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Beginner guides to the races
01:25:39 Mar 27th 16 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):


They are honorable and innovative. Humans are shrewd in nature and masters of commerce, they among all other races hold the gift of barter acquiring goods at prices that no other traders can get. They are also known for their love of science.

  • Can build big cities with 200k buildings.
  • Bombard attack with catapults
  • Can see goods on the market before other races can
  • Can "mobilize troops" to train troops double as fast, but will lose some of the soldiers in training.
  • Has mounted units (Knights) that can move faster then ordinary troops
  • Plus 10% tax income
  • Less penalty when rain-bowing sciences
  • Peasants move into the city 10% faster


200 2

500 5

2500 11 11

240 0

10000 40 20


Lvl 1: Swordsmen
200 g3/2
66.6 g per OP
100 g per DP
Lvl 2: Archer
500 g4/5
125 g per OP
100 g per DP
Lvl 3: Knight
2500 g11/11
227.3 g per OP
227.3 g per DP
Lvl 4: Magician
240 g0/0
Lvl 5: Catapult
10,000 g40/20
250 g per OP
500 g per DP

1) Humans: 

Often seen with one starter city(40k)Lumbermill and then a 200k rainbow(everything) city with armories. With the ability to "Rainbow" sciences Humans can achieve level 5 Mining shortly after settling and level 5 Military OR Magic by the time OOP rolls around Depending on your play style. Depending on the current situation Humans should train mostly Archers for OOP wars, Keep in mind Humans have the ability to "Mobilize Troops" which half's the current training time of everything in training at the cost of 1.5% of your troops trained and a percentage of your Morale will lower each turn. slowly switching to Knight's in the process of winning to prevent extreme upkeep or switching to Swordsmen in the process of losingfor a greater OP boost.


As mid-era rolls around you should have switched to training Knights. With your 200k nearing completion you should build a 78K mine. you should also be focusing on buying cheap from the market while selling high or casting Stone to Gold because Humans have the Ability to see goods on the market before other races. By this time Humans can achieve level 7 Mining and 7 Military or Magic depending on which role you are playing I advise stopping after 6 magic as you now have "Steal Science". Also keep in mind Humans have the ability to "Mobilize Troops" Build 10K Taverns in your 200K to prevent the morale dropping.


As you near the end of the era with Humans you will most likely notice a giant army upkeep with all the Knights you control, If this is the case you should switch to Catapults. You should also have all your cities complete(200K rainbow, 78K mine, 40K lumbermill) and be training with all your income. Sciences should look kinda like this: Mining 7 Military 7 Magic 6 Farming 6 Medicine 6.

01:25:52 Mar 27th 16 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):


Elves are an ancient race. The eldest of all races according to some scholars, It is due to this age and a natural understanding of magic that the costs for Elven magic levels are minimal and provide great benefits. The Elf is strongest when it has studied the arts of magic and uses them in battle.

  • Archmages power depends on magic level
  • Can build into forest
  • Get more range from Magic Towers
  • Archmages help protecting from spells
  • Ten percent chance for a "perfect spell" with zero magic losses.
  • Has mounted units (Riders) that can move faster then ordinary troops
  • It cost less to upgrade farming, mining, forestry and medicine. But more when upgrading military.


100 1

700 10

1600 10

300 0

4000 *


Lvl 1: Ghost
100 g2/1
50 g per OP 
100 g per DP 
Lvl 2: Archer
700 g2/10
350 g per OP 
70 g per DP 
Lvl 3: Rider
1600 g7/10
228.6 g per OP 
160 g per DP 
Lvl 4: Spellweaver
300 g0/0
Lvl 5: Archmage
4000 g*/* 
* gold  per OP 
* gold per DP 

2) Elf: 

Seen often with at least two to three cities (90K mine and 90K lumbermill/farm and 90K magic city/Armory)Built into the trees, as they have the advantage of building into them at a reduced tree and stone cost(only if city image size is lvl 2 or lower). They rely heavily on Magic science for for casting spells and for their most effective units attack strength, the Archmage (3Xmagic science level). Often capable of getting Magic level 5 for OOP while being able to get basic magic needs as well defending when orcs are present. Once taken over by another unit not played by an Elf they lose all building privileges in select city once taken back. Elf has the cheapest offense unit per gold for OOP being the Ghost costing only 50g per OP. It also has the best defensive level 2 unit being the Archer with a whopping 10 Defense.


