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05:02:17 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Barney:

It's been a while since we had any USA humor and nobody really knows much about STG/Advent stuff these days so I will share with you guys special information akin to sharing STG tricks because I feel like some of you might be interested and I owe you some cool tips/secrets!

Adventurer treasure finds can come in the form of sciences, exp, or gold. It isn't random, it's slanted towards certain things.

Treasure finds in the news can vary from :
Our adventurers found a treasure worth 45528000 gold
(Treasure finds are 1000 gold per adventurer)

Our adventurers found a very unusual crop! It increased our farming science
Every treasure find shows in the News as some form of 'Our adventurers'.

If you CTRL+F in Google Chrome with the news log full you can actually get a cool visualization for when you find treasure.

These Adventurer really haven't been moving a lot because they are not dedicated to treasure finding (Adventurer with exp are always looking for treasure if they are moving, even if they only have 2 exp. These adventurer were sitting still a lot in merges on Zetamania) thus this log's treasure find consistency is not so much based on chance as it would seem as 22EXP advents actually find disgusting amounts of treasure as is evident by the clustering.

This is a log from this era, so the information is current (post exp changes which actually make advent better)

I hope this helps provide some sort of insight to the types of treasure adventurer find whilst being humorous at the same time, as this is the kind of shit I can't easily put into a the wiki.

05:33:20 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Barney:

I posted some stuff about peasant management that A LOT OF PEOPLE DON'T KNOW OR UTILIZE in the Evil KD forums, but I can post them here if anyone is interested.

Peasant management is very important for Halfling in the lategame, a race I consider to be the best by a LARGE MARGIN followed closely by 'fed Orc' (you can argue that racial balance discussion is largely based on opinions and preferences).

You need to use EXP'd Advents to transition into the lategame, but luckily Adventurer treasure find rates are actually based largely on how many other players are finding treasure on the map so usually that means only a few Halflings can become absurdly power lategame and usually that's going to be some 'secretive veteran STG-Adventurer-Powergamer monster' who wants to take your shitty rainbow cities more than he wants to help you.

I found the lack of interest shown in learning more about STG in the Evil STG thread I posted to be a bit discouraging, but at it's core I could heavily TL;DR STG down to 'buy stone at below 1 gold a stone, understand the market on your world, and cast on small cities that contain 100% warehouses'.

That's way too simple but it gets the point across.

Another reason Halfling is a pretty good race is because unlike most races where you have to go Magic 6 to 'lategame' your sciences with Steal Science on dead enemies Halfling can actually just do any science build and always have potential to transition into lategame.

06:01:07 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Barney:

Oh dear I left EXP finds out of that image.

There were 2 instances of EXP finds, which come in sets of 5. Sorry! It's the 'Finding EXP AND Gold' that makes Adventurers so balanced, were it just gold you wouldn't be able to infinitely snowball a huge adventurer stack!

06:42:42 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

I remember playing before halflings were even used!

07:16:28 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Barney:

Dont bother playing them now, shit race.

Stick to Troll and Elf, very strong races. Shoot for 500k Berserker or 500k AM every era and you should do fine.

07:21:21 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

i still like my humans....but the markets are way different than previous.... nobody buys anything!

11:32:45 Jan 1st 15 - Mr. Schlong Dalong:

Actually, it doesnt matter if your advents move or stand still as long as they are outside a city. 

Good way to find xp (so you can start up your treasure-finding): alot of people make GT:s early game, find a city with some of those badboys and use enough advents so you get 60-90% to siege it after 1 tick. Then siege, move 1mm, siege, move 1mm over and over again to gain xp on a hourly basis. Add more and more armies and do simultaneous sieges.

Get as much xp as you can, you need atleast ~10xp to be effective. Once your army is primed to start finding stuff move to back of your core close to a city of yours and merge more of them armies toghether, later once you've found more exp for your treasurefinding army you can start merging low amounts of advents in.

16:17:07 Jan 2nd 15 - Mr. Ignis Bloodworth:

Morale is at 100% and they have 5experience. 

Is what I have in a adven armie but so far they havent found anything so what du think I should do 

16:20:37 Jan 2nd 15 - Penguin (Mr. Pussy Monsta):

get more exp or just wait. maybe something will happen, you never know

16:23:00 Jan 2nd 15 - Zephyr (Prince Barigan):

Amount of people adventuring on your realm also influences greatly on your finds.

