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How bad are adventurers
13:10:49 Jun 14th 21 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Adventurer):

Itís my 2nd era back in years and I am giving halflings a shot and I am having major issues not finding a single science or gold.

4K advent with 15 experience have found literally nothing in a week. I heard advents were nerfed but has adventuring all but ended?

13:18:09 Jun 14th 21 - Lady Jasmina:

The fix to Adventurers is that they find 10 times less stuff than what they used to.

So don't expect much... Last era Arthos had a large Advents army with lots of exp, and final scores says 37 finds... I am not exactly sure how it was fixed, there was word about taking all halfers on every world into account, so more people with exp mean less finds for each, but then again people stopped playing Halfers after all those "fixes" so I am not sure how it works now. Before the "fix" that halfer would have probably 90 finds which would also be broken, because in the past if expert halfers got exp after a week of playing, the era winner was already known. 

  1. Mr. Arthos of Pestilence (Halfling)
    Had 761,471 land, 2,618,139 troops and 37 science points. Killed 1,165,231 soldiers, won 50 of 71 battles and captured 35 cities.

15:24:56 Jun 14th 21 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc The Dwarven Bastard):

Last time I played halfler last November, I got only less 10 advent finds for the whole era here in Val. I got a 50k Advents with 21 exp doing it. I merely focused to spamming ponies so don't know much if I had more advents.

22:06:33 Jun 14th 21 - Mr. Arthos:

I had 100k adv with >10 experience from very early in the era and found maybe 1-2 treasures per week. As noone else were active with advents, what I know, i did expect more.

01:21:05 Jun 15th 21 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Adventurer):

Wow... so the nerf just trashed the race. Something else could have been done...

16:26:21 Jun 16th 21 - Death God Testterr:

its practially useless now to go halfer unless your maging.
instead that nerf, they should have presented it that you cant get exp from feeding/ steal food/siege but actual fights army vs army

20:26:32 Jun 16th 21 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes):

When this nerf happen?

16:30:04 Jun 17th 21 - STEELIX (Mr. Mega Steelix):

Halflers still a powerful race. Y'all are lucky that advents still find stuffs.

Almost in every world, you'll see top ranked halfling players & they did pretty good too. Halflers ain't getting any buffs whatsoever. And the nerf was perfect to stop halfers xp abuse and many more.

01:43:29 Jun 18th 21 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Adventurer):

from 20-30 finds to now 1 find, the nerf was too significant.

I would suggest increasing find rate but still less then it was before

23:43:34 Jun 18th 21 - Matthew (Chief Mathew):

Don't revert this change.

This was a solid change/update and everyone knows Adventure treasure finds needed to be changed.

Halfling still has the best racial advantage in the game: 1/2 land costs. They also get access to their economic unit very very early (when people can still native food).

If everyone thinks that Halfling needs a small buff then why not do something thematic that makes the game more accessible?

If Halfling needs a buff then just remove their additional food upkeep.

It would be a HUGE buff. Right now all units in Visual Utopia require .25 food a tick when they are housed, peasants and troops alike. In the ultra-lategame Halflings and Dwarves are housing their 1-3 million units to avoid paying the 1-5ish gold per unit upkeep, so let's say a lategame halfling has 2 million peasants and 2 million housed troops. That's an additional 1+ million income every tick.

As of now Halfling units AND peasants require .275 food a tick instead of .25.

If that was removed then Halfling would be a huge powerhouse race again, especially with AOTD nerfs.

03:25:29 Jun 19th 21 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Adventurer):

Adventuring is an exciting and great variable to have in the game, making it worth your wild is what should happen. The odds should be less then before but still more then there is now

07:09:45 Jun 21st 21 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

In my opinion, make it easier to find things than currently happens, put a cap on the gold finds, and remove the ability to find sciences, and thatís a solid rework for halfling.

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