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Tactic Killing aotd army
16:42:35 May 23rd 17 - Mr. Nemesis:

Since this is a tactic game, I thought it would be cool to share some tactics that veterans players do, but you will never find stuff like this on the forums. Sure, we all learn as we go, but still I would like to share a method how veteran players kill aotd armies.

So I remember last time we were fighting aotd armies, my kingdom had aotd armies as well, and the main idea was enemy arrive with aotd armies, we hit, we get aotd, enemy gets aotd, and they come again and we do it again. And that can last forever, so thats not really the way to do it, to win you will have to fight a very inactive kingdom or a kingdom that does not have an active mage.

So in order for this plan to work you need:
1. Very strong magic
2. At least two strong aotd armies
3. Very high activity

First your enemy needs to be out in the open. Your mage needs to freeze the enemy. 

Now here I will post what you should do in order to prevent this from happening, I was the one that got killed, so I will tell you what I tried. As soon as you get frozen, you should settle a city right away. What enemy did was get scouts force match and settle a city right next to me. You will need some skill and experience in order to settle a city right next to a scout because it might say "You can't settle a city on someone's army" but then again if the army is moving I think you can settle. So once you settle the city right next to enemy aotd army, the enemy will no longer be able to settle a city there. Meanwhile you move your aotd armies to the city you settled. Activity is very important cause enemy will try to get scouts near the aotd army to move it in order to try to settle a city, you need Nazgul scouts to kill all the scouts or small armies that enemy might send.

The city you settle there should be Orc, because Nazguls are easiest to aotd. I will explain what you need to do.

Lets say the armies are similar in power, so you would get 50% on enemy, so I would say then Orc splits Nazguls into two or three armies, so that the chance are between 10-20%, maybe even less, I do not know the exact best numbers because as I said I am the one that got killed by veterans. But you will not see this on forums, as they like to keep these things to themselves. 

So then you start making low chance hits on the enemy with your Nazgul armies, but after aotd you should be right there where you started, so the losses should be minimal in the end. The only thing that could go wrong here is if you are unlucky and win at 20% chance, maybe its then better to attack at 10% or lower, these things I am not exactly sure.

So after the Nazguls cripple the enemy, losing every time, the other aotd army in the city kill the enemy at 100%, complete slaughter. The Nazguls will then get aotd and so will the second army, meaning your both armies are the same, and enemy lost a very powerful aotd army.

16:44:43 May 23rd 17 - Mr. Nemesis:

So I would like to ask the veteran players to tell me what else can the defender do, other than trying to move scouts, and mage checking when the army gets hit by Nazguls to try to aotd (but that is a tricky one, almost impossible to guess when that happens)

But please post suggestions what can be done to prevent this?

16:55:29 May 23rd 17 - SFD (Duke Hybrid Sfd):

there are easier ways to deal with aotd armies, that one just sounds way to complicated :P

The best way ofc is have a stronger army than them and takeover a city they are in.
but most people wont hold out in a city bc of a possible low % takeover 

Now if the said enemy isnt in a city, you need 2 armies.. aotd or not it doesnt matter.

1. send the weaker of the 2 armies to siege trap the city closest to the enemy army, owned by the enemy/kd

2. intercept the army with your stronger army and prey to jebus that you bounce it.

3. if all goes to plan, the army that has the enemy city sieged will have full prep by the time you bounce the enemy army...... 100% slaughter  

17:01:23 May 23rd 17 - Mr. Nemesis:

Yes but thats an obvious one, most people will make sure the closest city is very powerful, so usually that is not possible. When I got killed, the city nearby had 4-5 of our strong armies, but there was nothing we could do because there were 2 enemy aotd armies in the city, so preparing would not be possible. But maybe if we had armies prepping on them, they would not be able to slaughter my army, as they would not want to risk getting weaker for our other armies to try the takeover?... 

. And that tactic you mention is not for only aotd, but most armies, the method I showed is mostly for aotd armies, thats why its that complicated. Aotd armies are by far the most difficult to kill, because if you just bounce they aotd and come back the same. But killing non aotd armies is simple, just hit with aotd armies and aotd, they can't aotd. 

