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Method for easy Arma casting
19:58:42 Aug 15th 15 - Lady Elisa Day The Mage:

I have noticed that many struggle with the armageddon, and takes quite some time to end some worlds. From my experience, casting in the last two eras, I noticed that is one of the easiest things to do, so to help others that struggle with this, I wanted to share the method on how I make it happen.

This is a great game cause you are able to end the era when you want, and the method is like this: I make 5-6 scouts in my mage city that has arms inside, and move them about 2 ticks away, settle 5-6 cities. Build 102 magic towers in each of the cities you settled. Train large amounts of mages in your mage town.

Once you have your mages, send 5-6 armies of about 25-30k Mages in each, send them to each city. Then put the mages in the city so together with the magic towers you will get about 30% chance to cast armageddon.

DO NOT CAST from your mage town using 100-200k mages and 20k magic towers that would give you 35-40% chance I think? If you fail, its just not worth it. This method gives you 5-6 tries using 25-30k mages each time, you have much more chance to do it.

Honestly I was asked to cast arma three times I think, first time I did it within the hour I was asked to do it, the other two times I did it within 2 hours of when I was asked. Casting arma is very easy and it should be easy for everyone.

20:00:39 Aug 15th 15 - Senturu (Lord Senturu):

Good job

23:51:11 Aug 15th 15 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobuskan):

I usually made 4 batches of 25k mu and then make the casts with about 26% from the armies upon a one building, if you fail 4x you then can merge the 4 armies together and you can make an extra attempt.

If you cast from a city all your mu will be dead and mt will be gone if you fail.

Most of the time 1 out of the 4 casts is succesfull

04:25:35 Aug 16th 15 - Prince Cecil The Lion:

I second what Kob said.

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