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Privacy Policy
16:01:04 Oct 14th 14 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

What we do to your information:

E-mail: You do not need one to play the game, but you can optionally enter it so that you can retrieve your password in case you lose it.

... This also gives a clue on that passwords are stored in clear text. So in case we would be hacked, your password would be out on the streets (hashing the passwords are on the todo-list)

Real name: Only used to change password and resign account. You do not have to enter your real name, just something that you will remember! (tip: real  name is easy to remember)

Age and Country: This is for statistics. It's good to know when we market the game to get more players.

Cookies: You can play the game with cookies turned off! If your browser accept cookies they will be used to "remember" you. 

IP-address: We save your Internet-address at each login to make it easier to find those who play multiple accounts.

Time-zone: So that the server time will be the same as your local time.

This information will only be visible for the game Admin!

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