or less should be nearly touching, 56k or 78k can be backed off a little (due to other resources or cities) and 90k can be pretty much anywhere generally near the resources youíre after. And for those who claim otherwise, this has been a tried and tested approach for the larger cities (78k-90k) with my own personal experience on the others. Even have screen caps showing quite a large distance between a 90k and the resource itís bonusing from :)

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