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Guide Posting Images in Forums
04:53:39 Jan 1st 09 - Sir Stewie Griffin:

Here is just a quick guide for those who dont yet know how to bring in your own images into the forums..Just follow these simple steps for taking and posting a picture in the forums:

  • Adjust the map to where you would like to take the picture.
  • Press the "Print Screen" button just 2 keys above the "Delete" key.
  • Go to either "Paint" or "Microsoft Editor" or any other program and then paste this image in here ( press Ctrl + V ).
  • Now save the image as a jpeg file.
  • go to (make a new account if necessary)
  • Upload your image
  • copy the direct link given just underneath the picture.
  • Paste the copied url into the "Insert Image" box in the forums..

05:20:33 Jan 1st 09 - Mr. Reddragon VI:

Great i can bring pictures to my complains ^_^.

05:33:08 Jan 1st 09 - Sir Stewie Griffin:

Thank you =)

18:00:32 Jan 2nd 09 - Lord Whoop:

My city is much easier, on Photobucket you have to create an account. On Imageshack you don't have to create one..

This is the link:

20:03:02 Jan 3rd 09 - Duke Argyle:

Don't forget the best hosting sites!   (never ceonsored, ever)  (supports videos aswell)

06:49:43 Jan 4th 09 - Sir Stewie Griffin:

Thank you for sharing Lord Whoop and Duke Argyle...=)

20:54:06 Jun 18th 09 - Sir Mcnatiara:


if I use, it seems it does not work... but it should, shouldn't it?

(link is: )

Hmm... strange.

Imageshack is ok, though. ... Good to know.


04:05:01 Jul 30th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

If you wanna upload images without registering any accounts or any anything, then visit my site by clicking HERE (

04:08:41 Jul 30th 09 - Duke Angelus:

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