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2nd Era MYTH recruiting
22:38:24 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Fionn Mac Cumhaill:

If Interested being within the ranks of Myth send your Apps.

- How many eras have you been playing?
- What kingdom(s) have you been in?
- What race do you usually play?
- Time displacement (Ex: GMT -7)
- How active you are
-Have you got skype

All are welcome just simply answer the info above in your application.
If you Are New Welcome we are Training New Members willing to learn and we are accepting Experienced members from all Kingdoms.

04:20:46 Jun 26th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

I dont think that banner is finalized. We still have a few and im working out kinks in how it will look on map. I still say we should go with mortal kombat dragon with MYTH on it. but meh.


As for those of you that wish to join. Next era we will have a forumulated start and we have alot of people that love to interact and chat. Also if you need strategies or help feel free to ask even if you have no intention of joining.

02:16:05 Jun 28th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

MYTH now has a new banner! For all that wish to see please click old forums to view for now. 

This coming era MYTH will be open to diplomatic relations and are currently recruiting active players.

As for our diplomatic stance we are neutral with everyone no matter what history unless it has a bad relation directly with the kingdom of MYTH. (ANAL). All old grudges will be tossed aside.

If you wish to set up diplomatic relations please contact myself Teirdel who will be *Buddylove* 
Or theo.

Diplo: Buddylove

We are currently on Fantasia and are looking to do our best.

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