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The Nazgul
06:25:53 Jul 28th 14 - Mr. Chief Executive Officer:

I have fallen in love with the Nazgul and want to give it the recognition it deserves.

The Nazgul

160 OP(Offensive Points)/160 DP(defensive Points) 45000 Gold

The Nazgul is the fastest, most versatile unit in the game.  It is powerful in any number. When attacking with only Nazgul they ignore walls, which allows for a unique attacking style. Nazgul are the best unit to cast Army of the Dead on because Army of the Dead is based on how many dead units are in the army.

There are a few different ways to use Nazgul

1: Adding into any army with any other troop type for offensive or defensive purposes. Treating it as any other unit.

2: Adding only Nazgul and Shamans to an army, with the purpose of attacking and then casting Army of the Dead to return any units that have died. An effective way of minimizing losses.Ideally being able to cast Army of the Dead on yourself.

Allows for a unique way of defeating an enemy. With a lower than ideal % on your enemy, lets say 56%, you attack and lose, move army and cast Army of the dead, reviving all those that had died(injured dont revive), then attacking again at a higher%, if lose cast and attack again until you win.

For those who are focused there is a method of growing the experience of a nazgul army. After battles gaining some exp, add more nazguls to your army using this Formula, #troops/#exp=-1exp loss(i found you can add a little more, but adding this amount will not take more than 1 exp) adding the nazgul adds power, now with exp, continue doing this and you can have large armies with large exp giving huge % bonus 1exp=+2% offensive points/defensive points.

3: Attacking with pure Nazgul armies. This method involves being highly active and good at math, i cant stress this enough. Pure Nazgul armies travel far, ignore walls, and because of their high power and low numbers preparing an attack on a city doesnt involve leaving your pure nazgul armies out in the field exposed to attacks and magic.

For the most part you will have to travel to get to your enemy, some will travel with Shamans, others will swarm, Swarming involves placing nazguls in small armies 24-79 per army, and quickly travelling to your target. A swarm can catch a kingdom off guard, travelling with shamans will allow your enemy to prepare. When swarming, avoid bunching up, especially in a bottleneck situation. The enemy can jump out and attack all your small armies with one big army. Dont forget your enemy is given 3 bonus turns and bonus turns are available for purchase.

Prepare scouts with only 1 nazgul in them, on potential targets. This allows you to see how many troops, guard towers, peasants, and military level your enemy has in that city. Preparing with scouts also reduces moral in cities not own by orcs, and begins preparations for attack. When scouts are killed it also shows you when your enemy is online. When you merge into one of these scouts, the scout loses 1/2 of the hours prepared, allow 6 hours of preparing turn ito 3 hours prepared for what you merge in. Merging in the correct amount of nazguls using math will let you take the city the turn you merge in.

If your scouts are being killed and you know because of math, that you can take a city with 1 tick of preparing then send those nazguls out to take the city. but you never want to leave your nazguls out unless you know you wont be hit with magic, a couple Rofs can wipe out a weeks income of nazgul easily, nevermind the dreaded ownage.

An active player can buzz around using nazgul to run circles around armies and take under defended cities, stripping an entire kingdom of their income, forcing them to defend with their big slow armies, Then use the Orcs other abilities to wear the enemy down.

08:07:06 Jul 28th 14 - Mr. Insane Trouble Maker:

I agree the nazgul (with proper strategy) is awsome

12:14:43 Jul 28th 14 - Mr. Naigur Ignis:

You should have been here era 39 when the world where connected :) we orcs ruled :) nazzis troops in every world damn I rreally misse those times 

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