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Where are game updates posted
08:17:05 Jan 16th 23 - Nayoke the Kid (God Eros The Morning Tented):

Just wondering where in the forum I might be able to see a list of updates over the past ~5 years? Is there a section of the forum where this stuff is posted or am I just blind?

10:29:42 Jan 16th 23 - Mr. Napoleon The Babylon Imperor:

Game news

Recent game updates

  • Bug fix: Dragon caused game to crash at new turn
  • Dwarf Swordsmen attack points increased from 2 to 3.
  • Injured and dead troops now included in the difficultly of spells on allied armies.
  • XP gain from "steal food" attack nerfed.
  • Formula for protecting weaker players on lower worlds has been updated
  • Increased max market price for slaves

  • 13:17:09 Jan 16th 23 - Percy (Sir Daniel Radcliffe):

    Outside of the snippet that Napoleon just posted, there isn’t a running log of in-game updates :/

    ZeTa adds update to the “Game News” feed, which isn’t tied to any forum posting. So once enough new entires are added, the old entires are removed from view, forever lost to us.

    And the view isn’t always the same number of items. Sometimes only 2 Game News items will show. Sometimes it’s 6 (what it’s supposed to be) like in the above snippet.

    16:50:56 Jan 16th 23 - Phat (Ms. Pondoro):

    20:36:20 Jan 16th 23 - Percy (Sir Daniel Radcliffe):

    I wish the actual updates that impacted gameplay (things like swordsmen attack power changing, making injured troops count towards spell difficulty, etc) we’re posted in forum threads rather than the News Feed…

    23:21:52 Jan 16th 23 - Nayoke the Kid (God Eros The Morning Tented):

    Ya I agree. Its a bit unusual for a game to not make an official forum post for updates and changes

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