01:33:55 Jan 4th 15 - Mr. Barney:

Sorry about the double post, posted above with a different character. I have this character (not too active because of VUwiki/GvE leadership), the character above where I test things, and another character I made to check dwarf sciences.

5exp is usually enough to start snowballing an Adventurer army assuming no one else is finding treasure. Adventurers find both gold AND exp, so in theory you can start just finding everything you need to make the army bigger and bigger,

Also, exp AND unit count are the most important things when looking at an adventurer stack that might be capable of finding treasure, 5exp in your army? That doesnt mean anything, if its just 2.3k adventurer or something than the army is irrelevant (because you can only make it 3680 4exp adventurer) yet if it's 200k Slingers and 2.3k adventurer you can make it 123680 4exp adventurerer. I hope this helps you understand the importance of unit count whilst also making you think about the validity of using units like Slinger to 'sandbag' armies for EXP onto enemies that are forced to attack you, which can also be done using Offense slanted units (LIKE THE PONY RIDER?).

Random Protip: You can take a 48k~ unit army that has NO adventurer and 20exp and make it in into a 300k+ 10+ exp adventurer army, which means you essentially win the era automatically upon a gold treasure find because there is no way you won't be able to infinitely snowball the army assuming you can meet peasant constraints, as army upkeep is a non-issue.

01:41:29 Jan 4th 15 - Mr. Ignis The Greedy:

Actually more like 70k advens and right now I got 8 exp

01:59:51 Jan 4th 15 - Mr. Barney:

Ideally you actually want a good amount more exp than 5, 8, sometimes more than 12~, and even sometimes over 20 for various different reasons but 70k 8exp adventurer is more than enough to be making significant finds.

If you have that number of units/advent with that amount of EXP you should probably wait for an EXP treasure find (5exp) and keep the army EXP higher than 8.

08:04:14 Jan 10th 15 - Ms. Testingthings:

I'm going to concede that I was wrong about exp always coming in stacks of 5, exp was reworked over the last 2 years (especially exp transfer which is what I was testing on this character). I believe exp finds come in 3-5, but it could be less. This is purely anecdotal, but I believe that the total EXP on an advent stack/map affects EXP find amounts. EXP finds appear to be 'predictable' in the same way that the amount of gold you find in treasure finds is 'predictable', but I don't know the variable that dictates how much EXP you find because it's clearly more complicated whereas I know the variable for gold (1000X where X=Total Adventurer in army) because it's extremely important, simple, and overt.

Without getting into specifics about exp transfer and transfer tables I'll just say that EXP appears to taper down when you reach very high total exps in which 'you could transfer very few total units into the army to lose 1 EXP'. Realistically this just means it's better to keep an army around 5-15 EXP and not shoot for 25+ exp unless you are directly competing with another fed Halfling with Adventurers, but the few players who understand adventurers already know to keep their stacks around 9-12 EXP anyways.

Opinion: I understand the reasoning behind some of the changes that were made to EXP/EXP curves in the last 2 years when I have been away. In general they make EXP more valuable instead of being rather worthless because of how hard it was to preserve; but like many VU Mechanics that exist but are not visible it's kind of done so in an iffy way. Sure, EXP is better than ever and finally more 'fleshed out' as a concept, but it's done so in a way that EXPLICITLY favors Halfling because of how EXP treasure finds work.

Solution/Opinion: Taper Exp find amounts HEAVILY at the high end. Zeta and a small handful of players (you know who you are) understand EXP, EXP transfer tables, and EXP treasure finding. EXP should be left as it is because honestly that's one of the best changes I've seen in years (because it adds value to fighting enemies as races like Orc/Troll/Anyone) but unless EXP treasure finds get fixed (or gold finds, which shouldnt be changed IMO) it's REALLY easy to exploit the current system when you understand it.

07:23:36 May 23rd 18 - The Sweeper:

I kept between 10 and 40 exp with groups of 300k plus advents all age two armies

07:45:42 May 23rd 18 - Mr. Lazy:

Never had that many troops but not to bad.

08:22:58 May 23rd 18 - Mr. Ignis Von Conquerer:

Military Science

Current level 7

We are currently using: Magic weapons and mithril armor that gives +70% more defensive and offensive power.

Upgrading will cost 906,920,596,210,131,000 gold, 90,692,059,621,013,100 stone and 90,692,059,621,013,100 tree.


Current level: 37

Upgrading will cost 1,341,779,124,937,290,000,000,000,000 gold and 134,177,912,493,729,000,000,000,000 food.


