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The Races
01:03:22 Jul 19th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:


They are honorable and innovative. Humans are shrewd in nature and masters of commerce, they among all other races hold the gift of barter acquiring goods at prices that no other traders can get. They are also known for their love of science.

  • Can build big cities with 200k buildings.
  • Bombard attack with catapults
  • Can see goods on the market before other races can
  • Can "mobilize troops" to train troops double as fast, but will lose some of the soldiers in training.
  • Has mounted units (Knights) that can move faster then ordinary troops
  • Plus 10% tax income
  • Less penalty when rain-bowing sciences
  • Peasants move into the city 10% faster


Elves are an ancient race. The eldest of all races according to some scholars, It is due to this age and a natural understanding of magic that the costs for Elven magic levels are minimal and provide great benefits. The Elf is strongest when it has studied the arts of magic and uses them in battle.

  • Archmages power depends on magic level
  • Can build into forest
  • Get more range from Magic Towers
  • Archmages help protecting from spells
  • Ten percent chance for a "perfect spell" with zero magic losses.
  • Has mounted units (Riders) that can move faster then ordinary troops
  • It cost less to upgrade farming, mining, forestry and medicine. But more when upgrading military.


They are evil, brutish and warlike creatures with a natural lust for blood. Their troops require little training and come in great numbers. Gaia is grown from the earth.

  • - Can "burn and destroy" cities
  • Nazguls are not affected by city walls
  • Armies can move with double speed using "force march", but will cause troops to die and the army to lose morale.
  • Has mounted units (Nazguls) that can move faster then ordinary troops
  • It cost more to upgrade medicine and slightly more to upgrade magic
  • Do not need peasants to train Gaia
  • Morale drops in enemy city when preparing an attack
  • Half training time 


The Trolls are large and powerful creatures witch few dare to face in combat. They live deep in the forests and their strength makes them great woodcutters. However, they are narrow-minded and do not like to invest time in science.

  • Berserker will kill more troops the usual (including allies)
  • Plus 10% tree production
  • All science upgrades besides forestry and magic are very expensive. 


The dwarves are greedy people that live near mountains where they dig for gold. Their buildings are made of stone, so they do not need any tree, but double as much stone to build buildings.
  • Extra bonus on stone production
  • No tree needed when building buildings.
  • Cavemasters will plunder and blow up mines when you attack
  • Cavemasters will increase production from mines
  • Can build into mountains
  • Natural protection against spells
  • Harder to cast utility scrolls (spells)
  • Half building upkeep
  • It cost less to upgrade military, slightly more to upgrade medicine and its very expensive to upgrade magic. 


They are, like the dwarves; short people, they often live in the ground, but do not like to dig for gold, they rather go for adventures to find large treasures. They are peaceful and happy people, good farmers and their morale can't drop under 50%.
Like the dwarf cavemasters, the Halfling farmers will work in the farms to generate more food.

They do not like to invest time in science; they rather seek knowledge with adventure.

  • Extra attack option: Steal food
  • Farmers will help against steal food
  • Farmers will increase production in farms
  • Target gain less experience when attacked by a Halfing
  • Build buildings 25% faster
  • Half building cost
  • Has mounted units (pony riders) that can move faster then ordinary troops
  • Eat more food
  • All science upgrades besides farming are expensive.
  • Morale can not drop under 50% unless angered by magic.
  • Scouts are invisible on the map (when they are not moving, frozen or a merge leader)
  • Adventures can find gold and sciences (with experience)

 New players should probably try playing dwarf. A few reasons for playing dwarf if your new are:

1. Dwarves donít require lumber to build so you donít need to build lumber mills.

2. Dwarves have a mining bonus and so give the new player an increased income to train troops with.

20:07:13 Aug 29th 08 - Mr. Samulis:

One thing I would like to say is that some people develop different strategies. for instance, if you love to build big forts with tons of towers and defenders, and the thrill of turning the whole of a enemy army into a big burning ruin, pick elf. If you love the thrill of charging into battle with the invinsible army of nazzies and being top dog, go orc. If you want lots of tree and you also want millitary too, go troll. If you want ok troop, fair wisdom, and cheep buying on the market, go human. If you want tons of food and armies of millions easily made, go halfling (and great rewards from adventurers).

09:40:31 Jul 22nd 09 - Mr. Penor The Overwhelming:

The races change with every update so races go through strong points and weak points. Just ask someone on the chat which race is best right now and most people can tell you.

13:14:14 Jun 20th 11 - VU Admin:

The advantages for each race has now been updated.

07:11:39 Jun 21st 11 - Mr. Dexter The Serial Killer:

Thank you Zeta for updating the races list

17:29:05 Feb 8th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Jolly Halfer):

In Training
Pony riders62550006250750000

Just an example: you look at that thing for your human armoury or whatever you are training at.

1. Train 1st tick of training at tick change = 625 ponies

1. Train 1st tick of training at tick change = 625 ponies
2. Train 2nd tick of training at tick chnage = another 625 ponies in this case.

If for example your armoury is training 100 swordsmen on the first tick and 200 swordsmen in the tick after that normally, then with mobilize turn on, you would train 300 swordsmen at tick change.

Hope this clarify things.

17:33:49 Feb 8th 15 - Mr. Barny:

When Mobilize is on in a city it will train 2 ticks of units at once. The UI can be a bit a bit unclear, but so long as you understand that (and see Binh's visual example) it's fine.

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