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Guide II
05:58:35 Nov 26th 06 - Duke Salamon:

I wrote a freestyle guide before the era started for the new people id be recruiting. Id like it to share it with everyone. Feel free to post a magic section or comment on whats wrong.




Production Buildings:

Building in Vu is trying to hit the same amount of populations with the same number of jobs. This is possible by using 1 building strat. 1:5. 1 Home for every Economic Building. (Mine, Lumbermill, or Farm) 1 home is equivalent to 25 population. 1 economic building is equivalent to 5 jobs. Hence, 1:5.


Building armoury cities is just like building production buildings. However, You are trying to get the 50% discount for every troop. This can be optained by building 50% more than you have homes. The strategy is 1 home to every 2 Armouries. You will see a discount each turn you get in armouries.

Magic Towers:

Many have different ways of building these. The most common is a City with just Magic Towers. These cities are used to cast magic from.


Blockers are cities or walls that block a path of entrance. They are used to protect your core and keep enemies out of it. You build walls in these cities and either Magic Towers or Gaurd Towers. You as well put Units in it. Most usually lv 1 troops (your first troop). If you put them in and the Blocker is owned by you. You pay upkeep. However if its an allied city. You pay no upkeep.


Armies have several Sizes. The bigger it gets the slower it moves. You may merge the army as well. Merging armies you own means you put them together. One of the armies will disappear while another will stay. This can be done through the MERGE OPTION in the ARMY SCREEN. However, Merging into allied armies means you are adding your forces with your allys forces. But in seperate armies. Merging with an ally will automaticly make the army really slow. So moving seperately till you get close to the destination is the best way.

Level 1 Troops:

These troops are the weakest attacking/defending troop to use. They are used in the beginning widely as they are also the cheapest. Train these in the first week or so of the era, or if you wish to place defence into allied cities.

Level 2 Troops:

These troops are usually good for defending. They usually have better defence and offense then level 1 troops but they cost more. You can use these either to put in defence for your own towns or allied towns. You may also place them in armies, but not widely as it isnt your best unit.

Level 3 Troops:

These are usually your best unit. They are and should be used widely when attacking. However, they are the most expensive as well. But the cost is worth the unit usually.

Level 4 Troops or the Magic Unit:

Short For MUs. Magic Units are used for 3 things. Magic, City Magic Protection, and Army Magic Protection. The amount of magic units increase the number of magic defence you have. The more the better. As there are mages that would love to RoF or Slow your armies or Crush Wall or Dispell your Blockers.

Level 5 Troops:

These are your special unit. Each Race has a different one. Ill explain each.

Dwarf: Cavemaster 3/3 Good for pumping into mines for defence and that they have the special effect to increase your Gold/Stone production

Halfling: Adventurer 8/8 Good unit to have in armies. They find Various things from Science levels to Gold or more experience if you have a good amount of Experience in the army. However, This is highly random.

Elf: Archmage X/X Good unit overall. Costly yes but if you have high magic level they are great. The archmage has the attack/defence power 3 times your magic level.

Orc: Nazgul 150/150 Good unit. Very strong however it is costly. Dont expect to have even 10k at the end of era. But even 1k of these are super in an army.

Trolls: Beserker 30/20 Good unit and pretty decent amount to pay for them for being a Special unit. However they have the tendency of dieing or you losing more troops than normal if they are deployed in your armies.

Human: Catapult 40/20 good unit overall. Not to expensive. Its possible to have 10k-100ks of these guys. However The Knight is just as effective and cost less.

The cost for all troops start as stated in the box THE GUIDE, however The training costs will increase the more buildings you get.


Attacking is done by getting near the opponents City or army and having the option to attack. You will get a % from 0-99%. 70%+ are good chances for an attack and are usually taken 50-69% are risky and should only be choosen to go for it if you need to badly and the outcome for winning would overwiegh the bad of losing. 0-49% are not to be taken. They are bad chances and you would lose alot of your troops taking the chance.

Preparing on a City takes time. Each tick your % goes up if you have a chance to take the city. However, if you start off with 0% you may not get far even with full prep time. The more prep time on a city usually means better % of success. Bad % mean MORE LOSSES!

Army vs Army
Armies vs Armies are critical. You will meet many armies out in the open field than a city. These battles are usually high losses if you lose with bad %. However, % about ~85%+ would usually kill all the opposing troops.


Defending: Defending and losing means 100% losses. however, successfully defending against attack you still suffer loses but mininum losses.

Having Troops out give you upkeep cost which you must pay each tick. The more troops means the more upkeep. This is why having alot of lv 3 units in armies are best. As they are your best unit and you wont pay as much upkeep as to level 1s. Also you have Building Upkeep. This is always on. This keeps your buildings in check and running properly. Its a requirement to pay it and will be paid if you want to or not.



Building cities can be done from the army page. BUILD COLONY option. The more cities you have the more it cost. Be wary. Dont build so many because they cost alot so try to build in open spaces so you can get bigger colonies. However, building 1 mine in the start near a mountain as close as possible will be very benefical. The more space around your colony means the bigger (max capacity) it can be/have.

Land Bonuses:

Mountains- Give more Gold/Stone the closer you are. However you can get the same bonus if you have enough mines to "reach" the mountian.

Forrest: Same as Mountains except it gives you 2-5x more wood production

Rivers/Lake: Same as mountains except it gives you 7-11x more food production


Bonus Turns:

The Bonus box. It hold up to 3 bts. Anything more you will lose. Bts are turns you can use anything. Either for more growth/training or strategic things. Saving them for important uses are great but dont use them if you dont have to. You can get a bt every 12 hrs you are inactive or by voting on the HELP VU tab.

