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Magic Tower defense vs MUs
00:56:38 Oct 25th 20 - Gladiatorul (General Glad):

Anyone knows how many MUs equivalent is One Magic Tower in terms of magic defense of a city against enemy spells?

I am trying to work out if say 1k Houses (housing 25k MUs) would provide better defence compared to 1k MTs.

01:10:44 Oct 25th 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

I think the consensus is 25k MUs is better magic defense than 1 tower but I am unaware of the raw numbers to arrive at that conclusion.

The utility of having peasants or a garrison may outweigh any added benefit of the towers, especially for non mages.

01:31:28 Oct 25th 20 - Konspyre (Captain Konspyre):

Although I do not know the exact formula, 25k mu's provides far better magic defense than 1k mt's. I don't know if it's 2 mu to 1 mt or 5 mu to 1 mt since i never build defensive MT's, but I'm convinced MT's for pure magic defense are just a waste of resources.

02:59:16 Oct 25th 20 - Percy (Sir Tirion Fordring):

^Fully agree with that comment. Plus, you can do light casting as needed from 25k MUs, but you canít from 1k MTs.

As an example of rough numbers, itís much easier to Ownage a city with 1k MTs than with 25k MUs. So going off of that description, Iíve always assumed 25k MUs > 1k MTs.

02:39:09 Oct 25th 20 - Gladiatorul (General Glad The Cruel):

Thanks guys,

I was under the impression 1 MT is way better than 5 MUs.

Konspyre, how about we do a test with your Magic City? It's Valhalla anyway.

You have 16,751 MTs. How about you move 5 times that (80+K) MUs to Joe's new blocker (he doesn't have MUs in that army), and everything else (including peasants ) out. 

I can test magic spells on your MT and Joe's blocker. I promise to publish results here. 

Through the eye we can see this information about Light Eleven, owned by Captain Bolvar Fordragon:
Pony riders:0
Magic Towers:16751
Guard Towers:1
Lumber Mills:0

Armies in the city: 1(Total of 1 men)

05:26:42 Oct 25th 20 - Percy (Sir Tirion Fordring):

We have no issue working with you on this to know once and for all how it correlates, but can you not post EITS in the public forum? The way research is done is we collect data, figure out the details, then publish results only (without revealing any target info until after itís no longer relevant). If you havenít noticed, we are gearing up for a massive fight and would prefer not to have our info freely shared :)

Also, as it pertains to the testing, every building also factors in to magic defense of the city (similar to how non-MU troops also factor into army magic defense). So unless cities are of similar size, results will be skewed, though a general trend might still come out of it.

06:33:50 Oct 25th 20 - Gladiatorul (Mr. Glad Tester):

Ha ha. What world do you live in, Percy?

We are enemies, so how can you demand that? The enemies of my enemy are my friends, for strategic reasons. Even if temporary, as we shall go on each-other's necks soon, I expect.

The magic defense of the houses or Joe's armies are negligible in this situation, I'd assume. Anyway, don't bother, if you are not interested. 

06:52:34 Oct 25th 20 - Percy (Sir Tirion Fordring):

What world do I live in? A world where if an enemy wishes for us to move troops for research purposes (a non-hostile act) that they wonít publicly disclose info they gather for the world to see (a hostile act). I fully get enemy of my enemy, but asking for our assistance in research would imply some level of friendliness, and that would go to include keeping sensitive info found during research from being publicly available till itís no longer relevant. Wouldnít ask any more than that, and what you share in private (in game messaging, etc) is fair game. Just not here, in the public forums.

We are fully willing to help get this done, even while fighting. All we ask is to not publicly post critical info while we are actively working towards research goals. Iíve helped gather data with with many KDs (even some Iíve been at war with) in the past with no issue and without spilling critical info to the world cause at the end of the day, we werenít trying to ďstick it to the enemyĒ, we were trying to figure out game mechanics while still fighting as usual. But we will not help unless you can abide by that.

07:12:48 Oct 25th 20 - Gladiatorul (General Glad):

Ha ha. Percy, you haven't given me any info about your armies or cities. I got the information already, and I can get it anytime I want at minimum cost, regardless of the amount of MUs are there in your cities. How can you ask me, your enemy, not to disclose it. Remember a few days ago, 3 of your armies (2 top HOH) came to take my towns? 

By removing some MUs from your Magic Town, you wouldn't give me any advantage whatsoever. There are already 16k MTs there so I can't do much to that city.

Just forget it, if you guys are not interested. I'll find the answer some other time.

09:55:23 Oct 25th 20 - Phat (Grand Moff Phat):

Find it some other time. 

14:40:37 Oct 25th 20 - Konspyre (Captain Bolvar Fordragon):

CW + Glad alliance confirmed?
And shit, i forgot 2/3rds of my MU and my 200k ponies, thanks for pointing that out.

21:19:18 Oct 25th 20 - Gladiatorul (General Glad The Cruel):

What do you mean Konspyre?

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