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free upkeep for troops
12:12:44 Oct 4th 20 - Mr. Rambo Slayer:

Do you still get free upkeep for troops in other kingdom player in the same kingdom?

12:20:35 Oct 4th 20 - Rajkumar Bala (Mr. Ghost of Necro Emporos):

No. That feature no longer available. 

Lot of things has changed, like Halfling got NERF on XP farming (although ZeTa said slightly). AoTD got NERF (check News tab & scroll bottom to see all updates). And the game is supposed to be balanced (which is still not, unless Human get Cats FIXED).

13:46:31 Oct 4th 20 - Konspyre (Captain Konspyre):

AotD nerf is practically unnoticeable, but the halfling nerf made advents so horrible you might as well never build them again (looking at you Sprout)

15:17:12 Oct 4th 20 - Percy (Sir Tirion Fordring):

It was less about the AotD spell itself getting nerfed (higher chance for non-100% revive, but still low chance for that happening overall) and more about death due to injuries being doubled, which penalizes AotD-chaining. 

15:30:03 Oct 4th 20 - Rajkumar Bala (Mr. Ghost of Necro Emporos):


It was less about the AotD spell... which penalizes AotD-chaining. 

At the end, it's all Nerfing AoTD right? I see no reason for getting in detail. Both AoTD & Halfling was nerfed, as they were getting unstoppable (specially at the end era where a Dwarf or a Human army had No Match).

18:48:13 Oct 4th 20 - Percy (Sir Tirion Fordring):

Just commenting on the “unnoticeable” part. It’s actually quite noticeable, as every AotD race (on all sides) two eras ago on Fant were complaining of increased losses the moment it went into effect (which was mid-era), and I was explaining where it was noticed the most. No need to jump my case when I’m trying to be helpful :)

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