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Building Armories
01:54:25 Apr 26th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (God Eros Butt Slapper):

I've heard about and seen a lot of weird building going on lately, so just to let everyone know who doesn't currently know: 
You only need 7500 armories to get to your quickest training times. Not 10,000. Not 15,000. 7500. In addition to this you should also know, there is 1 tick added to training times for every military science you invest into.

Build better cities for other people to take over :) Ok enough said 

07:31:08 Apr 26th 17 - TheBornLoser (Sir Sadako):

I think they are intentionally making it very unattractive for us to take over their cities. If I took over Edoras, I would have to raze 2,500 armouries and 1,000 MTs. It makes me think over a thousand times whether I really do want that city now....

One of the best ways to ward off a predator is to make yourself as unpalatable as possible....

09:08:12 Apr 26th 17 - Cloutier (Master Cloutier):

More armoury make it so you get more troops finish on  the 1st tick. 

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