Current level 13

Upgrading will cost 53,293,493,124,968,000,000 gold and 5,329,349,312,496,800,000 stone.


Current level 18

Upgrading will cost 1,883,332,050,816,980,000,000 gold and 188,333,205,081,698,000,000 tree.


Current level 2

Upgrading will cost 5,674,946,726,766,000 gold.

Magic Level

Current level 8

Upgrading will cost 7,534,381,477,636,970,000 gold, 669,722,798,012,175,000 stone, 669,722,798,012,175,000 tree and 669,722,798,012,175,000 food.

12:01:21 May 23rd 18 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

i think my one adventing army got to about 40xp and was like 30-40k advents from a few days oop. i didnt even XP farm so i think i did alright against you guys

17:42:54 May 23rd 18 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

as someone who has never played Halfling, these science levels seem crazy, what's the catch?

17:47:35 May 23rd 18 - Mr. Fecker:

you have to be gay for the era.

17:54:46 May 23rd 18 - Mr. Fecker:

your strongest troop has 8 OP/DP.  assuming you can get the xp to find a level 10 mil science, you only at 16 OP/DP. So you need a massive income to support a massive army to compare with a fast, more agile and faster army.

17:58:17 May 23rd 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

your most cost effective unit has 4 DP, your sciences suck, your armies are slow, your troop upkeep is massive, your prep times are massive, its difficult to get enough peasants to train into troops, and you cannot army of the dead your army when it has over half a million units

20:24:44 May 23rd 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Nasty):

and you cannot army of the dead your army when it has over half a million units....

I believe I recently read, that it was NOT the size of the army that matters - but the number of dead troops.......

Pardon me to highjack this thread - but what is true and false here (obvious it will be better to continue in the thread):
Forums / Questions and Answers / Casting aotd  army sizes

20:25:59 May 23rd 18 - Mr. Fecker:

Its the number of dead, which do tend to be high with halfers, so a hard cast.

21:28:52 May 23rd 18 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

well sprout just killed a late era nazgul army using advents so looks like your theories are wrong in practice. halfing is very powerful, its drawback is youre not guarenteed to get a good treasure army, and you may have to share your finds with other players

21:35:11 May 23rd 18 - Mr. Fecker:

depends on your strategy. For orc, you can reach mil 10 in no time, at a fraction of a halfers cost, and smash a halfer army with a larger ogre army because your training costs are 400 gold cheaper than an advent. So if you going to break shit, ogres or warlords are best value, and have cheapest mil sciences played as a pure aggressor race

21:42:04 May 23rd 18 - Venomz (High Warlord Half Omz):

Halfer van snowball out of control with nice treasure and exp finds. Having exp is also a major part into the strength of your army. Look last era on Mantrax, I had about 7M advents with -25M income each tick, cause all I needed was 1 gold find with my 1M advent army with xp. Aotd isn't that hard when you get a lot of magic levels and treasure.. 

23:38:57 May 23rd 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

A good Orc player will avoid getting his Nazgul caught in the field or trapped in a city against a Halfling player in the lategame if the Orc is using Nazgul and AOTD. Nazgul arent efficient on their own but if you have high military science (8-11~) and you're garrisoned in a city you can amass large numbers and be extremely threatening (anyone who touches/preps your city, even with nearly 3x your power, will get 100% slaughtered).

Nazgul are not as efficient or effective as Berserker or AM in Army-Army field battles or trapped scenarios but they're obviously very good for very many things.

Halfling armies usually consist of Pony Rider (4 DP) or Adventurer (8 DP) and contain massive unit numbers. If you get bounced or take losses you have a lot more units to AOTD which makes it considerably harder and more costly.

Halflings snowball with Experience using Adventurers. Treasure finds are all related in that if only one Halfling player on the world has a massive Adventurer stack with lots of EXP they will find all of the treasure. If two other players also have exactly as many Adventurer with exactly the same amount of EXP/units then they will find one third as much treasure.

00:05:07 May 24th 18 - Venomz (High Warlord Half Omz):

The chance of finding treasure goes up by the amount of experience. It's also in relation to # of adventurers afaik. 

It's cause I was the only one with exp one era, with 400k adventurers. But still no find in 48 ticks. Then I trained and added 150k more adventurers and the finds returned. Coincidence, maybe. Bad luck in general? yep. 

