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use of the spiritual military units
17:37:15 Mar 26th 15 - Mr. Gabber:


I recently started playing this game, and I have a few small questions which I couldnt find in the guides

What is the use of the spiritual military units, I am an orc and it has the ability to build Shamans, but they have 0-0 atk def so what do they do?

And is it possible for an Army to battle another army, or is it only possible for an army to attack a city?

Thanks for the help

17:40:19 Mar 26th 15 - Bran (Mr. Hoof Hearted):

the 'spritual' units are called magic units or MUs for short. they allow you to cast spells if you have the sciences for it. but for most of us we put them in our armies to make it harder for others to cast spells on us.

how many you need is something you learn from experience and from evaluating your opponent. But most say that new players should have 1 MU for every military unit in the army as a rule of thumb

17:58:44 Mar 26th 15 - Mr. Gabber:

Hey thanks!

but now I still dont know if it is possible for an army to attack another army! Do you have some info on this question as well? 



18:01:23 Mar 26th 15 - Bran (Mr. Hoof Hearted):

its possible - you have to move your army within range of the enemy army, which is pretty near, probs a few pixels or something. alternatively you move your army to so it stops on top of an enemy city, then it will begin preparing for an attack

18:03:36 Mar 26th 15 - Sir Moon Shine:

Your army has that dotted square. That is the field where your armies can reach another for combat. The only other time from a distance if an army is prepping on a city and your on your or your alliance city (center of the city). Just click the opposing army and there will be an option if you wish to attack that opposing player.

12:34:52 Mar 27th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Sockys Bish):

What world are you on? I would suggest joining a KD with experienced members or a lower world to experiment on

19:00:41 Mar 27th 15 - Mr. Gabber:

I am on the world Good vs Evil, I think. But what is a KD? I litteraly am as new as possible so help me out a bit ;)

19:02:57 Mar 27th 15 - Mr. Gabber:

*Correction I think I am in Qua

19:30:05 Mar 27th 15 - Ms. Aisha II:

Admin made that Qua (dont understand why) but that is Good vs Bad

Kd means kingdom. On that world there are only two kingdoms. Check the map and apply to kingdom whoz cities you see near you, they will help you. 

You are allowed to have 3 characters so you can play three different maps. There is a thread called recruitment thread on forums, write there that you need a kingdom and join the kingdom before you spawn on the map. When you are in kingdom you start near other kingdom members do you help each other. There are many kingdoms who recruit new players, my kingdom on Fantasia has six new players, just ask around and you will find a kingdom. 

21:23:25 Mar 29th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyersinaleaguewithsatan):

I would suggest a different world that GvE for learning. Maybe join pharish on fant, bran is a good teacher.

22:44:11 Mar 29th 15 - Ms. Dwerf:

GvE is good for observation, maybe not so hot for learning, once you get a little know how you can watch how people work and learn what might be considered good or bad play and watch how different matchups work out.

00:00:30 Mar 31st 15 - Mr. Fezz:

GvE is the best place for newbies

It has the Most player count and lots of vets. That was one of the reasons for its creations, plus others = new concept.  

Dunno. I started on GvE and it was good. The like of Barny, Aisha, helped a lot and gave tips / recommendations and answered questions

Barney was really good at pointing out good moves/ bad moves and everything in between. 

Small kingdoms, don't always offer much help, not all vets like sharing knowledge I find, 

04:39:46 Mar 31st 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Sockys Bish):

Well that's why I directed him to bran where he can rumble on fant with vets and get bran's special teacher lovins. I've taught nubs with b-boy before and he is very patient and nurturing. In GvE I'd be afraid of the lack of communication I see for a noob to learn. 

Idk who you are fezzy, so idk if you know anything or just think you know something, but seeing as a noob who learned on GvE who says it's  good would know better than I if he does really know the good ways rather than me as I am inexperienced in the ways of noobhood via the GvE. ... Did that make sence?

05:11:53 Mar 31st 15 - Mr. Fezz:

lmao, i am THE Fezz.... :), my 2 other characters are killionaire and Sherlock Homes

i started around x-mas, and my first character/era was on GvE, and the likes of Barney/Aisha / Panic and few others, helped me alot, same with my 2nd era on Zeta, played in Forsaken and Kreed/Panic/JackDaniel etc... helped alot and shared alot of information

isnt Fanta for the Elite? 

now adays a new  players starts and they gets slaughtered quickly, so GvE was created as a new concept that will allow/help new players play alongside vets and learn from it, and the hopes was that they last longer to get the hang of it.

i do agree though that some vets dont bother checking the forums much and dont provide feedback/share knowledge/answer questions as much as others would, which does suck...

04:10:37 Apr 1st 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Sockys Bish):

He called me elite *blushes*

Those days are gone honey bunny. Now it's a more organized GvE.

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