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05:51:10 Mar 16th 11 - Mr. Gulgothri Thrun:

The warehouse confuses me. The description states it holds a hundred times as many resources. But the asterisk at the bottom says that buildings hold unlimited resources.

Is there any reason for me (a newb) to build warehouses?

05:55:42 Mar 16th 11 - Mr. Pure II:

You use warehouses to stg (Stone to gold {Magic}) I would suggest just playing the game normally before you get into magic :)

03:53:20 Mar 17th 11 - Mr. Dark Wolf:

Warehouses also protect you from plunder. If city A gets plundered by the enemy, then you lose a good portion of your resources depending on what is inside that city.

BUT if city B has warehouses, then the resources lost due to the plunder is greatly decreased.

*CAUTION* This is a two edged sword. If a city with warehouses is taken or plundered, you lose most all of your resources.

04:02:48 Mar 17th 11 - Mr. Panic X:

ok, lets say all your resources are stored evenly in indiviual units

let each production building count for 1 unit, let each warehouse count for 100.

make sence now?

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