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Naps Maps and Other Relations
00:34:48 Jul 19th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

Naps Maps and other relations.


Visual Utopia is a game that revolves around diplomacy. Be it with single players or kingdom to kingdom relations.

To become a successful kingdom you generally need relations with other kingdoms, there are many different kinds and some will be listed below.


The first and most common is the NAP.

NAP stands for Non aggression pact or Non attack pact.

Generally a pact of this kind means you do not attack each other, cast spells on each other or actively work to hurt the other kingdom.

Most kingdoms agree on a set of terms when signing a nap. An example of classic types of terms are shown below.

 Posted by Argyle.

  • If the nap is unbreakable. (these ones are the best in my opinion)
  • How gate-opening should work, if you have 2 naps, and both those kingdoms need to pass your area to get to each other, if you are willing to open or not etc...
  • If it's breakable, how many ticks do you have to tell your breaking it before you go offensive.
  • What happens if a new member that was unknown of the map breaks it (usually he will have to pay hard for it, maybe even kicked from Kd, or give up several colonies in return).
  • How and if it's ok for the napped Kd to build colonies in your core (usually this is not allowed, unless the Kd/players trust each other very much).
  • How long the nap will last (if it's unbreakable, this term wont exist), if you are fighting a common target, and then kill them, you say that "when they are dead, we do not longer have a nap".



MAP/Alliance is also a common type of relation, MAP stands for Mutual assistance pact or Mutual attack pact, this is also known as an alliance.

Alliances form much closer ties and bonds between kingdoms.

When allied to a kingdom you will work together to defeat the same enemies and generally help each other out.


Cease Fire is a used when at war with another kingdom. You cease all attacks for a set number of ticks (agreed upon by the leaders) this is often a precursor to signing a nap.


WAR. War is a pretty self explanatory relation J


These are the Diplomatic relations used in Visual Utopia but remember they are not official or under the Admins control and as such can be broken at any time by some players.

A good idea is to build up friendly relations and trust with a kingdom before entering into a NAP.


I will include a player example of NAP terms below to give you an idea on what’s involved.



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Mr. Earth


5/13/2008 2:04:57 PM

I once wrote this:


xxx - xxx

~ General Terms ~
1. This NAP has the duration of at least 2 weeks.
1.1 If either side wishes to cancel the NAP, a message has to be send to the monarch stating this 72 hours prior to the breaking.
1.2 Any violators will be kicked out of the kingdom and killed if he/she does not comply to the punishment agreed on by both kings.
1.3 Neither kingdom is liable for the damage done to NAP violators during their NAP violation. (since you will not be able to answer messages asap, to avoid further damage)
1.4 All 'important' messages are to be replied within a 24 hour period.

~ Blocker Terms ~
2. All blockers are to be closed
2.1 Blockers shall not be opened to any enemy of the NAP-partner.
2.2 Blockers won't be opened to third party kingdoms unless agreed by both kingdoms.
2.3 Unprotected or Abandonned blockers that cause enemies to pass are considered to be "Opened blockers", hence all blockers have to be guarded.
2.3.1 If a blocker is left open and undefended, the other KD is responsible for any damage done by that action.
2.4 If a blocker is under attack and there is (even) a (small) risk that the enemy will break through, the other kingdom will be informed.

~ Combat Terms ~
3. There will be no hostile actions against eachother
3.1 No prepping/attacks on eachothter's cities/armies
3.1.1 In case of an army prepping, a warning is send. If the other fails to comply within 12 hours, it is allowed to kill the scout/army.
3.1.2 If both sides agree, or in case the person owning the city/army asks for it to be attacked, a copy of that request has to be send to the vices.

~ Magics Terms ~
4 No casting of magics on eachother.
4.1 You cannot ask another kingdom to cast a spell for you on your NAP partner.

~ War Terms ~
5 This Nap does not protect new members that left their kingdoms that your NAP parther is at war with.
5.1 It is the right of the kingdom to demand the right to kill that player. He or She will be handed over without resistance.

~ Building Terms ~
6 No building in eachother's territories, unless agreed upon by the vices/monarchs of both kingdoms.
6.1 Respect eachothers territory
6.2 No building walls to block your NAP partner from attacking an enemy.

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20:48:13 Jul 20th 08 - Mr. Samulis:

A note to lazy people like myself:

the nap proposition expample above has a 500% chance of getting you a nap. If you send someone that, they are either going to say 'go and become president of the USA' or 'wow, you are a good speaker, are you running for a government job or somthing?'

That happened to me once in another game :)

21:43:16 Jul 20th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

or they could say no ;) or they could say im not signing a nap with that many terms <3

21:51:35 Jul 20th 08 - Sir Gonzo The Great:

Samulis - You should give up ;)

00:46:21 Jul 21st 08 - Mr. Samulis:

give up what? it is you and your firey vengance who should give up, my friend.

08:31:53 Aug 2nd 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

Ya, I'd be scared and run away.... Except that this was probably the terms for an Elements NAP, so they would have wiped out any KD I've ever been in

21:52:24 Aug 3rd 08 - Mr. Earth:

Well these are the terms for ZEON, Abydos, Music, Elements and who knows what other KDs :)

02:31:34 Sep 24th 08 - Mr. Rumpnissen The Evighetsmaskin:

Mr. earth didn't write that,that nap came off phi after the era of carnage and phi having issues =D

08:31:50 Sep 24th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

tbh if your going to need terms like that you dont trust the other kd so why bother napping at all :P

17:26:06 Dec 13th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

oh and just seen it (really really late) those are not abydos terms :D


Im going to redo some of the guides so if you have any examples of nap terms you use please send them too me ingame so i can add various examples of nap terms people use to this guide

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