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Request a Guide/Article
22:22:58 Jun 28th 05 - VU Admin:

Write in Request a Guide/Article to request a guide or article for something.

A request can look like this:

"I want an article on Elves, how they live and where they come from".


"I want a guide with good attacking strategies"

Everyone is free to accept a request.

20:06:54 Jun 29th 05 - VU Admin:

Post your comments in another thread. If you want to write a guide or article, feel free to post it in this forum, but NOT in this thread.

18:07:43 Aug 24th 05 - Mr. Lancelot:

i want a guide on peasents,how do i get them?

23:11:08 Jan 26th 07 - Mr. Spade:

i would like a guide on the morale of a city. i jsut took over a city and it keeps losing morale, i even build some taverns

13:25:52 Feb 4th 07 - Mr. Leth:

I need a guide on how to make a Kingdom logo.

01:02:51 Feb 19th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

I would like to know more about the experience my armies have.

how do i earn experiance?

how does it help?


01:57:05 Apr 15th 07 - Mr. Enguerrand:

It'd be nice if the old changelogs could be archived here in the forum, all the way back to 2005 at least. It's tricky making sense of some of the older advice like "ask a vet". Much still useful, some clearly out of date and some kinda questionable...cause us new folks don't know the change history for certain. I did try piecing it together from the old announcements, but seem to be gaps. Thanks!

22:59:53 May 24th 07 - Mr. Sakaal:

Please provide a Terrain Guide:

What are the effects of different terrain types?

How close to a forest, river, mountains or plains a city should be placed to get any benefits from the terrain, if any?

Does it help a city, if it has all the terrain types nearby? How near?

16:02:29 Nov 17th 07 - Mr. Vengence:

i need a guide to say how to get screenshots

03:57:28 Aug 1st 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

Mr. Vengence


08:02:29 Nov 17th 07
i need a guide to say how to get screenshots

You can check my guide HERE

22:04:34 Sep 20th 09 - Mr. Skinnyvinny:

Guide on city sizes.  i keep forgetting and i don't want to keep going through the forums trying to find the topic.

22:15:36 Sep 20th 09 - Mr. Vangard:

HERE is Sir Yarlin's Guide.  You can see all the pictures and stuff on like the second post.

17:20:52 Sep 29th 09 - Mr. Bent Yoda:

How do injuries work?

18:20:05 Sep 29th 09 - Duke Random:

troops get injured, some die. med sci reduces deaths and increases healing rate while army isn't moving.

18:13:57 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Elit:

All guides are very old and not actual. Maybe some one can make new ?

03:10:06 May 22nd 11 - Mr. Dexter The Serial Killer:

I would like to see an article on magic as it is now. to include:

  • list of spells according to level.
  • list what each spell does and how it effects the game.
  • and advice on how to play a mage and a mage attacker respectfully.

12:39:14 Oct 19th 11 - Mr. Ponsa:

A guide like this one for ALL races!

12:48:59 Oct 19th 11 - Mr. Ponsa:

Forgot to add that i wanted it for all sciences aswell.

19:36:36 Mar 16th 12 - Mr. Tensa:

How do you copy the 'map' and post it in the forums with plans and such written on them?


19:45:15 Mar 16th 12 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Mr. Delusional):

the shift button and print screen then you can paste it to paint and put it to where ever from there

20:20:05 Mar 16th 12 - Dragon (Junior Guildmaster Dragon):

Well JD you got it half right. you forgot something.

You will need to use an online photo storage like Photobucket. which is what I use; it is free to use. - click here

There are many of them out there.

after you safe your pic to Photobucket then use the add image icon to insert the web address for the pic.

11:28:23 Apr 13th 12 - Mr. Npc:

How to take screenshots of the map and upload to a forum thread.
1. In xp/windows 7 just hit the "Print Screen" button and then do not touch the mouse or keyboard for a few seconds. (Large monitors can even longer to capture the screen)
2. Hit the "Windows Button" + 'R'  to enter a command
3. type 'mspaint' and hit "Enter"
4. Paste   (use menu EDIT-> PASTE; or "Ctrl" + 'V' )
5. Cut out the part of your screenshot that you want to keep, and cut it out.
6. Change the "Attributes" in the tools menu of MSPAINT. ie. make the picture's dimensions 1 pixel by 1 pixel.
7. Then paste your copied image back into the paintbrush app. This makes the picture the exact size you wanted.
8. Edit your picture and save it as both a .bmp and as a .png and as a .jpg
9. Upload the picture using a site:
It is best to post to 1 alternative site in case people can not view your image.

The following are sites you can upload without registering.    (I recommend this one)             (this one is good too)

*once uploaded, view your image and then right click on the image and get the "actual" image address/location. Use that link.

10. in the forum:
 Click the Add Image in the thread where you are posting.
Paste the uploaded image address, obtained when you upload your image.


Alt link

11:01:16 Aug 16th 12 - Mr. Dakarta:

Can somebody post an Orc guide? There doesn't seem to be one.

22:23:25 Oct 26th 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Eddard Stark):

I need a troll guide! or just tips and tricks.

21:07:46 Nov 6th 12 - Mr. Dakarta:

I know there are a ton of halfling guides, but most if not all, have people saying they aren't very good.

I'm sure somebody at some point in time posted a good halfling guide that majority had supported.. Would somebody be able to post such guide?

22:57:11 Jul 12th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Graceful):

An advanced Orc attacker guide would be nice...

23:30:17 Jul 12th 13 - Dark Spawn (Sir Dark Spawn):

Guide should simply write down the way to get 30k Gaia at oop, I keep hearing a lot about that, so please give us step by step process.

15:35:43 Jul 13th 13 - Mr. Binh Ladinh:

07:57:11 Jul 13th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Graceful):

An advanced Orc attacker guide would be nice...

Be active and learn how to utilize self aotd + Naz.

08:30:17 Jul 13th 13 - Dark Spawn (Sir Dark Spawn):
Guide should simply write down the way to get 30k Gaia at oop, I keep hearing a lot about that, so please give us step by step process.

Join a kingdom on fantasia that know what they're doing, they will teach you.
It comes up a lot your question and the thing is all the people that know how to do it (The right way) are all very inactive or don't really have a love for the game anymore so they don't want to put the time in for "extra curricular activities" so to speak. If you do join a kingdom and use skype then you can easily have 30k gaia oop if you listen to these people. That's another reason why a lot of this extra "pro" information doesn't get out, only a few people really listen and because of this the vets give up on trying to teach more people. Don't blame the people that know how to, blame the people who say they want to learn but they only half want to know.

18:25:56 Mar 13th 16 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):

New races guide, check it out!

18:36:16 Apr 3rd 24 - troysnipe (Mr. Tjdawn):

I was wondering if anyone got a guide on Halfling. I have played it two era's and tried doing adventures but failed completely. I only found 1 science point for one era and no treasure's the second era. I am currently playing it again to test it out and would like to know the advent and exp needed to find treasure. 

19:30:28 Apr 3rd 24 - Sable (Arkanist Sable Earthstalker):

Unfortunately due to an xp bug that a lot of top players were abusing the halfing find rates got nerfed into the ground.

And it's shared across all halflings on the world (possibly across multiple worlds I've heard because of how its coded but unconfirmed).

Unfortunately adventurers are just not a very efficient use of resources. 

The best way to play a halfling is either as a mage or as an oop fighter that utilizes the speed and efficiency of Pony Riders to snowball to late era. 

Even then in the late era you become pretty useless and your main job becomes to be a distraction with a large army that can't really prep defended cities because of getting aotd chained.

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