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Orc Mage When to be one
02:06:33 Aug 19th 13 - Mr. Freely Bored:

There are two major reasons to play as an OrcMage. 

#1. You want to AOTD your own armies.
        -your KD doesn't have a reliable enough mage(s)
        -your activity requires self-AOTD
        -you don't like worrying about your KD mage needing range

#2. The OWNAGE spell
       -This requires multiple OrcFoes. Otherwise, you're wasting time. 
       -Once you Ownage 1,000+ nazguls, your enemy will have to stack MUs with each force of nazgul. 
       -If you use this spell WISELY, you can be quite effective without losing stacks upon stacks of MUs. 
       -Sometimes, Ownage is useless. However, being able to cast your own spells IS. 

When to play OrcMAGE: 

1. When others play orc
Upside: SelfAOTD, Ownage, Magic(obv)., and Early STG(cheapest MUs)
Downside: Enemies use proper MU defense, rendering Ownage useless. Your military science won't be as high, by a level or two. You will have less Naz than a PUREAttacker.

2. If you are a Team Player
Upside: Magic support. Sometimes KD mages get hurt, you can help. 
Downside: A minor setback in offensive capability; not huge. 

3. If you aren't a Team player
Upside: You don't need a KD mage (necessarily). 
Downside: Soloists are not beneficial to a KD outside of their Explosiveness (think a grenade. It does damage, but that's it). 


If you are playing OrcMage because you want to play mage, then stop. Elves provide Awesome Power and Later/Mid attacker versatility. Halflings provide Persistent Power and attacker capabilities (supportive and defensive role, preferably). 

Final Note:
Orc is especially useful if you want to learn how to be a mage, period. You will not have to focus on an Armory, which, IMO, takes time to learn (believe it or not). It is useful because of the quick train times and cheaper MUs (although, a STRICT mage is better for usage). For a NEWBIE, Orc is better (even as a mage) because you can put up a defense at Random much quicker than any other race. 

:) Hope this helps someone out there. 

-Small Fries

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