Strategy war game

Welcome to Visual Utopia - Online strategy war game.

You need to enable Frames to play this game!

What you do in game


You take the role of a ruler.
Together with other rulers you can play for a kingdom, protect lands, attack the enemy, work as a team to achieve victory.

Each game runs for about 2 months at the time, and the goal is to become the best player and kingdom.


Free browser based

It's totally free to play and all you need is a web browser - no plug ins needed!

Real Time / Turn based

The peasants work in your cities and produce resources while you are offline.

One hour in our world (RL) is one day in the game world

Kingdoms Politics

You play against hundreds of other players in a fantasy world with different races.
Use your political or military strategic skills to rule the world!

Strategy War

This is a true MMOG, you fight against real players, there are no NPCs. Everything you do will affect the game world.
Build cities, train troops and conquer other players cities.

The game also has

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