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Very Basic Market Concept
03:46:48 Jan 4th 15 - Mr. Barney:

Very short and basic thing that is important to understand about resources in VU and the market:

Resources have a a 'base/native value' that you can define by how much the natives will pay for resources on a 'clear market' e.g. natives will pay 1.35~ for tree if the market for tree is empty.

This is related to the market and I bring it up because as eras drag on newer players often think that tree is a 'worthless resource' that they cannot get rid of because it is only used for sciences/building so the market floods with tree sold at .9, .6, .45, etc. You can 'buy out the market' for a resource like tree or food that is being overproduced and sold at under it's 'base/native value'. By doing this you can VERY QUICKLY turn a large stack of gold into a much larger stack of gold.

I feel like understanding this will help some people.

03:50:09 Jan 4th 15 - Ms. Testingthings:

I also really want to point out how nativing resources is bugged/stupid and should be changed. Right now you sometimes get the market conditions where the natives should immediately buyout your resources at a given price, but you need to sell a completely arbitrary number of resources at an arbitrary price for your stuff on the market to be bought by the natives immediately after attempting to native resources. This serves no legitimate purpose and functionally only causes new players to dump extra resources attempting to native their stuff whilst adding nothing to the game and I suspect it is quite literally a bug.

06:33:45 Jan 4th 15 - Rora (Ms. Crystal Goddess of War):

Thanks Barney, I haven't understood how nativing resources worked. Is your 1.35~ for all resources or just tree on an empty market?

07:57:27 Jan 4th 15 - Mr. Barney:

Other resources have different native values, food is just over 1 gold but under 1.1. The concept of 'buying out a market and then nativing everything to get a huge profit' is actually something you need a large lump sum of gold to do. Let's say you are STGing or log in to a couple of huge treasure finds like these on a world like Zetamania:

22:00:24 - Our adventurers found a treasure worth 187000000 gold

You can then buyout the food/tree market completely and starve the entire world even if there is technically a surplus of Tree/Food and make a profit doing it.

This is another victory mechanic in the same way that having a huge deathball of Archmages is, an undefeatable Nazgul stack, or the ability to Arma the world and hold a

15:17:36 Jan 7th 15 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dark Spawn II):

So tree --> natives buy 1.35
Please write down what are prices for food and stone, if there are none on the market.

15:41:16 Jan 7th 15 - Zephyr (Prince Barigan):

.39 stone and 1 on food I believe it is.

16:34:21 Jan 7th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Angry Hornet):

<.6 stone, <1.1 food

22:22:50 Jan 7th 15 - Rora (Empress Aurora):

Ok so I thought I'd go ahead and test this and...

  • Sold 100000 tree for 130000 gold.
    It will be available on the market within 35-155 minutes!
  • The tree market in Valhalla has been dead era long as far as I know. It was still empty when I posted this sell offer, how come it wasn't bought at once by the natives?

    08:33:23 Jan 8th 15 - Mr. Barney:

    These are native food and stone prices:

    07:34:21 Jan 7th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Angry Hornet):

    <.6 stone, <1.1 food

    Rora's issue is related to the bug I mention above where you need to sell X resource for X, even if sold at the correct initial price, for it to native properly.

    05:56:53 Sep 18th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):


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