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Never Go Full Dwarf Mage
19:08:55 Dec 25th 19 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Noble):

Hello again!

This last era of Valhalla, Salamon and Bogdan went pure Dwarf mage to try that out while I went Elf battlemage. This gave us the unique opportunity to do a 1:1 comparison of Elf to Dwarf magic power. Both Sal and Bogdan felt weak all era despite large MU counts, so we did some testing...

From this testing, Dwarf has twice the max percent reduction as Elf for the same magic power.

We found that for the same magic power level, Elf had a higher chance, and therefore less losses, for ANY cast. So we got as close to the same magic power as possible across 4 different power levels and checked chances for 5 different Utility and Combat spell levels. The targets we tested were identical for the both of us to keep magic defense consistent.

The Utility Spells were most consistent, and I believe with more magic power tested we would have eventually found the same is true for combat spells. As any mage knows, Combat spells typically require more magic power anyways.

What does this mean? It means that if an Elf has a 93% chance to EITS a target, a Dwarf casting with the same magic power would have an 86%. (max chance =100%, 100-93=7, 7*2=14, 100-14=86). This can be seen across ALL Utility spell casts

We need more magic power to get it close to Combat spells, but I added that for reference too.

Utility spell Summary:

Combat Spell Summary:

Shown is the max power we tested (~126k MP), but I have the same setup and data at power levels of 100k, 75k, and 50k if anyone wants to look into this further. 

IN SUMMARY, we STRONGLY ADVISE against wielding magic as Dwarf. Just enjoy the fact its harder for others to cast on you :P

19:48:53 Dec 25th 19 - Lord Jellybean (Lord Jellybean Angel):

A few eras back someone ownaged one of my dwarven armies.. first time this had ever happened for me ever haha :)

20:06:07 Dec 25th 19 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

The most efficient mage tested was orc on a cost to cast rate, purely due to their lower costs to train. They cast on par with elf, and elf's saving grace was successful casts with zero losses.

21:30:58 Dec 25th 19 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Noble):

Correct, and they definitely are. Orc is only 10% more expensive for magic sciences and MUs are 70 gold cheaper per MU. From experience, you rarely get the ďall Spellweavers survivedĒ, so unless youíre going magic 9 for battlemage or to build into trees (cheaper MT rebuilds), thereís not much reason to go Elf for magic as Orc is superior in all other categories in my opinion. Oh, and Elves get a 10% increase in MT range over other races.

Orc = cheapest overall option, Elf = most efficient overall option

02:19:44 Dec 26th 19 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

In Zeta's fckd up lingo, ASSHOLE translates to dwarf ..

22:52:38 Jan 5th 22 - Endless (Ms. Endless):

does anyone have the info on base MP that dwarves have without magic science?

23:46:33 Jan 5th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Aeneas of Troy):

Magic science no longer impacts MUs, so it's the same for all races across the board.

Dwarf has a special passive trait which basically acts like the spell "magic protection" though.

23:55:45 Jan 5th 22 - Endless (Ms. Endless):

yeah itís that passive trait that Iím wondering about, how strong or weak it is


00:10:24 Jan 6th 22 - Percy (Sir Percy The Feeble Tester):

The dwarf passive magic resistance is quite strong. For dwarf magic casting, which is what this thread is about, it equates to a well defined drop in % chance relative to any other race.

Letís say your chance to cast EITS as an Elf on a target is 90% chance. Max chance is 100%, or a 10% difference. For dwarf, it would be 1.5x that drop. So a dwarf with the ame casting power would have a 10%*1.5= 15% below max, or 85% chance.

As for magic resistance when casted on, itís roughly the same. Weíve all equated it to ďmagic protectionĒ but that simply isnít how it actually works. The reduction you see above (50% lower Max-Real compared to other races) is what you see when casting on a dwarf.

A dwarf casting on a dwarf combines this effect, which is why you should Never Go Full Dwarf Mage 😂

The reason we equate it to MP is that MP itself is a defined reduction of chance, which varies slightly at each spell level, it isnít a constant 24% offset. The dwarf magic resistance operates slightly differently, but depending on your casting power, it could show the same. But in reality, itís functionally different :)

00:29:11 Jan 6th 22 - Endless (Ms. Envy):

Thanks, Percy. 

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