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15:10:54 Dec 28th 08 - Sir Kathandarion The Bold:

is this rule still there...if so i see a bug.

15:33:34 Dec 28th 08 - Prince Mielo:

only in the corner maps (I think)

15:34:52 Dec 28th 08 - Sir Kathandarion The Bold:

oo kk coz im on starta and it aint here...

23:18:00 Dec 28th 08 - Mr. Frankie:

No Kath there is no more 50% rule with the way the map is. The only thing that protects you is if your world is not yet filled cuz thats the only thing stopping people from coming from other worlds to yours. So Fant thru Starta are full so all those worlds can pass through to eachother.

23:40:46 Dec 28th 08 - Prince Mielo:

Q: what about 50% rule? 

A: It's only in the corner sections 6-9

19:33:46 Jan 17th 09 - Mr. Selos II:

which is really annoying  i have almost 10 *beep* cities surroundng mine and all i can do is plunder them which gets boring

19:39:17 Jan 17th 09 - Sir Spoon:

Siege them

19:51:24 Jan 17th 09 - Duke Michael Deallus:

Sit a scout on them...

06:49:36 Jan 19th 09 - Mr. Heripy:

maybe anyone with under 1k buildings should be removed after a certain time period even if they are in retreat...

01:32:50 Jan 20th 09 - Sir Caradoc:

i understand the *beep*ness of this rule now...

03:37:57 Jan 29th 09 - Master Cloutier:

Ya I hate this rule, And it should be based on total buildens not bases. Also like the power of armies and stuff. What u think

11:42:38 Jan 29th 09 - Duke Random:

it IS on total buildings..................

and it should include offensive magic AND decrease with time.

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