As you progress into mid-era with elf you are going to want Archers housed in all important cities as well as some Spellweavers, Also if you are still engaged in combat you should be training Riders by now.  Also you should achieve level 8 Magic by this time while still aiding your kingdom with magic and Blocker Defense. Another 90k mine should be settled to improve income. At this point in time Elves should start to accumulate resources for level 9 Magic to cast Armageddon and get their Archmage army in optimal condition.


As you reach the end of the era with Elf you are going to want to cast "Armageddon" to end the world on your terms (preferably 240 hours before you want the era to end). All of your cities should be maxed out at this time(2-90K mines, 90K lumbermill/farm and a 90K magic city/armory) while keeping up with the construction of Magictowers. You should be training Archmages with 95% of your income and Spellweavers with the other 5%. Elf end era Science should look something like this: Magic 9 Military 7 Mining 6 Medicine 5 Farming 5.

01:26:05 Mar 27th 16 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):


They are, like the dwarves; short people, they often live in the ground, but do not like to dig for gold, they rather go for adventures to find large treasures. They are peaceful and happy people, good farmers and their morale can't drop under 50%.
Like the dwarf cavemasters, the Halfling farmers will work in the farms to generate more food.

They do not like to invest time in science; they rather seek knowledge with adventure.

  • Extra attack option: Steal food
  • Farmers will help against steal food
  • Farmers will increase production in farms
  • Target gain less experience when attacked by a Halfing
  • Build buildings 25% faster
  • Half building cost
  • Has mounted units (pony riders) that can move faster then ordinary troops
  • Eat more food
  • All science upgrades besides farming are expensive.
  • Morale can not drop under 50% unless angered by magic.
  • Scouts are invisible on the map (when they are not moving, frozen or a merge leader)
  • Adventures can find gold and sciences (with experience)


20 1

150 2
Pony riders

800 4

240 0

1900 8


Lvl 1: Farmer
20 g0 /1
20 g per DP
Lvl 2: Slinger
150 g2/2
75 g per OP
75 g per DP
Lvl 3: Pony Rider
800 g6/4
133.3 g per OP
200 g per DP
Lvl 4: Illusionist
240 g0/0
Lvl 5: Adventurer
1900 g8/8
237.5 g per OP
237.5 g
 per DP

3) Halfling: 

Often seen with a multitude of cities, (90k mine, 25K mine, 40k farm, 40k lumbermill and a 90K armory) they are quick economy earners. With more experience and activity, you are capable of training level 5 troops right off the bat. The quick Adventurer EXP can be a game changer. In most cases, level 3 spams are Ideal. As the Pony Riders are 6/4 mounted troops that are extremely cheap. In some cases level 2 spam is required to survive(not advised). Science factors depending on how they play, In most cases Magic science is the way to go as Adventurers can find sciences and you also can have the choice of Steal Science. 


As you reach mid-era with Halfling keep in mind that they are natural economy earners and build faster then other races, So settling a couple of 40K mines will help in the long run. No matter what you have trained for OOP wars You should start Training Adventurers now, Also keep in mind if your Adventurers have experience then they may find treasure(Sciences or gold[1000X# of Adventurers]) as long as the army is not sitting in your or an allied city. With the extra attack option "Steal Food"(easier then siege) If used on farming cities will start to come in handy now as food prices rise. Also keep in mind you should have Farmers in all your farming cities.


As you reach the end of the era you should have a Horde of Adventurers, Providing that you got EXP early enough. At this point in time all your cities should be maxed out(25K mine, 2-40K Mines, 90K Mine, 40K Farm, 40K Lumbermill and a 90K Armory) and you should be making a fortune off the rising food prices. Your Sciences should look something like this: Magic 9+ Mining 9+ Military 7+ Farming 20+ Lumber 15+ Medicine 5 assuming you have been finding sciences all era with your Adventurers.

