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Orc Class A OOP Assault
06:27:48 Sep 2nd 13 - Mr. Salazar:

Orc Class A: OOP Assault 

A guide by: Small Fries a.k.a Salazar

In honor of Binh, the master Orc


Table of Contents

  1. What is an OOP Assault Orc
  2. The uses of an OOP Assault Orc
  3. Basic economy 
  4. Basic economy II
  5. Sciences 
  6. Single Drop (land city in enemy core)
  7. Double Drop (economy city and a city in enemy core)
  8. Strategy



KD: Kingdom

Era: A match where kingdoms fight. An era ends upon Armageddon.

Armageddon[Arma]: A spell that is cast upon a city. The end-of-era countdown begins. If the city is not destroyed by end of countdown, era ends. 

Out of protection [OOP]: When an Era begins, there is a timer that is set so that you cannot attack or be attacked. Once this timer ends, you may attack or be attacked by anyone else whose timer has ended. 

Guard Tower [GT]: Defensive structures that provide LoS and DP to a city. 

Defense point [DP]

Line of Sight [LoS]: The distance you can see on the map. If you are in a KD, you share the LoS with your KD-mates. 

90k: The largest city size.

200k: The largest city size, but only for human. 

B&D: Burn and Destroy. Eradicates a city from the map. 

Tick: A turn that lasts for one hour. 

Native: selling your resources to the native traders

  1. An OOP ASSAULT ORC is an Orc who primarily uses Gaia to attack their foes OOP. The goal is to create as many Gaia troops as possible so that the player may capture cities quickly. 

  1. USES

I. Capture cities

-Reduces a KDs overall economic strength

-Hinders an enemy playerís general growth

-Obtain more income for war

II. B&D cities

-Reduces a KDs overall economic strength

-Hinders an enemy playerís general growth

-No need to protect two cities in enemy territory

-Maintain mobility 

III. Hinder an enemy KDs economic growth 

-KD must build GTs (waste resources)

-KD might have to use magic early (waste resources/hinder mage growth)

-KD must train units (waste resources)

-Hinder 90k drop locations (a 90k cannot be started. This can be effective)


Allows your Kingdom to view their enemy without needing to build a city nearby that has 2k GTs. 

Monitor city growth and possible troop movement

-If the cities stop growing, you know people are training troops

-If the cities are growing, this may present an opportunity

V. Stress

Maintain a higher stress level within an enemy KD. 

-Players may overcompensate by overtraining 

-Players may overcompensate by overbuilding(GTs)

-Increase enemy activity levels. As the era goes on, there is a minor chance of reducing their motivation. Note: this chance is not high. This does not effect most veterans. 

Best Uses

1. Slow an enemy KDs growth

2. Directly damage an enemy KD (Capture or B&D)

3. Your enemy will be unable to send all of their troops out to war

4. Suicide mission (perform all of the above until you are destroyed)

Common Misperceptions

1. You will wreck a core 

-This will never happen if you play against an organized KD

2. You are unstoppable

-Being unstoppable doesnít mean you win. It just means youíre a thorn. You are here to hurt a KD who lets up on their defenses. I.e., you are there to guarantee that your foe overspends on defensive measures. 

-In other words, this idea is over-glorified. 

3. This is the best strategy

-This strategy has its uses. The only reason you need to use this strategy is if it contributes to your KDs goals. Sometimes, you are better used elsewhere, making this strategy obsolete. While demolishing kingdoms with Gaia works on lower worlds, itís not the magic bullet on Fantasia or against an organized KD. Also, you need to know  when itís time to just go ahead and die. You will want to re-enter the war at some point, not maintain 100-250k income while everyone else gets up to 1m+, etc. 

C. BASIC ECONOMY i --------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Drop your city nearby a mountain. If possible, drop your city between a mountain and a forest. The perfect city size is a 14.4k. If it is bigger, there is a chance you will not get the crucial economic bonus. If you do not get this bonus, you will suffer a severe setback. Do not screw this up. 

2. If you are only dropping 1 city, do this in your enemyís core. Use common sense to discover the best location. 

3. If you are dropping 2 cities, then your second city (the Gaia training city) should be positioned somewhere close to mountains (where your enemy will be building). You can either build in such a way to block a 90k spot, or build in such a way that blocks two good mining spots. The success of this method will depend on your research on an enemy (number of players, reputation, play style, etc). If it is a small KD, blocking a few mining spots wonít do much. Use wisdom. Borrow advice from vets in your kingdom, who can look at situations with you. 

