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How to use themed KD names
02:52:08 May 30th 20 - Konspyre (Captain Turalyon):

Themed names can get confusing because nobody can be bothered to do a /whois every time they forget who their KD mate actually is.

So I present to you: the long-forgotten MSN Messenger Address KD function!

By putting a commonly recognized name as your supposed "MSN Messenger", a quick hover-over in the KD member page is all you need to conveniently check out who is who.
You can enable this function in the Settings like so:

(hotlinked because vu doesn't let me post the full image :( )

And these are examples of what you see when hovering over the icon:

Make themed names easy and fun for the whole family!

05:44:47 May 30th 20 - Emperor (Emperor Benightedness):

MSN is evil. 

11:34:15 May 30th 20 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Audaciter):

Hasn't this been the accepted practice for the last 10 years?

12:19:11 May 30th 20 - Konspyre (Captain Nitrogen):

@JLT That's what used to assume as well, only for only 2 people in Elements to do it, so I had no idea who was who without /whois. Very annoying :P

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