01:26:18 Mar 27th 16 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):


The dwarves are greedy people that live near mountains where they dig for gold. Their buildings are made of stone, so they do not need any tree, but double as much stone to build buildings.
  • Extra bonus on stone production
  • No tree needed when building buildings.
  • Cavemasters will plunder and blow up mines when you attack
  • Cavemasters will increase production from mines
  • Can build into mountains
  • Natural protection against spells
  • Harder to cast utility scrolls (spells)
  • Half building upkeep
  • It cost less to upgrade military, slightly more to upgrade medicine and its very expensive to upgrade magic. 


250 2

900 6

2500 10 8

300 0

1000 3


Lvl 1: Swordsmen
300 g2/2
150 g per OP
150 g per DP
Lvl 2: Hammerthrower
900 g5/6
180 g per OP
150 g per DP
Lvl 3: Axemen
2500 g10/8
250 g per OP
312.5 g per DP
Lvl 4: Runemaster
300 g0/0
Lvl 5: Cavemaster
1000 g6/3
166.6 g per OP
333.3 g per DP

4) Dwarf: 

Often very difficult, but if you do play Dwarf and stuck in an OOP war situation keep in mind they do not require tree for building, but will need tree for Military sciences. Just building one 90k Mine city and one 40K Armory, Built into the side of mountains as they have that  advantage at a reduces stone cost(only if city image size is Lvl 2 or lower). Mining Science is often the best course when playing as Dwarf as economy is needed very much to train the expected amount of troops as they're very costly to train. Although once a mountain Dwarf city have been taken by another race, they lose all privileges of (re)building the city once given back. Dwarves should begin training Hammerthrowers for OOP as they are 5/6.


As Dwarf moving into mid-era war you will want to settle another  2-90K Mines, also you should aim for level 9 Mining by this time, Also Dwarfs should start training Axemen now that they have their Mines full of Cavemasters to prepare for a long lasting war. Dwarves have a natural resistance to magic so they may not need as many Runemasters for defense as lets say a Human. Also Dwarves only pay half Building upkeep and receive a bonus Stone production compared to other races.


The end of the era is prime time for Dwarves as they have the highest incomes at this point in time so they can amass giant armies of Axemen. By this time you should have all your cities maxed out(3-90K Mines and a 40K Armory) with Cavemasters in all of your mines. You should also have a decent Axemen army by now. Your sciences should look something like this: Mining 10 Military 7 Medicine 6 Farming 6 Magic 1.

01:26:36 Mar 27th 16 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):


They are evil, brutish and warlike creatures with a natural lust for blood. Their troops require little training and come in great numbers. Gaia is grown from the earth.

  • - Can "burn and destroy" cities
  • Nazguls are not affected by city walls
  • Armies can move with double speed using "force march", but will cause troops to die and the army to lose morale.
  • Has mounted units (Nazguls) that can move faster then ordinary troops
  • It cost more to upgrade medicine and slightly more to upgrade magic
  • Do not need peasants to train Gaia
  • Morale drops in enemy city when preparing an attack
  • Half training time 


100 2

300 3

1500 8

230 0

45000 160 160


Lvl 1: Gaia
100 g1/2
100 g per OP
50 g per DP
Lvl 2: Hammerthrower
300 g3/3
100 g per OP
100 g per DP
Lvl 3: Ogre
1500 g8/8
187.5 g per OP
187.5 g per DP
Lvl 4: Shaman
230 g0/0
Lvl 5Nazgul
45,000 g160/160
281.3 g per OP
281.3 g per DP

5) Orc: 

Often the most highly used effective race to play for warmongers. Seen often having 3 cities, 25K Mine, 14K Lumbermill with a 6K Armory in the middle of the enemy core. Orcs are capable of 1/2 training times with no Armories and 3/4 of the training time with full Armories. Capable of spamming Gaia beyond the limit of Human population if done correctly, as well as being able to Force March(Move twice as far) Although they lose morale and units doing this, It however is great in short strides from city to city. The only thing you need to watch out for as orc is the enemy will most likely spam Guardtowers. Keep in mind for OOP Orc's should only Plunder cities and "Burn and Destroy" to ensure victory.
Orcs have really inexpensive Military sciences allowing them to achieve Magic Lvl 6 Before or after they achieve their designated high Military level. With the huge upkeep cost of spamming Gaia Orcs Should switch straight to Nazgul immediately after OOP wars.