If u play halfling and get exp on adventurers, be ready to get disappointed every tick.

00:14:24 May 24th 18 - Mr. Ignis Von Fecker:

True I experienced that in Valhalla :( I had 400k advance and found only alot offarmining levels and forestry. It kinda sucks when you only get useless science levels:( My food production was at 3m:p

05:57:15 Sep 18th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):

necrobump for humor

04:48:18 Jan 13th 23 - Nayoke the Kid (God Eros The Morning Tented):

Best halfling era I ever played I think. Had another really good one as a mage, but I didn't save anything from it; although, I doubt the sciences and gold finds were as high as this.

Our adventurers found a treasure worth 567042000 gold
Our adventurers found a treasure worth 567042000 gold
We received a message from Lord Valkyros XXXII.
Our adventurers found a treasure worth 20969000 gold
All men in Luck You have died!
Our adventurers found a saw that will revolutionize forestry science.
Don Quixote gained 5 experience from adventuring.
Our adventurers found a treasure worth 867042000 gold

Military Science
Level 15
We are currently using: Magic weapons and mithril armor that gives +150% more defensive and offensive power.
Upgrading will cost 714,379,576,277,375,000,000,000 gold, 71,437,957,627,737,500,000,000 stone and 71,437,957,627,737,500,000,000 tree.

Level 34
Upgrading will cost 169,653,142,562,710,000,000,000,000,000 gold and 16,965,314,256,271,000,000,000,000,000 food.

Level 20
Upgrading will cost 18,925,046,932,471,100,000,000,000 gold and 1,892,504,693,247,110,000,000,000 stone.

Level 21
Upgrading will cost 27,910,864,755,523,600,000,000,000 gold and 2,791,086,475,552,360,000,000,000 tree.

Level 4
Upgrading will cost 38,220,316,452,776,100,000 gold.

Magic Level
Level 14
Upgrading will cost 1,210,750,049,043,880,000,000,000 gold, 107,622,226,581,679,000,000,000 stone, 107,622,226,581,679,000,000,000 tree and 107,622,226,581,679,000,000,000 food.

05:33:58 Jan 13th 23 - Mr. Napoleon The Babylon Imperor:

You can't do that anymore since halfer xp find is nerfed 

06:18:06 Jan 13th 23 - Dark Lord Anewbis:

Oh so that's why it got nerfed. I heard it was over powered but gosh dang. 

18:08:43 Jan 13th 23 - HorusPanic (Mr. Hate):

Interesting distribution of science finds... I wonder if medicine procs at a lower %

21:09:29 Jan 13th 23 - Lady Jasmina:

You are not able to find medicine as Advents finds. Only science you can't find, have to buy it yourself. 

21:22:27 Jan 13th 23 - HorusPanic (Mr. Hate):

interesting that you can find actual MAGIC, but not medicine. having trouble wrapping my head around it from an RP perspective

22:30:11 Jan 13th 23 - Mr. Grimgor:

from a RP prospective magic is actually the find which makes more sense since the game is based on Lord of the rings and it says in the news that you find one of the magic rings

22:30:41 Jan 13th 23 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Freeman The Freeman):

found the era I played as a halfer mage

Lived in Era 47, got 1 heir(s) (Eros Air Guitar) and was a member of Kingdom of Heaven

played mage this era... good era

Military Science
Level 16
We are currently using: Magic weapons and mithril armor that gives +160% more defensive and offensive power.
Upgrading will cost 36,508,415,087,593,000,000,000 gold, 3,650,841,508,759,300,000,000 stone and 3,650,841,508,759,300,000,000 tree.

Level 21
Upgrading will cost 128,955,435,253,478,000,000,000 gold and 12,895,543,525,347,800,000,000 food.

Level 21
Upgrading will cost 967,165,764,401,082,000,000,000 gold and 96,716,576,440,108,200,000,000 stone.

Level 15
Upgrading will cost 5,500,657,698,451,680,000,000 gold and 550,065,769,845,168,000,000 tree.

Level 4
Upgrading will cost 884,846,932,505,634,000 gold.

Magic Level
Level 19
Upgrading will cost 1,482,200,672,600,610,000,000,000 gold, 131,751,170,897,832,000,000,000 stone, 131,751,170,897,832,000,000,000 tree and 131,751,170,897,832,000,000,000 food.

Your character Mr. Eros Dragon Caster has won 8 battles, captured 3 cities and killed a total of 1967876 men and women

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