New Player World: Beat this world this is your training world. Try to learn building/training and attacking here. Build 3-4 cities. One for each product (stone/gold, food, and lumber). As well 1 city for an armoury to train troops. Get atleast 1k troops of lv 1, 2, or 3. The First Enemy town is just north of your starting posistion. The Second is way southwest of you. Use your Bonuses to grow/train. 1= 1 turn so dont go clicking 50x.

06:00:40 Nov 26th 06 - Duke Salamon:

You can do the New Player World many ways. But this way you get to see that its important to have seperate cities for each reasource. Many new players start off w/ 1 city with all types of econ buildings and armouries and this isnt good. Rather they start by building 3-4 cities for each thing.

23:42:27 Nov 26th 06 - Sir Father:

You get a gold bonus beside rivers.

(Edited by Sir Father 11/26/2006 11:43:10 PM)

06:28:18 Nov 28th 06 - Sir Senturu:

you should try to explain the attacks first.

05:34:26 Nov 30th 06 - Mr. Rurik:

Under armouries, you say you need a 1:2 ratio of homes to armouries to get the 50% discount off troops. I heard its 1:5. Whats correct? And how to get the last unit ( the expensive ones, i.e. catapults, nazguls) to 50% cost?

06:30:00 Nov 30th 06 - Mr. Trig:

1:5 is for production cities (mines lumber, etc...)

reason why it's 1:2 instead of 1:5:

1.  1:2 ratio equals more homes for every time you build massively in the city which means more peasants to train.

2.  1:5 ratio will get the discount faster, but when you have the economy to actually start building level 3 units in mass you'll be able to get the 50% discount almost as fast; with probably 100 extra peasants to train.

3.  Armouries aren't really there to make you richer, if anything they're there to do the exact opposite!  Seeing as how your training troops, you'll most likely be sending them out to other places to defend or attack, so you'll probably never reach 100% populations.


19:55:50 Dec 21st 06 - Mr. Falazar:

No, I have almost 1:10 on armories, and troops are still cheaper in one of my other cities, and not all troops are getting the same discount either, so it has to have to do with something else as well... At first I thought the workers were being used in the farms/mines instead of the armories, but that doesnt appear to be the case either.

Vice Falazar

20:00:32 Dec 21st 06 - Mr. Finwe:

afaik 15k armouries gives you max discount on everything, that might have changed but it was true :P

21:15:30 Dec 21st 06 - Mr. Trynton:

you have farms and mines in your armory? thats your problem. the price is based off how many total buildings in that city, not just homes. 1:10 will easily get a 50% off elites.

06:22:46 Dec 22nd 06 - Mr. Kenji:

how do you attack at long range??

19:44:23 Dec 23rd 06 - Mr. Trynton:

you dont

22:25:25 Jan 16th 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

can anyone exactly tell me what a warehouse does..besides "store things"

14:30:36 Jan 17th 07 - Mr. Trynton:

when your city is taken, you lose resources based on the number of mines/mills/farms you have respectively. if you have warehouses in another city, you wont lose near as much. likewise if a city with warehouses is taken, youll lose a lot more.

08:18:31 Feb 23rd 07 - Mr. Medication:

how much defence does a peasant have?

08:19:40 Feb 23rd 07 - Mr. Trig:

.05 def

18:36:41 Feb 24th 07 - Mr. Crazy Guy II:

everyone i wud kiss u if i cud thanx for the info i might become the strongst in mantrax next era becus of u

13:35:04 Mar 17th 07 - Mr. Tedwan:

 I've read it carefully ! I know more about VU.

02:53:52 Mar 20th 07 - Mr. Gorgon:

Is there a restriction on how far away you can build a new city? If so, what is it?

20:41:06 Mar 20th 07 - Mr. Trynton:

no there isnt

18:03:39 May 12th 07 - Mr. Shadowssword:

how do you get bonus? i dont get it, is it hourerly?

18:15:21 May 12th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:

Mr. Gorgon


3/20/2007 1:53:52 AM
Is there a restriction on how far away you can build a new city? If so, what is it?


there is

no city can be larger than 90k

07:21:37 Jun 15th 07 - Mr. Argus:

ok just to let you guys know in my oppinion the best ratio for houses to armories is 1:3 at the begining and 1:4 or 1:5 once you have a good econ..

regardless of that... in that city only build houses and armories otherwise your armories effieciency drops dead and can even reverse ( ive seen a city i captured with nazzies costing 24k cause he had rainbow among otherthings

also.. the more building you have in a city the less efficient armories are like more than say 20k so dont just keep building em

and i also saw some1 say something about the special units  im not sure about catapults ect.. or if its even a diffrent ammount.. but i know that 2 get a discount for nazzies you have 2 have at least 3k armories ( i usually a 1/4 ratio at this point then once u hit the start of the discount.. change 2 1:5)

23:27:04 Sep 13th 17 - twentyonepilots (Mr. Bronomo):

Do you lose prep time if you merge an army into the army prepping?

23:32:00 Sep 13th 17 - Ms. Jasmina II:

You lose half the prep time 

07:02:07 Sep 14th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros Air Guitar):

you will also lose all prep time if you cast any spells from the army prepping

22:34:22 Nov 25th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

I read through this thread, and wanted to let any new players know that in the past 11 years...the programming has probably been changed because alot of the mathematics aren't the same anymore. So I wouldn't really follow this guide to the T. 

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