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Sign of vet
08:29:10 Mar 23rd 23 - Prophet Eldarion:

Three of us have armies walking to enemy blocker. Similar size 500k armies, moving same speed same path. Only one of the three people has bunch of scouts around the army (I thought for vision around us) - then I am told its a sign of a vet player. Why is that a sign of a vet? If there some kind of boost to army if there are scouts around? I have not really seen people send scouts with main army almost never. Please explain.

09:02:06 Mar 23rd 23 - Mr. Skirgaila:

It is not really a sign of vet but if you arrange the scouts in formation such that a flying penis is throbbing along you will win VU

09:59:33 Mar 23rd 23 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Demon):

Having scouts can be useful to merge if frozen (to merge away / settle city then merge into city if blocked by other settlement).. also to early prep cities to shorten prep time.. and maybe a few other obscure reasons.. like above XD 

forgetting to bring scouts and then needing them later can make difference between death and survival in some rare cases (usually involving freeze spell)

14:42:14 Mar 23rd 23 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke Forest Dweller):

can be useful also if you lose a battle/take over attempt and moral drops in the main army. you can transfer troops into the scout with higher moral to keep your op/dp up

15:50:55 Mar 23rd 23 - HorusPanic (Mr. Zig):

prepping and morale transfers are big. also, when in tight circumstances you can merge through freezes to get places

16:16:11 Mar 23rd 23 - Nayoke the Kid (God Eros The Magicless Magus):

also just to be clear you dont need to transfer your troops through a city into a scout to get a moral boost. you can just merge your army into it. moral does not average out like exp does when you merge or transfer so a 1 unit scout can raise the moral of literally any number of troops that merge into it

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