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Mobiles and touch screen
23:04:15 Mar 19th 13 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

To go to the mobile version of the game, simply navigate to:


Moving armies

You have to load the map to be able to move armies. In the mobile vesion, click on the map link/icon in the menu.

To move an army you first click/tap it once. Then you click/tap anywhere on the map you want it to go to.

When you have set the path, double click, or hold down for two seconds. Then you will get a prompt where you have to confirm the order.

Tip: Try with our without "Move armies by clicking" checked in account settings to see what works best for you.

Casting spells

In the mobile version, click on the magic link/icon in the menu. Then click on the spell you want to cast.
This will load the map if it's not already loaded.

Then click/tap anywhere on the map. You will then see an icon, most likely a cross with a circle, representing the spell.

Tap or move the mouse to where you want to cast the spell. Then double click or hold down for two seconds.

Now the spell page will load, where you can change target and confirm the spell.

If the page didn't change to the spell page, you have to tab back to the window where you selected the spell.

Setting waypoints

In the mobile version, click on the waypoint link/icon in the menu. This will load the map if it's not already loaded.

Then click/tap anywhere on the map where you want to have the waypoint.

When the waypoint is placed, double click or hold down for two seconds.
This will bring up a a prompt where you write the name of the waypoint. Click OK to build it.

01:50:19 Aug 28th 13 - iiell (Ms. Anamyst Starmaker):

I still cannot move my armies on the mobile website... if I double tap it zooms and if I hold it wants to save the pic...

02:04:54 Aug 28th 13 - Mr. Ignis Laldom Sorgish:

Go to setting and remove the option 

Move by clicking and then update after that look at the armie u want to move and then do it  ;) 

03:45:41 Aug 28th 13 - Jondy (Mr. Plain One):

You are holding down too long. What's really going to bug your is trying to place your army inside a city.

05:49:57 Aug 28th 13 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Liu Bei of Shu Dynasty):

I used a stylus and it worked just fine.

09:12:20 Jan 27th 14 - The Real Josh (Prince Sorin):

Zeta i am actually impressed, iv havnt given you much credit beore but i really like the mobil version, its easy to understand it does everything i need to do.. so 10/10

13:04:28 Jan 31st 14 - Mr. Merith:

Mobile is the only way i play - and I'm doubly impressed by the improvements to the mobile version over the last few years.

my hat is off to you zeta!

23:06:07 Dec 20th 14 - Kevin (Kushlord Gonzo):

I have a Galaxy S 5 and evetything works well; casting, moving armies, waypoints, etc.

00:01:38 Dec 21st 14 - Fordius (Mr. Khorne The Blood God Fordius):

I have the note, prolly 1 of the best phones around :) big time hehe no problems here either.

19:26:06 Feb 10th 15 - Dakarta (Duke Dekarta):

I have the Droid Turbo. I don't know if I remember this happening on my previous phones, but whenever I'm looking at the forum, and whether or not I posted something... If I try to navigate to another tab like armies, map, build, etc... It always goes back down to where I would type to post something. I have to click production or something then go to armies or whatever I want to do..

19:34:09 Feb 10th 15 - Mr. Trolling Troll:

Google chrome on my phone does the same. Have to use internet explorer.

23:04:31 Feb 10th 15 - Alrisaia (Mr. Alrisaio The Beholden):

Same on my galaxy s5 with Google chrome. In always tapping characters to reset the links up top.

14:39:52 Feb 12th 15 - Mr. Sherlock Holmes:

I use a  32G iPhone 5s On iOS 8.1 (not hacked or modified)

Some of the issues/ limitations I have seen:

1- sometime while typing a message, the browser hangs and Safari is force to restart. Never happens to me on any applicationor website aside from VU. 

2- I can move aemirs no problem, but I can move an army to a city if I have another army already in that city. I am forced to get close and merge into it. That is not always great specially when one of my armies had 13+ exp and merging to an army with 0. Or when one has worse moral than the other etc...

3- while charging my iPhone and trying to play the game, the browser (only for VU), acts weird. Can't scroll properly, or zoom. The windows goes All crazy on me, until I unplug the power 

Most functions are great. I haven't tried another browser and generally never need to on my iPhone but maybe that is a solution. 

On my computer though, I enjoy VU mostly on Safari. 

09:16:57 Feb 15th 15 - Dakarta (Duke Dekarta):

Yeah, I use Google Chrome on my phone. Firefox on my computer.

17:42:18 Apr 3rd 16 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valhalla):

how do I set the settings on my phone to allow me to use the map, and not have a white screen after logging in?

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