17:29:01 May 23rd 17 - Endless (Mahatma Elfen Lied):

how are you defining aotd armies? any army can have aotd cast on it 

if none of the 4-5 defending armies are strong enough to take out either prepping army you need to calculate OP/DP of each army prepping and OP/DP of each defending army to decide who might sacrifice their army if you're attempting to take out one or both of the preppers... or if that is even a feasible option

17:32:01 May 23rd 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Dung Beetle):

For full killing of AOTDable armies, it is like a chess game - need to be able to isolate / trap single enemy army with two powerful armies, preferably at least one AOTDable, hope there are cities nearby that he can be bounced to with no friendly troop support, hope he is too far from magic support (even if he can self-AOTD), hope there are nearby or very nearby cities that he can be bounced to, hope that you have magic support, then start coordinating hits on the army and such. Basically, it is mainly to wait for your enemy to make mistakes that you can capitalise on.

17:45:30 May 23rd 17 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

you can hit an army to lower its MU count, so that your mage can ROF it. ROFd units dont come back from aotd

my go-to strategy when dealing with aotd armies is to siege trap them

17:48:25 May 23rd 17 - TheBornLoser (Sir Sadako):

Bran, he was talking about tactics for full immediate kill. I deleted two entire paragraphs from my post on how to wear an enemy AOTDable army down by attrition, which I am sure he knows off. Whatever I posted, was my third paragraph in my original almost-Barny-like post :D

18:41:30 May 23rd 17 - Duke Chade From Outta Space:

siege trapping all the way here too :)

19:36:08 May 23rd 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros Dragon Caster):

*This is a scenario for defenders*

If you are going to be splitting your own AOTD-able forces inside a city to attack an AOTD-able army outside prepping it, you:

a) definitely want to take your mages out of the attacking force to save their needless deaths (even if not aotd army, good idea)

b) add troops into your attacking force until you have around a 30% chance on the enemy army (best ratio of troops killed to losing % I believe? the goal here is to attack them as many times as possible while still loosing)

c) after you have added in your last reserve of troops for a 30% attack, its time for an aotd (BE QUICK) - set troops on mission (so you can see them), aotd them, and then merge them back inside city (have this scout pre-made)

d) given you have done all this in a matter of minutes and the enemy hasn't notice yet, you should have a decent amount of troops left (minus your injured) while they should be hurting without an aotd. Leave all your attack troops in 1 army and check hit % again (might even be 100%). If not at 100%, wash and repeat hit tactic (if you have a bonus turn, or wait until next tic if safe to b/c you need to merge that aotd army back inside again) until you either bounce their army or you reach 100% on them for the slaughter...

17:36:09 Oct 16th 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes The Reborn):

If you transfer troops in/out of the army and cast aotd does it still bring back all the dead? What about if you merge another army into the one with all the dead troops, can you still bring them back?

17:42:33 Oct 16th 17 - Princess Aisha:

Yes you can add and remove troops

You can also merge another army into aotd army. 

Just make sure to never merge aotd army into another, that is only way to not get aotd chance. 

When your army has mp its hard to aotd it
Merging removes mp, therefore just merge scout into aotd army and its easier to cast aotd

18:46:37 Oct 16th 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes):


18:56:09 Oct 16th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Towerbuilder):

That was very important information Aisha. Thanks.

00:22:20 Nov 26th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

Aotd is very expensive to cast. Your kingdom would need at least two magic players. At that point in the game armaggedon is also usually an option.

03:40:49 Nov 26th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros Unfroze Toes):

i cast aotd all the time its really not that bad probly the best spell in the entire game

10:40:35 Nov 26th 17 - Mr. Uwer:

The best spell is Freeze

12:42:44 Nov 26th 17 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

The best spell is eits

15:15:51 Nov 27th 17 - HorusPanic (Sir Panic):

Keep this in mind ROF cannot be revived by AOTD

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