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walk over hidden cities
22:30:46 Oct 26th 17 - Sir Edi The Confused:

Walking over Kd member city with open gates
Going to enemy city that has no walls (Goldtooth has no walls)
If there is closed gates enemy city I would see red circles? 

Please explain?

22:31:57 Oct 26th 17 - Sir Edi The Confused:

Just tried walking all around to see if red circles appear, nothing

There are no hidden cities

23:09:56 Oct 26th 17 - Endless (Ms. Kate Middleton):

well, I did make a few invisible so... I'll never tell :p

23:21:38 Oct 26th 17 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Vigilant):

I suspected a hidden city, I am searching for it 

23:26:04 Oct 26th 17 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Wildling):

I took one of the invisible blockers, Theres at least one more

01:46:44 Oct 27th 17 - Sir Edi The Confused:

So invisible cities with closed gates do not show red circles where they are located?

03:40:43 Oct 27th 17 - Senturu (Mr. Senturu of The Golden Spoon):

you took my precious cities!!!

04:48:12 Oct 27th 17 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Wildling):

correct, you have to guess by setting shorter paths each time

02:13:56 Jul 22nd 21 - Endless (Ms. Ratatoskr):

do you still get the prep message under your News or is that just if your invisible city is being prep’d, can never remember if it army (for attacker) or news 

16:01:56 Jul 22nd 21 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

As attacker, you can access the prep menu from the "Army Details" page, as the location part will say "Preparing an Attack on XXX" or something like that.

As defender, I believe it says something in the News, but its been so long... I know as defender you get no special alerts due to invisibility, so whatever ways you are notified on a normal city attack are true here as well. As always, best way to know is if the attacking army has red dots around it on the map screen.

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