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Mobile Guide by Ivanho
08:28:47 Oct 6th 18 - Night Talon Lord Ivanho (Mr. Ivanho The Skogtroll Imperor):

I stopped making Guides long ago. But seeing peoples are struggling and by a special request from "Isaac"... i've decided to made One. Welcome back to vu, Isaac ❤💝.

This is Dedicated to all Mobile Gamers of VU <3

The Mobile Guide by Ivanho:

First follow & copy my settings:

Account Settings

Change Settings

Now you can do everything pretty much easily, except few cases below:

How to move army: click on that army once, then keep clicking (Dont click more then once) on map to move it, after you clicked it on set/ final direction, "Press & Hold your finger on that army" and then you will see this "Will take 3 ticks to reach there, Yes or Cancel..."

If u have 1 or more Army stationed in a City, how you move an Outside army to that city: You click on that outside army, then click on "the middle of that City Name", then "Press and hold your finger", that'll station your army to that city most of the cases (99% chance to easily station if you can click middle of that city name, zoom in map if needed before clicking)

How to move your attacking army: Same way, click it Once, then keep clicking till final direction, press & hold on it... done.

Is Magic Casting Impossible/ Very hard from Mobile? Of course NOT, its even more EASIER then PC Browser 😆😀😁 Heres how: click Magic option from News page, click on that Magic you wanna cast, A new map Tab will open auto/ redirect you to a Opened Map tab, now you will "click" on the targeted Enemy/ Ally army or City "ONLY ONCE", then Press & Hold over it again to finalize the cast, it'll redirect you to previous Tab where you can Cast that Magic like this:

Fig: A

For casting over your own army: Don't click over Your army to cast, instead click on a beside city owned by you or click on a bit side from your army on map, then press and hold to finlize it. Note: you can always change where to cast from Casting page by clicking on the given city name (click city/ army name to change between other available targets).

For make it More Easy to cast n Move: You shoud install "Puffin Browser" from Google Play Store. It gives you even a freaking Mouse on its browser to Move armies like PC, so awesome and easy to Move armies anywhere....

Fig: B

Just see the beatiful Trackpad & Mouse, just like a Laptop ❤💝 it also has Keypad n Gamepad 😉

How to use Puffin Browser: I recommend using Trackpad n Mouse. But dont click on Mouse after opening Map. First click on targeted army, click Mouse icon (see bottom 3 Menus on screen), move your mouse to move army, click Once to Curve moving/ repath it to different direction, after you reach target direction Double Click on Trackpad (anyehere on trackpad),... done.

How to FIND path between Blocker & Terrains/ 2 Blockers: To find a path between blockers you must use Puffin. First Enter map, click on that army, open Mouse, move your army just before the Red Area starts, one click there, now you move mouse and see where you are not getting red circles (you will find a path 100% if theres any path possible to pass), after finding path one click again, keep doing this untill no terrain ahead, then finally 2 clicks on trackpad to finalized it. Note: You might get a White screen which will say that please refresh map and... In that case, you will have to retry (but no worries, it will work).

Most asked Questions:
1. Why a white screen comes sometimes when moving armies? 
Answer: Its caz you passed though red Areas, then instead of Refreshing the map, you moved the army again after clicking Cancel. You must refresh map to re-path that army after getting "Our army cant go through Terrains". NOTE: If you use Puffin, you dont have to Refresh map (some rare cases you might have to though).

All Credits for this Amazing Guide goes to,
One & Only,

13:10:24 Dec 30th 18 - Mr. Tokie:

Fantastic guide. Thanks for the info. I'm a little slow it seems just realized who it was made for lol

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