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Injured medicine
15:08:18 Jul 2nd 21 - Sir Merlin The Magician:

If you have medicine 0 does that mean no injured come back at all?

I feel it was not like this?
Or maybe its cause its all Gaia?
Nobody recovered...

15:17:48 Jul 2nd 21 - Konspyre (Captain Meme Drop):

They will still recover even if you have Med 0, Med just means you get more back. The army was probably moving or it just merged, since merge healing sometimes bugs out. May need to merge a new army into it.

17:11:17 Jul 2nd 21 - Endless (Ms. Amateur Magician):

you have to have MUs in the army with Medicine science for injured to heal, unless Zeta changed things

14:55:24 Jul 3rd 21 - Sir Merlin The Magician:

Army was inside a city, not moving

But no mages, indeed. Could be that

19:07:00 Jul 3rd 21 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

Mages are not required to start healing, but having a 2:1 MU: injured troops ratio does maximiaize your healing rate, regardless of medicine science (even med 0).

At med 0, some will heal so long as you arenít moving. If you arenít healing while stationary, either reset path or merge an army into it to reset the counter. Thatís an active bug right now.

19:31:39 Jul 3rd 21 - Prophet Merlin The Magi:

I was not moving, made a new army and moved soldiers to new army and started moving

Checked 12 hours later still no healed so I reported. Did not know its a known bug

20:49:10 Jul 4th 21 - Bigfield (Mr. Bigfield):

In a dozen years or more this is the only reference I've ever seen relating MUs to healing.

21:09:56 Jul 4th 21 - Lady Jasmina:

You need to read up guides more Bigfield :P

Mages help with getting injured back for sure 

21:41:35 Jul 4th 21 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes The Reborn):

Yea Bigfield :). Iíve been away for who knows how long and Iíve known that lolol

01:33:54 Jul 5th 21 - Bigfield (Mr. Bigfield):

Probably true. But honesty, I've never once seen any mention that. Not in any chat or anything. 

01:52:34 Jul 5th 21 - Lady Jasmina:

Now you will say you dont know soldiers do not wheal when you march
You have to camp or be in a city. :D

02:49:13 Jul 5th 21 - Endless (Ms. Ratatoskr):

Maybe you werenít around in 2008? or maybe you werenít in any kingdom where I posted conversation with Zeta ( him explaining to me how it works)  when I couldnít figure out if my army was healing the way it was supposed to. 

03:01:47 Jul 5th 21 - Endless (Ms. Amateur Magician):

Merlin, I think the injured also have to stay in the original army to heal. If you moved them to new, thatís pretty much all you have.. whatever you put in.

04:39:37 Jul 5th 21 - Lady Jasmina:

No, injured will heal in a new army also. Certain of that, tested it.
Pretty sure what Konspyre said here, its the healing bug.

14:03:16 Jul 5th 21 - Mr. Thogrim Dooblade:

there was another bug.. similar to healing.. i once caused it due to aotd, unfortunately i could not replicate it again.. but when i cast aotd i not only got back the dead, but the injured as well and it kept healing.. i had 150k zerks originally at the end i had maybe 250k zerks... dont ask he how it happened but it was obviously an aotd bug.. i kept it quiet trying to replicate it but alas no good...

15:26:39 Jul 5th 21 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

Maybe you didnít get back the undead from healing, but it actually duplicated the revives similar to how JD got a 400k+ Human city? His was due to a glitch when hitting ďBuildĒ that doubled the input despite growing well beyond the 200k limit, yours could be a similar effect. Likewise, he and others have not been able to replicate the glitch that caused it.

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