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Leaving Present.... (Guide)
18:58:04 May 20th 08 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

HankyPanky Trio Guide

First steps

Settle colony next to a mountain

Unless you no the magic spots go for a 6400 to a 14400 to play it safe.(half a tick away)

It is extremely important to get full mining bonus within first 7 ticks so dont be worried about settleing too close settle too far away and i will be *beep*ing pissed off at you for not listening and rushing ;)

Transfer pes from lifegaurds to city.

Send out four scouts in all directions and a scout for your second city.

Put your wood on the market for extra cash straight away, sell to natives if possible. You want a minimum of 30,000 for it.(Dwarf only)

Upgrade mining Science to level 3.(not elf)

First city

First tick 100 mines, rest homes

tick 2, 100 mines, rest homes

tick 3, 50% homes, 50% mines

tick 4, 100 mines, rest homes

tick 5, 166 homes, 200 mines

tick 6, 150 homes, rest mines

Those numbers are for dwarfs other races are slightly different.

For first city if really active I reccomend two cities before the armoury, if not too active and in oop war make one mine then armoury.

Any race other than dwarf I reccomend 1 mine and then armoury unless really active then have two mines, in the first always make a few 100 lumbermills to ease on the cost.

Ater that aim to build at a 1:4 ratio homes to mines for early era.

You need unfilled jobs for max pes growth.

Try to settle the second city within 2-5 ticks after settleing your first, waiting upto 10 ticks is fine, but try not to get in the way of others you will be moaned at...

Second city build 250 homes, 250 mines then homes and mines in a 1:4 ratio. (80 homes 22 mines first tick)

Dont build in a city if its production is lower than 80%

1 city will go down on growth

2 cities you go 2x faster. =)

The first 13 ticks is the most important, if you are settleing and only going to be on for 1 or two ticks dont bother.

i.e if your about to goto bed. lolz...

settle armoury close to first city's, around 20 ticks left til oop. (build 100 homes 300 armourys)

Following that build For your first cities will leave you with highter income than other and with tad smaller armies oop but within a few ticks you will easily out pump the others with your income.


later/mid era and so on...

Build troops/buildings in a 50/50 ratio until you hit 200k income, then increase troops to 2/3rds of your income. When you hit 500k income, increase to 3/4 troops. Once you pass 100k buildings, if you are dwarf, stop building and train cavemasters - 1 per mine. It will take 3 weeks to explore to 200k buildings. Typically a dwarf will explore to 500k land and a non-dwarf to 350k land. Naturally, if the Kingdom comes under such a threat that defeat is imminent, everyone would be expected to train 100% troops


Type of Troop|homes|Armourys

Level 1 100 200

Level 2 100 300

Level 3 200 800

Level 4 1000 2500

Level 5 1000 5000

armoury's growth

100 homes brings 100 pes per tick, best to just add armourys until you want level 3 troops.

1k homes will bring 320(approx) pes per tick.

2k 420 (approx), not worth it early on, use feeders.

To get max pes growth in an armoury transfer troops from city to army regulary.

15k armouries in any city no matter the buildings will give full bonus of all level troops.

e.g. 15k armourys and 15k homes and you will still get max bonus for all level troops.

Nazguls need minimum of 5k armoury's for max discount.



For feeders, Miners are your best or any city with productivity buildings inside.

For feeders/miners the best cities to use are 17418 homes but only 50k mines, the same amount of homes you would have for a 90k mining city (with cavers).

It is better to have more of these than few of full 90k cities, Take all the peasents looking for work if you do this every 36 ticks you gain approximatly 120-130k pez for your armoury x3 and your hitting close to 400k ^^

(with med 5)



Cavers, a reasonable time to start training these is around 100k - 150k buildings.

Each caver will bring an extra 5 gold and 5 stone to your city plus 0.5 for each mining level you have.

1 Cavemaster Per Mine.

Max size // Homes // Mines // Total

400 // 72 // 300 // 372

6400 // 1236 // 5150 // 6386

14400 // 2784 // 11600 // 14384

25600 // 4950 // 20625 // 25575

40000 // 7740 // 32250 // 39990

57600 // 11148 // 46450 // 57598

78400 // 15174 // 63225 // 78399

90000 // 17411 // 72580 // 89999


That is what each maxed out mine should contain.


As you are taking cities raze anything that isnt in use other than mines.

raze old armourys, food cities, tree cities and mines that dont reach full bonus... keep buildings to a minimum income to the max.

you want to get the highest effientcy as possible.




Buy most of food from the market, i like to keep food reasonable no less then -150 - -200k then mid era when finished.

