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Special Units
13:54:22 Apr 18th 09 - Dark Lord Osiris:

  • (human)

    Besides their high offensve value they can make a bombard attack.

  • (elf)

    The Archmages are powerful mages and count as 1 mage when calculating magic defence. The higher your magic level is, the stronger these troops will fight.

  • (Orc)

    This rare warrior rides on a dragon, walls do not have any effect on them as they can fly.

  • (Troll)

    These giant trolls are brutal fighters but they have more muscles then brain and might not only kill the enemy troops, but also some of your own troops.

  • (Dwarf)

    They are very greedy and will not fight much. Instead they will blow up mines and steal as much gold as they can come over. When not in an army, they will work in the city mines, improving the gold and stone production.

  • (Halfling)

    Armies that have adventurers in them will be able to find treasures like gold or artifacts that will increase their science level.

05:19:39 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

how much does the cavers improve gold and stone production?

10:11:55 Feb 13th 10 - Mr. Canucks:

what would be better to train Warlords or Berzerkers?

18:34:09 Feb 16th 10 - Mr. Horus IV:

zerks IMHO, less upkeeps per troop

18:36:34 Feb 16th 10 - Dr. Darkwing Duck:

Horus is correct

20:26:54 Feb 22nd 10 - Mr. Sekasi The Sly:

Real high berserker army comes up withbig casualties, though. For a couple it's not so bad, but I wouldn't attack someone with a berserker army.

21:25:29 Feb 22nd 10 - Mr. Horus V:

Personally, I never felt that my losses were ever too extreme

22:11:47 Feb 22nd 10 - Dr. Strange Love:

Me either.  My losses are easily replaced.

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