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Mr. Orny

Lived in Era 29, got 1 heir(s) (Shadowfax) and was a member of Destiny

A long time ago, In the Era of Asystole, the people lived in peace. They all had their humble towns with their little villages. Most of them were miners, but there were also many lumberjack's and farmers, even some priests and tax collectors. There were no fights, no ways, just a very long peace. People worked very hard, became elders, passed their profession to their children and the city's grew, there weren't any problems. Untill...

There were many races, but they all lived in peace. The humans and elves were very good friends, they thaught they were better then the other races, but there were no problems. The dwarves and trolls were a bit grumpy, but still alright. Then you had the halflings, If something bad happened, humans always said it happened because of the halflings. But they were a very strong race. The last race were the orcs, nobody knew anything about them. People thaught they were thieves, but nobody knew. They all lives peacefull together, untill...

It all started in ony of the human city's, Smallville. Mayor Kartzé was in love. Desperatly in love with the maid Mirta. She wasn't easy, but at one very special day, Kartzé dare to ask her out, and from one thing became another. One era later, Mirta gave birth to a boy. Kartzé always liked jokes, and when Mirta asked what he wanted to be the name of the boy, he said Orny. But instead of laughing with his joke, Mirta liked the name. That was the beginning of something much bigger.

From his birth, orny had a wierd look on his face, something evil. In his youth, he tortured 17 cats, 3 rabbits and 5 cows. But instead of giving him mental help, they made him the new mayor. When he was older, he soon stopped all of the mining activities in the city and started training armies. He heard he wasn't the only one. No, a couple of his friends also liked the blood on their hands. They created a kingdom and asked Orny to join them. The best choice of their lives. The kingdom of the order of the golden fleece was born. They made peace with consequence, also a very powerfull kingdo who likes war. Together they fought many great battle's and crushed many city's and kingdom's, like Jumpers for example, with was once so powerfull.

When Orny was 34, he also fell in love. In love with Sharma. A very beautiful woman who lived in his first city, Smallville. But because Orny had a very busy life, Sharma was often alone. One day, a troll came to her house and raped her. She became pregnant and never heard anything of the troll again. Orny and Sharma wanted to raise the baby, and that was the start of a new era...

Mr. Shadowfax

Lived in Era 30, got 0 heir(s) and was a member of Destiny

When Shadowfax was born, they saw that they were wrong. He had the tough skin of a dwarf, instead of a troll. When Shadowfax grew, he became a very powerfull creature. Yes, a creature, cause there wasn't much human about it. Life continued... Orny died, Sharma died, Shadowfax quit his job as a mayor and joined the special forces. After one year, he was commander of a batallion from the greatest kingdom on the planet Mantrax: Destiny. Their city's grew, their forces grew, and they were ready so slaughter some enemy's. That was the beginning of a new era, full of good moments and opportunity's. The story continues...
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