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50 protection help please
22:44:31 Oct 17th 12 - Mr. Baby Boy:

Why did my city get taken if I'm in 50% protection?? WTF really what happend i dont know.... I read the thing on 50%

please help

22:53:49 Oct 17th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Did you close gates?
If you close gates of your town you do not have 50% any more
Because then the city is considered as blocker, preventing people from passing, so it can be taken
Other towns should still be safe, if gates are not closed.
And unless you attacked the enemy...

22:56:25 Oct 17th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Has no gates, you werent under the 50% protection. The player attacking you had around same amount of land.

23:02:43 Oct 17th 12 - Mr. Baby Boy:

no he has three times more it says that and no had no gates wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyy see this is why girls dont play you all always attack us :(

23:04:04 Oct 17th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

He has more now because he took the city, making you have less and him more.

02:25:27 Oct 18th 12 - Mr. Biblos:

"girls dont play" i see a "Mr." there :-P

50% involves initially for the opposing person to have twice or more land than you do which then you are protected by 50%.
If you have had a city that was closed, your city is open from any attack no matter how much land you have.
If the person has similar amount of land as you do, s/he has equal opportunity to attack you.
If you attack him under while you are at the 50% rule of that whom may have 2x or more land than you do, you lose your protection to that person/alliance.

10:50:28 Oct 18th 12 - Mr. Baby Boy:

I did say this person is my unborn baby and his a boy. This is my second character My name is Ms.Kkay. They just took another one of my cities and i know im under 50 %  protection this time... I dont understand how they keep taking my cities. How come they are still able to take them???

11:18:59 Oct 18th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Are you in a kingdom that has been fighting the other people kingdom?

Give us more information so we can try to help you.

12:06:11 Oct 18th 12 - Sir Moonshine:

She is definitely in an alliance. So you must be at war with another alliance then. When two alliances are at war, you lose 50% protection.

12:33:58 Oct 18th 12 - Princess Aisha:

I asked around, she owns just a little bit less land then the HoH 1st person on Midgard map, if that is the world she is wondering about. So there is no way she can be protected by 50% rule :)

13:30:27 Oct 18th 12 - Mr. Baby Boy:

Im not in an alliance with anyone so I cant not lose my 50% proctection. They own more land what I do so, i am not understanding whats going on and how they are still able to take my stuff...

13:32:30 Oct 18th 12 - SFD (Mr. Smelly Fart Destroyer):

copy and paste the page of the attacking armies

14:17:31 Oct 18th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Well its not true what she is saying...
Her characters:

Ms. Kkay            	Blood Havoc         	Talents             	Alive
Mr. Baby Boy        	Disney Psychos      	Midgard             	Alive

Both are in kingdoms.

15:39:18 Oct 18th 12 - Mr. Baby Boy:

What do you mean it not true what I am saying?

15:57:01 Oct 18th 12 - Sir Orcenstein:

it means she looked you up and it says you are in those kds..

15:59:11 Oct 18th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Alliance means kingdom.
If you are in kingdom, and any of your people attack the enemy kingdom
Then all members of your Kd will loose protection

But I was also told your kd did not attack
So most of them have 50%... except you
Because you are among the people that have most land in the entire world
So you can not have 50%...

16:05:52 Oct 18th 12 - Mr. Baby Boy:

I dont have any building in the other world though... Im dead in the other one...

Im a new player i really dont get this...

16:08:31 Oct 18th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Are you talking about Ms Kkay or Mr Baby Boy?
Which character are you having trouble with?

If anyone is attackign you,
Click on the army, and write here what it says...
It should say if you have protection or not...

Make sure gates are open

16:22:38 Oct 18th 12 - Mr. Baby Boy:

Mr Baby Boy ... Ms Kkay is dead put up one hell of a fight though..

Ill make sure my gates are open and when they attacked Mr.Baby Boy I had no gates at all

16:29:41 Oct 18th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Your character Baby Boy has more land then most people on the map.
Why do you think you will have 50% protection?
You have more buildings then most other people, you can not have 50% protection.

You should be killing people with the amount of land that you have,,,

16:31:33 Oct 18th 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

She actually did put up a good fight. So, she rightly deserves a thumbs up.

16:53:45 Oct 18th 12 - Mr. Baby Boy:

I cant attack when im under 50% thing can i? OK I understand  a little better now. And thank you Mr. Neverarcher hope i do alot better next time and with this one i can get my cities back and so well do, just didnt understand how my cities where getting taken while under 50% but do sort of now..

17:27:51 Oct 18th 12 - Princess Aisha:

50% protection is there to protect weak, small players, that do not have many buildings. You kept building and building and then you reached a point where you have the same amoung of land like the others on the world.

So of course you will loose that protectio, because you are no longer weak... and if someone joins map now, and has only one town, he will have 50% from you, because he is weak...

But if you are confusing the 50% protection with the general protection that we all have when era starts, then you need to understand that the general protection lasts only for a certain time, and you can see how much time you have in protection on the news site.

19:07:17 Oct 18th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

I have a general question then... So is this saying that if I don't attack them they can't attack me?


Army Info
Commander:Ms. Deanna TroiKingdom Banner
Size:Brigade (Around 5000)

We have not attacked them and they have not attacked us.

This ruler owns a bit more land than we do.

Attacking this army will count as a hostile attack and will make it possible for Ms. Deanna Troi to attack us.

19:11:30 Oct 18th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Yes, but its wrong. It always says that. 

I can attack you, you have a lot of land.

As can my kd. 

19:22:39 Oct 18th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

Mmkay then... ._.

02:54:36 Oct 19th 12 - Mr. Biblos:

Baby Boy, when you drop when you are kingdomless at first. You dropped with the option picking you did drop with an automatic selection of the alliance currently actively playing as the alliance. Then there is an option to go kingdomless when dropping, so when you just dropped, it is already selected the kingdom for you.

08:25:13 Oct 19th 12 - Mr. Baby Boy:

Wow some people on here are just mean. I was only asking a question as I didnt understand why they where still able to attack me but its all good now I understand Mr. Neveracher explained it to me and I get it now... Im a new player that the reason that I asked people to explain why I was being attacked while still under 50% but its been explained to me... Thank you for all your help everyone that explained it to me

08:28:28 Oct 19th 12 - Mr. Baby Boy:

Mr. Neverarcher (10/19/2012 2:00:27 AM) GOOD BAD
Closed Gates = Cancel 50% Rule
Attack an army = Cancel 50% Rule
Belong to a Kingdom = Possible canceling of 50% Rule
Another person owns equal amount of land= 50% rule doesn't count
Another person owns less land = 50% rule doesn't count

50% Rule protects weaker players, who have less land, who are growing and not really fighting anyone.

If you defend a besieged city that belongs to you = 50% rule DOES count

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