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Orc science mining 3 first
21:20:00 Jul 15th 23 - Sir Ghostfaces:

I have seen multiple people saying they go mining 3 always first as that gives quite the boost early on? But could you guys tell me what % of you use this method and when? Is it good idea to use even if you want to have self aotd? Is it good for oop wars? When do you use it, if you do?

21:48:53 Jul 15th 23 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Ronin):

I dont use this method, honestly only human would this be beneficial. If your looking to get magic 9 or military 9, mining 3 first will make it too expensive. But if you are looking for a healthy rainbow and to maximize early gains id say human would be an effective race to play that method

22:33:40 Jul 15th 23 - Konstant (The Ancient Valorous Veles):

If you're not going 3 mining first as orc for any build, you're not playing orc right.

An Orc with 3 mining keeps up in econ with a halfling with no mining.

An orc with lvl 3 mining can OOP mage, as in OOP, not 24t after. 

If you're going free farm, allows you to drop a 90k by D6 if you're active.

From there self AOTD build is super easy to get, you just have to stick to MW.

The typical sci path is:
3 mining > 6 magic (can go 7) > 7 mil > 7 mining > 5 med

Last time I went 3 mining orc I came OOP with 30k gaia, 2k mus, and lvl 4 magic. This is equal to 50k gaia in gold value - granted there are other small tricks to get this, no orc should ever come OOP with less than 20-25k gaia.

23:27:10 Jul 15th 23 - Sable (Arkanist Sable The Torch Carrier):

As Konstant stated, Orc going 3 mining first is definitely the way. It's stil lvery easy to get Magic 7 and Military 7 and the extra boost you get early is beyond worth it

00:42:12 Jul 16th 23 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

I still play pure mili orc to lvl 9 if I don’t want magic

02:03:32 Jul 16th 23 - Jarl (Jarl Rahzalgul):

I wouldn't say you aren't playing orc right if you play it differently than someone else. Seems like a lame way to only play 1 race 1 way though right? 

02:23:09 Jul 16th 23 - Konstant (The Ancient Valorous Veles):

Orc is about 2 things - OOP/Early and Late era gameplay. If you aren't coming out as Orc with as much as you can at OOP, you have literally lost half of the Orc's potential as a race. Going no mining sci for Orc leaves that Orc much, much weaker.

Then a lot of Orcs struggle to convert to mid/late gameplay due to having a hard time transitioning from OOP to a fully fledged econ. Having a +30% mining gold/stone boost up till D11/12+ is a HUGE boost which helps immensely, rather than having a +0% mining gold/stone for almost 2 weeks of the game, which is easily up to 25% of an era (assuming a 45d avg era length).

All of that said, everyone should play the game as they see fit and as they most enjoy it. Mining 3 Orc is simply the min/max beta to get as much as you can out of Orc.

It's just like land dropping. Do you have to do it? - No. If you don't do it will you be behind your opponents who do do it? - Yes. "Small" things adds up. These small things are what separate players in quality.

Most everyone has the same toolset, it just depends how you use it; if you want to use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail, by all means go right ahead. 

13:29:51 Jul 16th 23 - Lady Jasmina:

I do consider Konstant the best player of the game, but I do have to disagree with few of the points here. I have been playing +18 years and I do not land drop. Do I fall behind others? Not really. Does it matter to land drop? Little bit, you could almost argue that it does not really matter if you land drop or not.

If you are active you will be able to catch up to everyone. You might say you do not have to active but that would be bs. If you do mining 3 and then mining, and run on magic weapons we're supposed to believe you can do that being semi active? Activity is 80% of being good at this game. 

For me it does not really matter if you do mining 3 first or not. Granted I do not play Orc that much, just started playing more recently, but on my first era after a very long time I noticed you can easily get 40k Gaia at oop (but died due to rl taking me away for about 20 hours right at oop). 

16:58:03 Jul 16th 23 - Spartan Burrito:

I wanna see konstant jasmina 1v1!!

18:47:01 Jul 16th 23 - Mr. Mad Aloysius:

If you believe the players that say “Orc mining 3 first or you’re not playing it right”. 

You will be a ruler who only knows one method of playing an orc. It’s like playing a game on a walkthrough mode.. and will never discover things on your own. 

20:29:30 Jul 16th 23 - Konstant (The Ancient Valorous Veles):

The question was asked, and I answered with the most efficient meta. 

You can listen to proven results of an Orc player who regularly takes out KDs OOP and is always able to efficiently transition to end-game without missing a step, or you can listen to people who don't successfully play the race (except Jarl).

01:22:59 Jul 17th 23 - The Sprout:

I have never gone mining first on orc or any race other then dwarf.   Activity is the biggest modifier in the game and always will be.  Many strats, many ways ..... but activity wins. 
 Players that have the ubber activity will claim its all skill and strat but really they just over active lol and may need life outside of VU ::)  Love you guys and gals :P

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