D. BASIC ECONOMY II ------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Know your market. If you are on a map covered with trees, then you probably wonít make a killing selling tree. Maybe youíll make cash selling food. This is tricky. Since you are an OOP ASSAULT ORC, do not focus on future market where tree will sell 3 each or so. If you donít foresee anything selling well on the market, then donít invest too much in food or tree. 

2. Do not ignore food and tree in favor of mines. Your initial economy buildings will provide you with an impressive amount of food, gold, stone, and tree. Your first three ticks will involve construction of mines, lumber mills, and farms. 

3. Donít forget to transfer your peasants into your city. They will provide tax income your very first tick. 

4. Transfer all of your Gaia into the city except 7 of them. You will need scouts of 7 Gaia each. You will need these to prep on your enemies.


Sell as many resources as you possible can to the native traders. If the market is empty, these are the prices:

food: 1.09

stone: .59

tree: 1.3

You can message me privately if you want to learn how to figure out native prices. 

6. Market Manipulation

A kingdom can change the price of an item in the market simply by having every member in its kingdom sell one item at a certain price. I will not go into this here, since I donít do this, and have never participated in this. 

7. Warning: Do not over-native your resources. Make sure you will have enough resources to build according to your intention. 

8. If you plunder an enemy or simply capture resources, sell these immediately. If you donít think you can get these resources sold quickly, then native them at once. I donít care if you think you arenít making enough cash, because I know that your time of glory is almost over. You have a short window to train, fight, and make things WORK. Some KDS are so good that your window might last 5 ticks if you donít capture something. 

9. Communication is KEY

A good kingdom has inter-member communications. If someone is running low on tree, they will speak up. Be sure to be ďthat guyĒ who sells. Likewise, be a good communicator and let your friends know if you need resources bought. At the same time, donít be a moron and demand. Other players arenít here for your glory. 


The longer it takes you to build something, the lower your production will go. Production rates will affect your income directly. Build smarter, not harder. For example, if someone wants to drop a 90k, they arenít going to build it a few thousand buildings at a time. They will build it in 4 separate stages.This isnít super important, but be sure you understand it. 

11. Siege

Do not spend all your time relying on GTs to protect your economy. If you are sieged, your peasants will start going away and your morale will be in serious trouble. Youíll also have severe trouble getting OUT of the city, although it is possible if you know what youríe doing. 

E. SCIENCES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is simple. Do not spend sciences until you are 15 ticks away from OOP. Once you are here, you will be done training Gaia. You will save 100% of your income (continue to native) and you will spend it all on Military. Do not buy your sciences early. Do not do it. Military science adds training time to your queue, which is NOT ideal.  The reason you stop 15 ticks before launching, is that you will want your Gaia ready to march the moment you get out of protection (more notes on this later). You will buy your military sciences once your army leaves the city. 

Do not purchase any magic. You can worry about magic if you magically murder a core. 

*If you have read this far, youíll get the most important thing you came here for. 

F. SINGLE DROP -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Drop a city between a mountain and a forest. If that isnít available, drop a city between a mountain and water. If that isnít possible, just go with the mountain. 

Drop 14.4k - not a 25k. 


1: Build all mines

2: Build all farms or lumber mills (always choose the one with the bonus first)

3: Build farms or lumber mills (bonus resource or the remainder)

4: All mines or farms/lumber (whichever you havenít constructed)

5: Homes


2k Homes (add 880 later)

2k bonus secondary resource

2k other secondary resource

Build mines until you have 9,520 of them

Construct 2k GTs

Construct 2k MTs

Build MU units first. Construct 1,500-2,000.

The remainder: all Gaia. 

*Be sure that you donít build ANY mu that you donít intend on using if your OOP timer is below 32. This will hurt your Gaia spam, but your Gaia spam will be rendered completely useless if you donít do this (unless youíre on a lower world, in which case, you wonít need MTs MUs, and who knows, you might not even need GTS). 

*GTs are an excellent way to locate enemy cities, duh :)

-Depending on preference, you can save the GTs and MTs until youíve trained your Gaia. This will result in more Gaia, as you can easily drop GTs and MTs after youíve purchased the sciences of your desire. 

G. DOUBLE DROP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Follow F

Subtract GTs and MTs. 

