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Halfling Strategy Guide
16:18:25 Dec 27th 21 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

Halfling Strategy Guide


Phase One.

Land first city near water and tree.

Put peasants from army to city

Create two armies.

Scout two city locations 

Send one army looking for enemies

Build lumber mills.

Build mines

Build farms


Build 1000 homes

Build 2000 farm

Build 1200 mines 

Build 1800 lumbers


Settle Second & third colony…

Build to 398 buildings in one…

Build excess in third…

Send two scouts for fourth & fifth Colony

Goto sleep…


Phase Two


Build in First Colony

Build 4000 homes

Build 8000 farms

Build 1200mines

Build 5000 lumber mills

Build 2000 Gaurd Towers


Second & Third colony

Build 1000 homes

Build 4000 mines

Build 4000 Lumber mills


Start Fourth & Fifth Colony….

build excess builds in here. 

Repeat Second & Third Colony…

Train 8000 farmers

Goto sleep…


Phase Three…


Build armoury…

Build in Second & Third Colony…

Build 3000 homes

Build 10000 mines

Build 2500 Lumber Mills

Build 2000 Gaurd Towers

Build in Fourth & Fifth Colony…

Build 1000 homes

Build 5000 mines

Remaining income train Magic Units…

Goto sleep…


Phase Four


Build in Fourth & Fifth Colony

Build 3000 homes

Build 12000 mines

Build 2000 Gaurd Towers

Remaining income train ponies…

Save stone to Land drop…

You are now ready for war…

17:07:05 Dec 27th 21 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobuskan):

Missing the exp feeding part. 

17:22:22 Dec 27th 21 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

Good point Obi Won 

We’ll call it a farmers guide😂

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