Moving into mid-era with Orcs you should switch directly to Nazgul to ensure your army upkeep does not become too much of a hassle. By this time you should have level 8 or 9 Military science. Orcs should settle a 90K mine with some Warehouses to prevent any heavy enemy plundering. Orc's are the ultimate tools for war as pure Nazgul ignore Walls(not advised), You can also burn and destroy cities you might not be able to hold and any city an Orc is preparing to attack loses morale each turn.


As the end of the era approaches the Orcs start to dominate with their Nazguls. You should have all of your cities maxed out by now (90K Mine, 25k Mine, 14k Lumbermill and a 6K Armory) and be training heavy amounts of Nazgul to gain a formidable army. Orc Sciences should look something like this: Military 9 Magic 6  Medicine 6 Mining 5 Farming 5.

01:26:55 Mar 27th 16 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):


The Trolls are large and powerful creatures witch few dare to face in combat. They live deep in the forests and their strength makes them great woodcutters. However, they are narrow-minded and do not like to invest time in science.

  • Berserker will kill more troops the usual (including allies)
  • Plus 10% tree production
  • All science upgrades besides forestry and magic are very expensive. 


200 3

500 4

1600 10 10

240 0

6000 35 35


Lvl 1: Hobgoblin
200 g2/3
100 g per OP
66.6 g per DP
Lvl 2: Rockthrower
500 g5/4
100 g per OP
125 g per DP
Lvl 3: Warlord
1600 g10/10
160 g per OP
160 g per DP
Lvl 4: Mage
240 g1/0
240 g per OP
Lvl 5: Berserker
6000 g35/35
171.4 g per OP
171.4 g per DP

6) Troll: 

Trolls often build 3 cities. 40K Mine, 40K Lumbermill/Farm city and a 40K Armory. If done right Trolls have the ability to amass a nice Hobgoblin army for OOP,Trolls should begin training troops roughly 20 ticks before OOP to obtain optimal troop numbers for defending or attacking. Military Science is extremely common among Trolls. Most people are unaware that Trolls have one of the cheapest Magic sciences and their Mages are 1/0. Magic Weapons is not a hard spell to obtain by OOP as Troll. After spamming Hobgoblins for OOP trolls should switch directly to Berzerkers as their special ability makes it easier to "Army of the Dead" themselves. I often go Troll Battlemage. Trolls can achieve level 4 or 5 Military or Magic science for OOP depending on your play style.


As you enter mid-era with Troll you want to settle a 90K Mine. You should be amassing a nice Berzerker army early while still being able to finish your economy. At this point in time you can reach level 7-8 Magic as well as 5-6 Mining or Military(depending on play style) Keep in mind Trolls should be able to cast Army of the Dead on themselves.


As the end of the era approaches Trolls also begin to dominate with their Berzerker armies assuming you can get "Army of the Dead" cast on your army periodically. By this point in time you should have all your cities maxed out(90K Mine, 40K Mine, 40K Farm/Lumbermill and a 40K Armory) and be focusing on training a huge Berzerker army. My Troll Sciences often look something like this: Magic 8 Mining 6 Military 5 Farming 5 Lumber 3 Medicine 5.

10:00:11 Mar 27th 16 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):


1.0 Human Basic
1.1 Units
1.2 Price per power
1.3 OOP wars
1.4 Mid-Era wars
1.5 End-Era wars
2.0 Elf Basic
2.1 Units
2.2 Price per power
2.3 OOP wars
2.4 Mid-Era wars
2.5 End-Era wars
3.0 Halfling Basic
3.1 Units
3.2 Price per power
3.3 OOP wars
3.4 Mid-Era wars
3.5 End-Era wars
4.0 Dwarf Basic
4.1 Units
4.2 Price per power
4.3 OOP wars
4.4 Mid-Era wars
4.5 End-Era wars
5.0 Orc Basic
5.1 Units
5.2 Price per power
5.3 OOP wars
5.4 Mid-Era wars
5.5 End-Era wars
6.0 Troll Basic
6.1 Units
6.2 Price per power
6.3 OOP wars
6.4 Mid-Era wars
6.5 End-Era wars

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