Drop a second city in an ideal location in an enemy core. Expect to lose this, so build only enough homes to train your Gaia and MU. Donít wait too long to drop this, since you need time to build homes. 1. You need at least 1,500-2,000 peasants for your MUs (early on), and 2. You need at bare minimum of 1,500 homes for the Gaia. Do 1,500 homes for now, and later you can try more. :P 

Your second city should only be homes. Your job is to capture an enemy city and use that as your ďfirstĒ city. 

H. STRATEGY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Have several scouts with 7 Gaia each readied near various enemy cities. When you come OOP, use them to scout out an enemies info (Troop count, GT count, Wall count). 

-Many GTs and few troops = Successful siege with a tiny army

-Many troops and few GTs = Low potential

-Mage = Easy prey (Guard Towers need Military levels to be awesome). Killing mages is always super useful. 

-Prep - Do your best not to prep tiny armies on cities with a lot of troops. This will result in your death. Your scouts shouldíve done your info hunting - and do it quick too!

-Prep - Your scouts should be doing this for you, so that you can merge into them and have a fast battle for the city. Sometimes your scouts will die, but this is still useful! 

-Halflings are excellent targets. They usually build many cities. It is hard to defend a horde of cities. 

-Aim for something with a good income. Any cities with GTs that you capture will provide excellent defense for you. This allows more Gaia to attack a second city while just a handful remain to defend. 

2. Be prepared to change strategy at any time. If you arenít taking ANY cities, youíve essentially failed. If youíve taken one and canít take any more, itís time for you to start investing in your economy while maintaining your defenses (donít forget magic defense). You can remain a threat if you keep your economy healthy. 

3. EXPERIENCE. Strategy is better learned through experience under the supervision of someone who is a good strategist. Play in a good KD, ask lots of questions, and always be willing to take risks. I played in LGC, now PLGC, and learned a lot from some of the most honorable and skilled players in the game. 

4. TEAMWORK: Solo works on lower worlds. Unless youíre an EveryTick activity kind of player with the knowledge of Binh and the ability to outwit Roxburyís magic, then youíll need to be playing in a KD. If you underrate Teamwork, then I want you to keep in mind that youíre reading this guide. Fail. 

00:19:21 Sep 3rd 13 - Mr. Salazar:

This strategy allows for 30k+ Gaia with magic protection. More Gaia if you subtract the expensive MUs. 

20:37:32 Oct 15th 13 - Struddles (Mr. Mcgriddle):

To be honest this is a very situational play strat.  I'm not saying it doesn't work but it involves the enemy being:

1. Unprepared for a fight
2. Bad Mage
3. Zero GT's
4. Inactive

Basically someone who is semi active with a few points in the military science and around 3-4k gt's can make it so this drop is ineffective.  And assuming you are playing against a mage that knows anything and isn't mildly retarded then you really don't have much to worry about.

Honestly this strat worked a while back and can work now but the issue really is that it's all or nothing.  If you put everything into this and it fails you might as well just afk the rest of the era cuz your not doing anything.

Orcs are definitely a snowball race, if you do well early you can transition easily into late game but the big issue is that if you don't do well early you will be just about useless in the late game.

So in my opinion your best bet is to figure out a good middle ground between going all in and holding back.  Again as I said it depends on the situation more than anything else.  But not a bad guide just not very effective against decent/semi-decent players.

04:03:51 Jan 9th 14 - Mr. Token of Lost Souls:

Here are the results of my usage of Orc Class A OOP Assault. I used it with a late start. 

Most Fearsome Rulers
  1. Mr. Token of Lost Souls has won 28 battles, captured 23 cities and killed a total of 177895 men and women.
  2. Mr. Joneleth has won 17 battles, captured 21 cities and killed a total of 82688 men and women.
  3. Mr. Quellious has won 5 battles, captured 7 cities and killed a total of 53510 men and women.

04:05:27 Jan 9th 14 - Mr. Token of Lost Souls:

Note: Joneleth was not a part of our KD and fought on the other side of the map. 

08:36:10 Jan 9th 14 - Cheonje (Mr. Quellious):

I must say it was astonishing to watch this strategy in action and actually work the way it's written. Token provided us up-to-date info on Skype to sort of guide us through his guide. Although some of what Struddles posted can be true in some cases, it certainly wasn't the case here - all of Token's opponents are good players. Well done! I definitely think this is something worth trying for intermediate-advanced players.

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