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Racial Choices
22:56:10 Jun 16th 16 - Binh (Mr. Hnib Evitisnes The Dwarf):

Hello, curious about how different races fare against each other during different stages of the game? Then this is the guide for you.

Ranking System: 1-5.
1: bad
2: below average
3: average
4: good
5: godly

Mages comparison: All Stages

Keep in mind that good mages must be able to fulfill these goals effectively:
A. Be able to rebuild lost towers through casting.
B. Be able to cover a large area with magic
C. Have good peasant supplies for mus training. Most of the time, it isn't the money that stop a mage from being powerful, it's their peasant supply.
D. Be able to get high magic sciences.

Dwarf ranking: 1
1. Twice building cost. 
2. Expensive magic science.
3. Expensive mus.

Troll ranking: 2
1. No disadvantage nor advantages to speak of related to maging

Orc ranking: 3
1. Cheapest mus
2. Half training time, so every town can be used as an armoury.
3. Able to force march peasants from other towns.
4. Can train gaia for cheap defense without uses of peasants.

Human Ranking: 3
1. Can mobilize (half training time with morale loss for use)
2. 10% increase in peasant growth
3. Can see market before all other races, making you make lots more money from stone to gold domination.
4. Do not build 200k if you want to mage effectively. That will hinder both goal A and B.

Elf Ranking: 4
1. Cities can be built into forest. This mean cheaper stone/tree cost for rebuilding tower usage.
2. Tower provide larger range than normal.
3. 10% chance you won't lose anything on a successful spell cast.
4. Cheapest magic science. Meaning it's the only race to reliably get magic 9 for armageddon casting.

Hafling Ranking: 4 or 5(with adventuring)
1. Half building cost
2. 25% faster building construction
3. The only race that can potentially get absurd amount of magic levels through adventuring. You literally feel like a god when you get 20+ magic levels.

Next sections will be about Military comparisons of all races. I will leave it for later since it require more time and thoughts.

05:56:58 Jun 17th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Tyrin):

Just a couple more points on why halfer beat elf as a puremage.

Way better oop if you have to defend yourself (ponies with MW is awesome and better eco early) 

Farmers give more food with less landcount (better eco while maintaining low build cost) Also less gt spam is needed in farmer towns (landcount again)

Better and more common ownage targets (also a good point for orc as naz raiding parties are awesome to steal from your enemy)

The halfer mu are 20% cheaper than elf. This consistency mixed with the half build cost more than make up for Elfs "perfect cast"

08:59:21 Aug 3rd 16 - Ryan the Archion (Duke Ryan The Archion XXXIII):

I will still prefer Human as the ultimate Mage for mid-late era. It is the only race capable of housing 2-3M MUs in a Magic City, capable to bring terror to any armies and even to hordes of adventuring Halflers.

So I'll rank Human with 5. :)

10:54:22 Aug 5th 16 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

For pure mage Orc would be 4 for me and Elf possibly 3 :)

15:02:30 Aug 5th 16 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

Reminds me of this thread:

22:51:26 Oct 4th 16 - Arkantos (Lord Ajax):

Trolls also have cheap mu's, and they have 1 op.

Plus they have cheap magic science. 

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