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Building Blockers to Block
02:15:48 Nov 24th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

Cities are different sizes due to the race. Humans, for example, are the only ones able to build 200k's. So, you will need to have a paper to do this that's already prepared with your races various city sizes upon it.  Have one before the era starts, unless you use another worlds' city or someone else's city for this trick. 

1.)Using your race's largest city, or the city large enough to fill in the space you plan to block; place a piece of paper over your monitors' screen. With a pen or pencil, trace the perimeters of the city, every corner. Then underline the name of the city etc so you know where the exact center of the city is (important). 
2.) Place this piece of paper with the traced city on it, over the location you want to build a blocker at. Move your scout so it is at the center of the traced city. 
3.) Build there.

It's quite simple, logical and works. You can make sure the sides of the traced city touch all forests, mountains, rivers so that no space is between the city and the surrounding landscape ahead of time.
 This even works on the edge of the map. I tried it against Chade/Ascendith who tried to go pass it many times with larger and larger armies, several times in one era.

I hope it will get rid of the belief that this game has unblockable blockers, when I imagine it is rather the players are unable to build blockers properly.

06:40:09 Nov 24th 17 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Main problem is that terrain does not block.

So you can block exactly to the edge of the forest
And what does enemy do? 
Walks through the forest

07:47:32 Nov 24th 17 - Mr. Bling The Badass:

thats cause you blocking the gap. block the space behind the gap. that is a 40k building there with 100% walls closes that space.

10:20:08 Nov 24th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

If your thinking about building in that small space that the army walked next to instead of through. don't. the city would be too small to house an army large enough to defend it for one. A 30k city makes a good blocker, it can hold a few 100k soldiers in it which is good enough till late era. 

Even if you did have a small blocker in that spot, you'd need a second, larger city behind it to house the army that would man it. But if you don't keep a sufficient amount of magic users housed in the blocker, they'll just cast crush walls before you have a chance to send MUs from the housing city to the blocker to prevent the casting. 
The least that little blocking city would do is prevent someone from traveling through a fogged map.

10:34:02 Nov 24th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Humble):

The terrain needs to be at least 20 px wide to block.

That's why we have river-jumping and some other "features" where terrain can be passed even though it shouldn't be possible.

17:04:00 Nov 24th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

How large is 20px?

18:58:45 Nov 24th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax And His Horse):

A 90K city is 150 px.... I think the smallest "normal" city on 6.4K is 30 or 40 px (pixels).

I have made some notes for myself when I made my map..... just can't find them here and now :-(.

02:07:20 Nov 27th 17 - Strawberry (Ms. Strawberry):

Uh maybe download all humanxx.gif and orcxx.gif from the imagepack, put them all in one page, open an editor that supports transparency then print that to a tracing paper that should work. Maybe putting a square semi-transparent border around each image would also help before printing, i mean its the square border that really matters not the image right.

04:46:06 Nov 27th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

Cities corners arent square. They got a 45 degree angle slant / \ on most. Which seem to fit against landscapes better than a square corner would. 

05:12:34 Nov 27th 17 - Strawberry (Ms. Strawberry):

Yeah, and the "printing" stuff will never work coz the printer seems to not get the actual size and it scales the printout to some degree. Im making a simple windows app right now that you can drag and drop on top of the browser window ranging from city sizes 1-8, problem is what's really the actual city sizes? is a 90k/200k really square 150px by 150px or does the "angles" really plays a role in the image boundary?

05:41:21 Nov 27th 17 - Mr. Bling The Badass:


15:07:38 Nov 27th 17 - HorusPanic (Sir Panic):

The earth is flat and cities are square

15:13:17 Nov 27th 17 - HorusPanic (Sir Panic):

in all seriousness, building blockers is serious business... hah

Its a but of a skill, but there is a less quirky method for beuilding a well-centered blocker.

1) have click to move your army movement setting (see settings)

2) center your builder scout where you think you want a blocker.

3) only once centered, select this builder and trace a circle around the build area. Where you see a red circle are your building boundries. 

4) move scout to the middle of the  boundary circles.

5) repeat step 3 (and 4 if necessary)

6) build your blocker

^ is is method 100% perfect - no, some terrains are just shitty

does it work? usually

try it and report back

PS. the real pros know that you acually build from the top left quadrant of your scout. settle a one building colony to see the effect. zoom in on that 1 building colony with a scout in it to see the 'true' building point, the exact pixel you drop colonies from.

00:49:42 Nov 28th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

This can turn into a good thread for everyone to post various methods to build blockers. A great way to resolve the problem and the myth that blockers don't block.

I liked an early post i don't see anymore, or maybe it was strawberries and I read it wrong. But where you can click on a city (right click) and drag the transparent city over the map. If you use this technique you won't have to trace it on a piece of paper or some software mod, unless your at the beginning of the era and there are no buildings to drag around to test the location to build at. On a side note, make sure it's the same races city. orc cities are different than human cities for example. 

04:22:49 Nov 28th 17 - Strawberry (Ms. Strawberry):

Hmm, i think i might have just done something, just need to do all the remaining 7 sizes and find a way to package the application, coz im using a free programming software that doesnt come with a deployment package. Program kind of look like this, the city image can be dragged anywhere, the X button in the center kind of like tells the scout location, and the close button as well. Yeah, must do one for orc city sprites as well.

04:34:40 Nov 28th 17 - Strawberry (Ms. Strawberry):

Ah i see, yeah yeah, you can drag a city "mirage" and put it on the spot you want making this program really pointless. True that there are no city images to drag yet early era but by the time you would need blockers, there should be city images around the map. Scrap this one then.

07:14:38 Nov 28th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Humble):

You can also drag a "ghost-picture" of a city already present on your screen to the place you want to place a blocker. That way you can see if it fit (of course Orcs and Trolls have a different look than the other races - already mentioned couple of times).

Just rightclick on the citysize you want to check it out with and you have your ghost-picture you can move with.

Say you find a 40K city would fit perfect then your "only" problem is to place your scout exactly so you are able to found a 40K city........

10:31:31 Nov 29th 17 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jesus Left Toe):

There is a reason I bump the city sizes thread when it falls off the guide page. ;)

19:04:21 Nov 29th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax And His Horse):

Hmmmm. Guess it should be left-click and not rightclick....... But what the heck, I'm sure those who had interest in the tip already know that.

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