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Production and Resources
00:47:16 Jul 19th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

Your people depend on that you make the right decisions. You give the orders and they do the work.


There are five types of resources: Gold, food, stone, tree and slaves.
Gold is the currency and is needed for almost everything in the game, your people need food to eat, you need tree and stone to build buildings and slaves can be used as cheap workers.

All resources are Global so you will not need farms lumber mills and mines in every city, but you will however need homes if you want peasants to move in.


Your main source for gold will be gold from mines and from tax. Each employed peasant pay you tax.


You need workers (peasants or slaves) for the buildings to function.
If you are in shortage of workers, your mines, lumber mills and farms will produce less.
If you have no peasants at all or if the morale is very low, no one will work and there will be no production.
All working peasants will pay tax.
All buildings except homes have workers


productivity = workers / workers needed

It's only the industry buildings; mines, lumber mills and farms that will be affected by the productivity.

The production variable tells you the production level in your colony. A productivity of 50% will make your industry building produce only half as much.

Terrain Bonus

The amount of resources your farms, mines and lumber mills produce depends on how much raw materials there is in the area.
If you for example build a lumber mills close to a forest, it will produce more tree. Same with mines; they will produce more if they are close to mountains and farms will produce more if they have water supply.

Try to specialize your cities...Build a mine city next to a mountain and build mainly mines there. Same with lumber mills cities near forests and farms near rivers. This will provide a better bonus and more effective economy.

Neighboring cities

If there are other cities close to yours and their owners are not in your kingdom, your cities will compete for the resources. However, smalls cities might give you a boost.

12:57:35 Jan 5th 09 - Mr. Raymond III:

Does your production keep decreasing if you have too many peasants as well?  My status screen says 0 peasants are looking for work and my production keeps dropping in %

17:00:07 Jan 5th 09 - Duke Michael Deallus:

That probably means you do not have enough peasants.  You need 5 peasants per production building.  So if you have 1000 mines you need 5000 peasants to fill them.  If you build more production buildings than the number of peasants you have, the production drops.

" If you have no peasants at all or if the morale is very low, no one will work and there will be no production. Also if you are in shortage of workers, your mines, lumbermills and farms will produce less. The production variable tells you the production level in your colony. If it's low, for example under 50% you need more workers or slaves. And if it's on 100% you got maximum production and might look into building even more to provide work for your peasants."

00:22:03 Jan 7th 09 - Sage Trynton:

productivity is # of peasants / # of jobs. so if you have 1000 jobs and only 600 peasants your productivity will drop 1% each turn until it reaches 60%

if you have too many peasants your productivity will remain at 100%, but the unemployed peasants dont pay taxes, but still eat your food

20:05:49 Jan 8th 09 - Mr. Bbizarre:

how can i get more peassant, its been days my no increase in my peasant and my production cant grow

20:37:19 Jan 9th 09 - Dark Lord Finwe:

you probably have troops in the city taking up housing space or not enough houses. removing the troops would increase the ammount of peasents in the city

23:08:39 Aug 2nd 09 - Mr. Diab Filius:

How do u get more workers if ur productivity goes low

23:10:18 Aug 2nd 09 - Duchess Sexxy Minx:

time, peasants need time to move into your cities... and if you don't have enough houses you should build more of them.

23:10:36 Aug 2nd 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

You can transfer from your other cities or just wait. :)

05:31:06 Sep 8th 09 - Mr. Ancient Basio:

Duke Michael Deallus


19:25:07 Jan 3rd 09 Being closer to a mountain increases the max amount that the mine produces faster, but if you make a 90k mine it will eventually get the max bonus.(just not as fast)

now what if that city is only a 50k max building city .. does it ever reach that max mine production ?

11:07:11 Oct 12th 09 - Mr. Kronos:

every city has a max amount a 90k ine is just greater a bonus then one you would get for a 50k mine

16:11:56 Oct 15th 09 - Duke Random:

ancient, all cities reach their bonus depending on how close they are and how much they've grown into their full size.

eg. it'll take longer for a 90ker to get the bonus than a 6.4ker because the 6.4ker is closer.

It also depends on how you place your city too... there are some buggy spots and if you don't build close enough or with enough of an edge to a resource that will not give you full bonus.

Kronos, not every city has a 90k full bonus :)

05:31:40 Oct 16th 09 - Mr. Kronos:

mine does :)  

12:42:03 Oct 16th 09 - Duke Random:

no i mean, all cities if placed right will achive the same bonus....

23:10:47 Oct 16th 09 - Mr. Kronos:

oh lol makes sense

11:01:08 Nov 5th 09 - Mr. Sauldar:

what if your city is close to more than one resource? will you get multiple bonuses?

11:01:48 Nov 5th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:


22:02:33 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Laban:

little prob... have 2000 houses, and 3500 mills/minesand farms all together...
but i cant get more workers...    Homes filled: 19% .... .....
any idča?

22:42:34 Nov 13th 09 - Mr. Kronos:

cast happiness

18:39:13 Nov 15th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

you get peasants each tick, it takes time but they'll eventually come in :P

01:25:36 Nov 18th 09 - Mr. Cme:

will casting happiness actually give u more peasants? in my city i have 100% morale.

Also, will buildings more buildings(not including farms/mills/mines) take workers from your productivity to build the actual buildings?

03:41:52 Nov 18th 09 - Mr. Kronos:

yes because people want to live in a happy city

and no people will always do the jobs

16:31:14 Nov 18th 09 - Ms. Piggy:

do magic towers and taverns and such use workers? also if max arms for bonus is roughly 5k arms to 1k homes will my bonus drop if i put say 10k worth of other cities, more homes included? can i essentially put 5k arms in every city and have them get max bonus regaurdless of size of city?thanks in advance :D

17:43:35 Nov 18th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

lol wut, at 100% im pretty sure it stays the same, if you go over 100% it only stays there for 1 tick and not.

but the lower %ages really low i think they leave as opposed to coming in. not sure what effect it has on mid to high %ages of moral.

Ms Piggy.... they employ workers (get tax), but you don't need them though. the productivity stays constant when they aren't filled with workers.

only mines, lumbermills and farms need workers to have productivity stable.

01:44:12 Nov 19th 09 - Ms. Piggy:

wait so what about the arms? if i have a 90k city with 5k arms in it will i still get the max training reduction percent?

02:05:35 Nov 19th 09 - Praetorian Wyzer:

No Piggy, you will not.

07:12:58 Nov 19th 09 - Mr. William And His Pink Rhino:

you need 15k armories for that...

16:12:58 Nov 19th 09 - Ms. Piggy:

thanks to all :D

22:41:57 Nov 19th 09 - Mr. William And His Pink Rhino:

very welcome ;-)

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