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20:52:28 Jul 30th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

The Chronicles of Osiris

As my time as a fant leader comes to a close i will write my guides and hopefully you will find some infomation usefull to you at some point if you care to read it.
I have few friends left and more enemies then i care to count and so i have decided to help those who may choose to heed it.

Most recently i have been playing Dwarf, all my knowledge of elf is near obsolete so that is best left to others. So i guess i will start with Kingdom building.


-= Kingdom Building =-

Everyone has thier own ideas on how to run a kingdom but i will tell you mine and what has worked for me.

In my opinion you should not even attempt to form a kd in your first 7-10 eras as you will not have enough experiance.
 Before you can teach others or guide them you must learn your trade. If you find a kd you like great but always move upwards if you can, You will learn the game and its politics and tactics best by joining the top kds in fant.
I would suggest achiving viceroy rank in a top/semi top fant kd but this is not always possible with the game growing.
I was lucky, i came into the game in era 2 when the number was small so i learnt from many of the vets that are left, I learnt most of what i know from Frederick Sezymon Tobleronx Fordius and from warring the likes of Nimic Roxbury and Rambo first hand.
I understand this is not possible for most players these days but try to learn what you can from the top players, asking questions via pm will never hurt and you may even be invited to a kd because you show interest in learning.


Ok so you have played a fair few eras have some friends and some experiance what next?
well the best way forward is to plan your kingdom, try not to start alone as it is so much harder. you need a core. The best core would be those you trust, those you know and have played with and they should have experiance of the game too.
Never ever make random players you do not know viceroys in thier first or second eras in the kd its just common sense.

Now i played in the Sayian Empire for a while before i played in SaC and Heaven, I rose through the ranks of Heaven and thus gained Kingship when Ponsa and Fordius left.
This was my first taste of leadership and vital for the succsess of my kd. You need good support if you intend to sleep :)

When i formed Abydos i had a solid core of players who knew the game and i knew well. Although not everyone stayed for the next era it is a massive boost to your chances of surviving.

--Dictatorship vs Democracy--

I am a firm beliver that dictatorship is much better then democracy for a kd. The Leader and viceroys make the decisions the relations and give the orders. Voting slows things down and things can become messy.
You need to rule with an iron fist. If someone doesnt follow orders and does what they like, breaks nap sometimes, no matter how good they are Kick them, they are no good for the kd and will only do harm you will need to show strength in this.

you need to know that your members are people and that an iron fist will work but do not treat them like a piece of crap. They are not forced to join your kingdom and will not remain if you act like an ass (unless you are me then you get away with it)

You should always strive to be on fantasia for most other maps are a waste of time for kingdom building. You will learn little of tactics on these maps but team bonding i cannot say as most of these maps didnt exsist back when i formed Abydos.

You Must maintain control and rules in your kd.  My rule has always been that the viceroys cannot accept kd applications, the simple reason is that if i have not spoken to a player how can i trust them :) As your activity decreases and your kd grows older it will be vital that you know and trust your viceroys to aid in these choices. Long term members are the most obvious choice.

As i ramble on it is important that you remember that this is what worked for ME. all kds are formed and run differently and it is up to you to find the way that suits you.

My general opinions come from Utopia where the best kd i was in was run as a dictatorship.

Your diplomatic choices will be limited by your own power, reputation and long term friendships. Now i would say to survive on fant as a new kd that friends are needed but the more time you spend on fant the less this applies.


Kingdom tactics are complex and long and i care not to explain them all in detail right now :D

Magic is key to a kingdoms success, As Abydos has shown you can overcome larger kds and odds through superior magic. I can not stress enough how much magic can tip the balance of a war.

The rest you will learn along the way and should be able to learn from your mistakes.


When you have the co-opertation and discipline in the kd i would suggest kd race builds. Ie 15 dwarves 1 elf 1 halfling 2 orcs 2 trolls 1-2 humans etc to use ours from a few eras ago.
This helps your kd become stronger by taking advantage of the most powerfull races of the era.


The Wave attack..

A usefull Kingdom strategy is the wave..

By this i mean to say that you should select 4-5 of your players to *beep* and farm oop for the first week or so while the rest of the kd fights. The farmers will then engage leaving 5-6 of the oop attackers to farm and catch up. This will allow you to win a long drawn out war against a kingdom that doesnt wave. if done well you will match them for armies but your overall economy will still increase.


Everyone has thier own opinions and may or may not like or agree with what i have wrote, i am just using my personal experiances to give some guidance. and as it is opinion it will not be a sticky guide.



00:15:46 Jul 31st 08 - Mr. Harry The Crazy:

Nice guide osi. :P

16:51:18 Jul 31st 08 - Mr. Samulis:

wonderful. like the part about leadership.

22:32:50 Jan 9th 11 - Mr. Sir:

i made use of this guide and rumour is i'm a 500x better player now. keep up the good work osiris.

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