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arma voting
17:06:56 Apr 3rd 20 - Mr. Please Dont Cry:

whats the % for instant end?

Currently 25 people want the age to end, 4 do not, and 3 people have not voted.

17:21:26 Apr 3rd 20 - Cao Cao (Duke Cao Cao):

More than half, but once 3 people vote no, theres no instant arma (I think its 3?)

Which is why being able to change your vote would be a huge benefit imo 

17:41:00 Apr 3rd 20 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkruul):

I'm pretty sure it's once 2 vote no, at least that's what I recall but that was many, many years ago.  So it very well could be 3.

18:55:23 Apr 3rd 20 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

Zeta should change that.. If more than 75% of the playing population want the era to end.. It should end.

I know it was 50, but after a certain point you just got to stop the fight.

19:40:05 Apr 3rd 20 - McMax (Mr. Lightfoot):

No. Admin should not change anything here.

If we have 2 (or maybe 3), who can and will vote no. Then the job isn't finished.

And of course the winner(s) shouldn't listen to "proff" whiners before the Arma is casted. They have to be killed first.

I'm in not in doubt that our community knows "where they live" so to say.

The socalled "Observers" should be respected as neutrals as long as they stay as such. And vote as the winning side wants them to do.

Just my personal opinion.

19:52:57 Apr 3rd 20 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

Who knows - the 2-4 people out of 32 that vote no could just be trolling, which defeats the purpose.

19:52:57 Apr 3rd 20 - Mr. Old School Chade:

what Max said

19:53:12 Apr 3rd 20 - Cao Cao (Duke Cao Cao):

I hear what you are saying Max, but whenever we have long time periods of an era that is basically over, people wind up losing interest and going inactive. When things turn around quicker, you tend to have more people stick around.

That's why being able to change your vote solves both problems. The 2-3 people who don't want the era to end, can finish what they wanted to finish, then switch their vote to yes, and end the era. Now, the 4 who voted no may be ready for the era to end now, or in a day, but instead we have to wait a week, which provides a lot of dead time.

20:04:00 Apr 3rd 20 - Percy (Sir Inception):

I fully believe you should be able to change your vote. A lot can change in 24-48 hours, and I’ve voted “no” in the past and within 3 days wished I had voted “yes”, as I’m sure has happened to all of us at some point. The arma mechanic as a whole works pretty perfect as is if the victorious KD plans right. If enough votes are “yes” before anyone votes no, it auto closes immediately. Just make sure you’ve killed off enough people to get it to go that quick ;)

20:06:05 Apr 3rd 20 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The White):

Good arguements Cao.

But here I'm firm. Be sure you can get your Arma. And if not - make it sure.

If there is some internal "issues" about casting Arma or not (personal reasons fx): - those "issues" have to be solved first.

22:27:39 Apr 3rd 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

Agree with Dacarta.

01:05:53 Apr 4th 20 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Jackdaniels The Drunkard):

well you can always kill the no voters and there vote is gone the problem is finding out who voted no

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