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(Vile) Diplomacy
00:36:50 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Naerey:

Woah.. second diplomacy thread?? wooh!

Who is this guide for?

  • Kings
  • Ambassadors
  • Vices
  • Players that want to play the dark spy... or something
What will we learn?
  • The basics of diplomacy
  • Things to do/not to do
  • Vile Diplomacy (very advanced...)

Let's start!!
Diplomacy Basics
Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between parties. Ok, who are parties? Mainly they are kingdoms, but sometimes individual players.
How are diplomatic talks conducted?
  • You gather information about the party (not THAT kind of party...)
  • You contact the represantative (king or ambassador, or vice), with a rather formal tone, trying to get a good impression
  • In the letter, you nicely write your ideas and reasons for the action you want from the party (eg. tell them how good would be if they had a NAP with you... give much reason, but not too much)
  • Wait for a reply, if none is given within 24 hours, send a similar letter , saying the king/ambassador has not replied, to another representative...
  • When you encounter hardships, gather some information about it, and try to motivate your party some more, statistics matters too.
  • Never EVER get angry. First of all, remember it's a game. Second of all, anger makes you weak. Unless you're a berserk..
Some beginning kings don't do this, and often end up in many wars, thus losing. Why? Because many people dislike people without respect.
Next, terms...
Basic Terms:
  • NAP (Non Agression Pact)
          You agree not to attack one another. Usually inludes the 24hr rule, no trespassing, and some precautionary punishment agreement. The most common agreement in VU. It's suggested you get this with every neighbouring kingdom you'd not like to have a war with...
  • MPA (Mutual Protection Agreement)
          You agree to help one another, in case of war. For example, if you MPA kingdom POX, and POX gets attacked by kingdom ATT, you will help POX to kill ATT. Usually includes 24hr rule.
Rarely used. Mostly because it's common that you already have a NAP with ATT, thus hard to help.
  • Alliance
          Almost same thing as being in the same kingdom. Used only when the kings know each other well, but want to have separate kingdoms.
You agree to help one another whenever possible, will freely exchange informations etc. Rarest of all.

The Rules:
*24hr rule:
    You will end the NAP/MPA/Alliance, and can start attacking only 24 hours later.
*No Trespassing rule:
    You will have to ask permission from the players to pass through their territory, otherwise it will be thought you're attacking them.
*Precautionary Punishment Agreement (PPA) :
    Rarely used. It's a set of rules describing what to do in case a party attacks the other, causing damage. Usually something along the lines:
For every received attack, the player will give a city to the other party. On exageration, the player will be kicked out of the kingdom.
*there are other rules maybe, or you can make them.

What to do/not to do
To Do:
  • Respect whoever you're talking to. Always sound sure about yourself.
  • Punish your members when needed, defend them otherwise.
  • Don't break agreements, unless you're vile..
  • Always get information about everything. Scan the map, look who's in war with who, who's winning, who's losing.
Not To Do:
  • Break agreements
  • Speak bad
  • Trust people you don't know
  • Forget this is a game
Very informative, innit?
Thought so too...

Vile Diplomacy
In short words, it's the art of using diplomacy with many parties, putting them in conflict with each other (without them knowing you're doing it), killing one another, and letting you kill them later. That's the utopia of it at least.
The term got coined by me :) this era.. It was working very well. I had used it previously, the era when MDOW won on Mantrax.
Some History:
In that era, I had spread false rumors that a kingdom is planning an attack on another, in both kingdoms, thus making them actually go to war, and killing them both.
This era I had the evil mastermind plan, but it went wrong in the last moment.. I had a war with Vampire Freaks at first, Dark Riders then, who were rather strong. POFF were sending armies at Kingdom Of Life, and had to pass through DR territories. I gave maps of DR territories and asked POFF to take a few of their cities while they were passing by. I was also talking with DR vices, and told them POFF were my allies. DR weakened.
In the meanwhile, POFF were sending some troops at me, and I remembered I didn't have a NAP with POFF. I asked one from the king, but he disagreed. I then began the anti-POFF alliance. It had many kingdoms in it, the main one Predators. The main reason was to distract POFF's armies, so they won't be able to concentrate at my kingdom.
I declared war on POFF, telling them my allies would attack too. Thus, I told DR that I could help them against POFF, and got a NAP.
Something went wrong.... Predators didn't go to war with POFF...
Thus now POFF is killing me :(
As you see, Vile Diplomacy is not simple. You need to know what your neighbours will do in advance...

What to do:
  • Trick everyone into thinking SOMETHING (eg, that you're a strong kd)
  • Trick somebody else into thinking SOMETHING about another kd (eg. that they're weak)
  • Make others do SOMETHING (eg. attack the 'weaker' kingdom)
  • Make use of your intelligence, and do SOMETHING (eg. attack the kingdom that is attacking the 'weaker' kingdom)
It's mostly a self-taught skill. Can be great though :)

Author biography:
Was king of MDOW many times, mostly it was rather sucessful, but not too much. Commonly referred as a flamer, but liked by the good players :P


02:51:49 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

great aide, naerey! sry it didnt work out this era!

