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The Native People Our Pets
03:40:25 Aug 13th 10 - Sir William Degrimme:

People of VU- I have compiled this handy list of sayings and things to try out sending in a message to any village owned by 'The Native People'. Finding these is like finding a needle in a haystack... and it takes keywords and discipline in interrogation to get the Native People to say much. I loved some of these so much I actually almost gave them plusses. I really would think it's neat if I saw Sir Native People next era.

You (8/12/2010 9:12:57 PM)
What is Magic?
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:13:00 PM) GOOD BAD
Magic is a important aspect of the game to fail fewer spells pray and sacrifice to Roxbury the semi god of magic who resides in the country of Sweden just like your one true god ZETA.

You (8/12/2010 9:03:35 PM)
What are you building?
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:03:35 PM) GOOD BAD
Ding I was the founded of the name Ding and he used it to minipulate people and bend rules and twist them around his little finger to get what he wants. He is not only the founder of the name ding but if any one copies him he will arise from his grave and shoot you down using his teeth! Oh and next era he might even found his own kingdom called Ding Goes Da Bell.

HELPFUL QUESTION: What is Production?
NPC replies with your current production in message form. :D

How do I train soldiers?
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:09:38 PM) GOOD BAD
The greatest kingdom ever, mess with them and theyl p00n you !!!1111

You (8/12/2010 9:21:48 PM)
what is Visual Utopia?
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:21:51 PM) GOOD BAD
The coolest game on the intarwebs!

Pro-VU propaganda, yes? :D

You (8/12/2010 9:22:47 PM)
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:22:50 PM) GOOD BAD
He is our God

You (8/12/2010 9:23:25 PM)
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:23:28 PM) GOOD BAD
A country with strong connections to the game.
Your god Zeta´s presence can be strongest felt in some parts of sweden.
also the players Roxbury and Brashen can be found there.
Valarion immigrated there to be closer to these three higher beings.

You (8/12/2010 9:24:00 PM)
United States of America? USA?
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:24:03 PM) GOOD BAD
The avatar of balance, the sovereign ruler of SMITE and Goddes of Blades. She emerges from the darkest recesses of the universe when the balance of power is tiped.

(Must be talking about Wonder Woman XD)

You (8/12/2010 9:25:29 PM)
Mountains? Stone?
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:25:32 PM) GOOD BAD
You get stone from mines. You can use stone to build buildings and better walls.

(he is the smarts!)

You (8/12/2010 9:26:47 PM)
Food? Farm?
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:26:50 PM) GOOD BAD
food is necessary for your population to grow.
And to increase your knowledge of cooking befriend The Swedish chef Brashen on fantasia who is by far the one with the highest knowledge of the fine cuisine in all of VU

Oooo... Septim's Exotic Eats has to help...

You (8/12/2010 9:28:34 PM)
Are Knights powerful?
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:28:37 PM) GOOD BAD
That Can only be me your talking about there!

Probably triggered by the word powerful...

You (8/12/2010 9:31:12 PM)
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:31:15 PM) GOOD BAD
You can reach any level in science.

You (8/12/2010 9:33:59 PM)
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:34:02 PM) GOOD BAD
War is what Visual Utopia is all about.
To defeat your enemies pray and sacrifice to the Swedish gods.
Especially the Swedish semi god of war.

So it IS a war game...

You (8/12/2010 9:35:48 PM)
Player Rankings?
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:35:51 PM) GOOD BAD
Raistlin <3

A love affair! Excellent!

You (8/12/2010 9:36:39 PM)
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:36:42 PM) GOOD BAD
I listen to computer music, techo/goa and stuff.

Hey, the native people are people too!

You (8/12/2010 9:42:10 PM)
World Cup?
The Native People (8/12/2010 9:42:13 PM) GOOD BAD
Maybe later

Not in the mood?

That's all I came up with for now.

P.S. Zeta, I am sorry if you get 300 reports of message errors... you might want to check on about the script that routes you back to your inbox/message was sent page after mailing the NPC.

04:12:41 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Admirable:

05:26:15 Aug 13th 10 - Sir William Degrimme:

ZETA changed some of the answers. I remember doing this a few eras ago... he also changed the syntax and removed the ability to ask about players (so far as I know).

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