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who did it
08:00:33 Mar 28th 22 - fred (Mr. Terrorist Fred):

Our magic level got drained by magic!

its funny how u get attacked and u ll never know who did it !!!
so should i attack Question Mark or Forgotten Warriors in Mantrax 

cant u fix this ? at least we should know who cast on us.

08:11:55 Mar 28th 22 - Endless (Lady Artemisiaiofcaria):

click on an army scout or city to find out

09:20:53 Mar 28th 22 - Marquess Qqqqqq:

it wasn't QM. We are busy fighting FW, Riven and Claidhmores

11:10:32 Mar 28th 22 - Lady Jasmina:

As Endless said it should say

We have not attacked them and they have not attacked us.

This ruler owns a bit more land than we do.

We have nobody close to you either, you are across the map. Only have 1 army fighting FW there. Nobody went your way.

11:26:28 Mar 28th 22 - Legend (I am Legend):

Not FW. You got no scouts in our area to cast it on. And your cities are pretty far from our core.

We have not attacked them and they have not attacked us.

12:29:53 Mar 28th 22 - Lord Caedus:

The plot thickens...

13:37:50 Mar 28th 22 - fred (Mr. Terrorist Fred):

not working, same msg from all kingdoms

We have not attacked them and they have not attacked us.

13:41:06 Mar 28th 22 - Marquess Qqqqqq:

Claidhmores? Or someone without KD in your area? 

13:43:47 Mar 28th 22 - fred (Mr. Terrorist Fred):

same msg

@zeta can u check plz.

14:38:43 Mar 28th 22 - Lady Jasmina:

Double check for more members of the same kingdom just to be sure if its the same message for every kingdom member. Technically QM is too far away to cast on you, and I believe so is FW... There must be some untagged there, maybe even invisible cities? 

Have you checked Sentinel (orc) of Untaged New right above you. Don't have any more vision there, but you should check all the untagged around, and do the eits scroll down list to see if there are any invisible cities you don't know about.

14:59:30 Mar 28th 22 - fred (Mr. Terrorist Fred):

Yes i checked them, i guess its FW

My scout was near them

15:22:02 Mar 28th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

wasnt us :(
if legend had magic to spare, QM would know lol

20:51:04 Mar 28th 22 - Legend (I am Legend):

Yup. And since Qqqqqq mus are down he would be my target... 

Also im no real expert in SS, but isnt it normal that you steal or lose multiple sciences instead of one? 
I assume because your Elf you got plenty of mus as defence. So find it strange you only lose one.

Wouldnt suprise me if Riven, RoC or another untagged is further down south out LoS.

21:04:37 Mar 28th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Hector Son of Troy):

Nah, Roc/Riven is way too far south to cast something like that.

QM too far west.

FW is certainly the closest...

21:12:25 Mar 28th 22 - Legend (I am Legend):

Sure we are the closest. But QM can confirm there is a large distant between our core and where Fred is located. We need a lot (30k maybe 40k towers) to reach Hell. We are fighting QM. We got no time and space to do a risky SS cast with no real benefits. Better use the towers for eit/CW/Aotd and other casts.

Fred you said there was a scout? I checked when you posted this topic and just now. I dont see any scouts in our LoS... 

If you want to fight us, fine. But be a man about it and just say it straight to us. Dont search for excuses to blame someone without any solid prove.

21:19:42 Mar 28th 22 - Schepp (Doctor Schepp):

Fred everyone scared of you :p

21:25:42 Mar 28th 22 - Jarl The Vengeful:

That is the risk of casting spells like SS though. If you fail you're caught lol if not then you a sneaky mfer. Lol I had Sam SS me eras back and took me awhile to figure it out lmao

22:03:05 Mar 28th 22 - Jarl The Vengeful:

I'm coming for FW for not letting me in the Kd 😁

23:19:07 Mar 28th 22 - fred (Mr. Terrorist Fred):

Heheh i lost a lot not only one science and i had 75 k mus plus a lot of archmages 

It need a gd mage to cast it

I got my sciences back, but i posted this topic to maybe in future the game can mention who did it, because its like an attack

06:08:40 Mar 29th 22 - Mr. Buttseks:

It was me. Or was it

06:31:53 Mar 29th 22 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

I don't think it should tell you who it was.

If you're unaware enough with your relations to identify who has casted upon you by clicking on them, then that's your own problem.

Other spells don't indicate who casted when successful, nor should they.

I don't want my enemies to know I casted an EITS upon them, or any other spell. If my spells are successful, and I intentionally avoid risking a failure, I can delay the enemy from knowing who the mages in my kingdom are, as long as possible.

00:08:39 Mar 30th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

Probably a solo player, who will not tell you. As other KDs are refusing. 

22:45:51 Apr 4th 22 - Venus (Mr. Gollum):

Is steal science considered an attack for that?

00:09:06 Apr 5th 22 - Phat (Mr. Bastard Son):

All "Offensive" magic casts are.

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