10:59:17 Jun 16th 07 - Dark Lord Balzamon:

and thats why everyone will now kill mdow on sight :) good job

15:14:24 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Supercalifragilistic:

Hahahahaahhhhahahahhhaha, very amusing. That was a joke right?

16:05:18 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:

are you still going on adout this!!!!

must you take up every treand crying

first of pred where never in your "anti-poff" canpain you opened talks with emo,emo asked us and we voted no, we didn't go to war with poff for fear of makin enimies inn futher era's

so stop crying because your kd isn't strong enough to kill poff, and befor you call us farmers we are at war with 2 kd's at the mo you are only at war with one and you got your ass wopped.

16:56:44 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Naerey:

It was a bit late when I was writing that... Should have added more...

Here's an example of what I use as a NAP suggestion... plain and simple:
Title: diplomacy
I'd like to have an YOURKD-OTHERKD NAP.

* 24hr rule
* no trespassing without consent
* by attacking the NAP will permanently shut down!

If you've got any improvements, please mail me back.

best regards,
   -- King NaeRey, Medieval Dogs Of War

17:03:47 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:

i'm sorry naerey that was a bit harsh and out of charecter for me...

23:37:46 Jun 16th 07 - Lord Argyle:

I think MAP (mutual assistance pact) is better then MPA

02:00:43 Jun 17th 07 - Sir Ironpick II:

Yeah, this type of thing may work well in Mantrax.  I'm not so confident about Fantasia though, not among the reputable kingdoms like Legacy, Carnage, Mirror, and Phi (and more.)

11:47:36 Jul 14th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

naerey is stupid ,  its not plitics , its dog busniss

and i am the deplomat of POFF now , its not how you write a nap stupid

its like this


title : nap


lord ______  ,

i am mbeidas , i talk in the name of POFF empire , i found out that a nap between us may give us goods and power under these terms :

1) not attacking each others .

2) if any side want to break the nap HE must tell the other side before 48 hour .

3) i found that ther is no problem in opening gates ,

is this acceptable ?

mbeidas , vice and the deplomat of POFF




11:49:13 Jul 14th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

and you didnt beat me cuz of your cleaver , you only did cuz armagdon gave you double attack and didnt give me double deffence

14:22:03 Jul 14th 07 - Dark Lord Finwe:

that is the most retarded nap msg ive ever seen ;)

15:48:24 Jul 14th 07 - Sir Cephorus Septim:

it is, at least spellcheck it

21:20:43 Jul 14th 07 - Mr. Justanius Fontaini:

"talking with DR vices, and told them POFF were my allies. DR weakened"

no actually it was that poff got ass wooped


02:24:47 Jul 15th 07 - Sir Razios:

Yeah this is coming from the same person with the 40 something members and is getting pounded from all sides so they can't mass farm troops.

08:06:10 Jul 15th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

mate armagdon double the offence but the defence remain the same ,

10:31:03 Jul 15th 07 - Mr. Justanius Fontaini:

wich ment we kicked ur ass and 40 members only half of them i even speak to the other lot i dont even know and by the way hu told u wer getting hammered ur terribly wrong

11:19:29 Jul 15th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

oh come on you build like 8 walls to prevent our armies arrive

09:45:30 Jul 19th 07 - Mr. MY God Farts:

he was talking about how dumb some of his members are

21:42:25 Jul 19th 07 - Mr. Justanius Fontaini:

ye and we had less then 1/3 of ur power we brought ur power down from 700% our power

00:09:55 Jul 22nd 07 - Mr. Nieander:

ahm... it's nice that you people still remember of me!!
the other day I came back from vacation, it was really nice! every single day was sunny, not too hot and the sea was very nice, learned some guitar and made lotsa friends while having a great time!!
and what about you Mbeidas and Justanius Fontaini? Did you have a merry flaming week?

Since I'm really great at guitar now, let me sing you a song!!
*beat please!*
No new years day
To celebrate
No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away
No first of spring
No song to sing
In fact heres just another ordinary day
No april rain
No flowers bloom
No wedding saturday within the month of june
But what it is
Is something true
Made up of these three words that I must say to you
I just called to say you're flaming
I just called to say how much you're lame
I just called to say you're out of topic
And I mean it from the bottom of my heart
.. *a string brakes*
Oh well, see you next time kids!

00:12:04 Jul 22nd 07 - Mr. Nieander:

Forgot to congratulate Mbeidas on his great role as a Diplomat!!
Awesome results man!!
POFFPaladins of the Order of the Frozen Flame9Mr. Scythlord0

14:52:40 Sep 9th 07 - Mr. Patrik:

Im having some problems with Preds too :D

(we are at war)

17:17:24 Oct 27th 08 - Mr. Crimson II:

"Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak."

-Sun Tzu

22:43:28 Oct 27th 08 - Mr. Master Mind:

Sun Tzu was my father hehehe

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