Put your farming science up after all the rest and that will rise your food income without razing troops cost and you will hopefully be ok to the end of era.

depending on how active you are will depend on how low you can have your food income really.

If you can and the food market is ok dont build any farms at all.


Some people prefer to use farms some people dont they do make a difference but nothing majour.

Alot is aimed at dwarf but can be used as

a general guide for any race!

Have fun =)

Copyright 1999-2008 HankyPanky Guide. All rights reserved.

23:43:53 May 20th 08 - Mr. Darkstar:

Hi hanky, good guide,

Hope anyone new to VU would benefit from it. And what a nice and generous way to leave VU tho we will miss you much.

Good luck on your future project.

Also suggest to make it Sticky* (Eyes at moderator *)

18:49:47 Jun 12th 08 - Duke Argyle:

Nice, I've noticed a lot of players using this, not as many rainbows nowadays ^^

15:35:38 Jun 21st 08 - Mr. Samulis of Old:

that is quite the guide, if you made one for each of the other races, this might replace the old guides.

p.s. I am working to help make new guides for ZeTa. we are making them in this forum.

18:26:53 Jul 19th 08 - Mr. Old Greg:

Thanks for the guide, was really helpfull

06:09:42 Jul 30th 08 - Mr. Khalifa:

best guide

22:09:48 Sep 27th 08 - Mr. Walter:


03:03:22 Oct 19th 08 - Mr. Utkarsh Bhardwaj:

yes...very nice guide =P

13:18:57 Oct 29th 08 - Mr. Khalifa:


14:17:16 Nov 22nd 08 - Mr. Dope:

I'm gunna try makin my own after i win Fant next era as a dwarf =P

23:21:20 Dec 12th 08 - Sir Jesus Left Toe:

Bump... Great Guide...

17:20:34 Dec 13th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

shouldnt need to bump guides anymore as there is a topic listing the better guides written by players ;) hopefully they click that

01:50:25 Dec 29th 08 - Mr. Hankys Multi:

yeah... i do still read the forums osi lol

may have to use a multi to post but i still lerk in the backgrounds...

thanks for the comments btw guys hope who eva has used it, and who ever does use this guide finds it useful, i had fun writing it and it was never ever finished... theres always something to add hehe...

03:38:44 Dec 29th 08 - Duke Random:

bawwww delete my post :(

it was funny!

11:14:03 Dec 29th 08 - Mr. Ptah:

Mr. Hankys Multi


12/29/2008 1:50:25 AM

yeah... i do still read the forums osi lol

may have to use a multi to post but i still lerk in the backgrounds...

thanks for the comments btw guys hope who eva has used it, and who ever does use this guide finds it useful, i had fun writing it and it was never ever finished... theres always something to add hehe...

Im pretty sure you are NOT Hanky
So stop trying to be him

14:31:57 Dec 29th 08 - Sir Spoon:

It is Hanky. He's just banned on the forums with his other account. Stop trying to convince others it's not him.

Pooly--2k8 zegt: (14:30:55)
Pooly--2k8 zegt: (14:31:09)
just write on their saying it is hanky he's just banned on forums with his other acc..
Pooly--2k8 zegt: (14:31:18)
something along those lines

04:04:19 Dec 30th 08 - Duke Random:

hey if hanky was banned then how did he post in my KD forums last era........

05:18:49 Feb 16th 09 - Mr. Falcon Fan:

Hehe, if this Hanky's going away are we warring him? :P

05:32:39 Feb 16th 09 - Mr. Justin:

5/20/2008 9:58:04 AM

^^^^Wouldnt you looky there. Ever think he left and then came back? Plus hanky isnt very active.

05:41:58 Feb 16th 09 - Mr. Falcon Fan:

lol, sorry, twas an inside joke with him, didn't mean to get ya all rattled xD

05:46:20 Feb 16th 09 - Monarch Vicereine of Wickedness:

yeah we love the Hanky Panky boy in Dark

he is fun to war and shoot the *beep* with

20:08:08 Feb 17th 09 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

hehe im online about 2 days a week axcept beginning of era's... :(

20:09:47 Feb 17th 09 - Mr. Falcon Fan:

/me makes a mental note to attack mid era and not beginning of era...

20:11:01 Feb 17th 09 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

ile be updating/adding things to this guide in near future making it even more *beep* friendly and adding just general tips too etc... got lots of draft notes lol

Lol @ falcons post hehe

20:52:46 Feb 18th 09 - Duke Random:

lols everyone knows im better thank hankers ;)

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