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6 Reasons Ravenge PEE ME OFF
18:08:15 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

1. They dont open there gates for you but when phi wants to get though to kill you they let them though


City Info
Owner: Mr. Ancient BasioKingdom Banner
Size: 4543 building(s).
Kingdom: The Ravage Regime
Gates: open

2. There diplo does anoying things like this .....

You (11/28/2009 4:06:09 PM)
We would love to recive anouther cf .....
What are your thoughts on that and for how long ?
Ms. Death Strike (11/28/2009 11:04:33 PM) GOOD BAD
i'm sure we can come to an agreement.

...... yes but whats that then ?

3. They try and steel my members

Mr. Ancient Basio (11/28/2009 6:19:46 AM) GOOD BAD
your Kd members tried to attack us in the core after i suggested we extend the cease fire we had .so please leave them and think about joining us , as now bean are hated by ravage.

4. sending msgs to ravenge diplo and getting no reply asking other leaders and then getting asked to ask diplo leader even thoguh i only asked them cause i got no reply ......

5. They attack kds when there weak ... i mean cummon why is it it you choose only to attack crazy when there weak ..... lol i mean its sad really yes i know you can do it .... your kd is war senterared yet you choose to wait for kds to be weak before attacking ......

6. FOR what ever reason you seem to be kissing phis arse .... you let them thoguh your gates and your wroung about well you could go thoguh too cause iv never been let thoguh closed gates .... but you seem to open them for phi .... if you dident have realtionships youd be attacked ... and anyone who thinks no diplo has gone into this is stupid you have aragments beacuse you dont just open your gates and let a kd thoguh them inless you know your safe ....

18:12:19 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Barny:

Is this thread-worthy? What audience are you trying to project this to, and why do you think they should give a shit?

18:23:27 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Kat:

i give you my support!

18:25:48 Nov 29th 09 - Sir Black Heart:

We had a Cease Fire with Jellybeans, which means you stay away and we stay away. No terms on the Cease Fire for opening Gates, So you can't complain about that. It's fair, we don't ask you to open gates for Ravage members either.

The Ravage Regime has been in wars since OOP, We fought Twisted, Assassins, A Team, Simplicity and Your kingdom. Then we fought Crazy and now Dark and Fight Club. All of the kingdoms we fought were almost as big as we are or more. Note that Crazy was 150% our size when we attacked it and Fight Club are 170% our size now and we are warring them both at the same time.

Obviously we don't attack weaker kingdoms, If we did that you wouldn't be having any Cease Fires for 2 weeks period.

As for Phi we have a NAP with them, since we are not interested in Mantrax and we only want to prove our grounds on Armageddon only, Our NAP is fair and mutual, and both our kingdoms have honored it well till this moment.

We don't recruit members, we only invite a few chosen ones and all the time we clean up and kick inactive or dishonorable members to make a good and healthy team. As for Basio's invitation is a friendly gesture but not an official invitation.

18:47:33 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Mike Smith From Calif:

As for Phi we have a NAP with them, since we are not interested in Mantrax and we only want to prove our grounds on Armageddon only, Our NAP is fair and mutual, and both our kingdoms have honored it well till this moment.

havent your members spent the entire era claiming you had no NAP with phi??

Thanks for the clarity..

18:49:36 Nov 29th 09 - Lady Liquid Sex Drive:

Mr.Mike we had no nap with Phi ( or any other agreements ) until AFTER we declared on Crazy

18:49:53 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

yea that is one thing im quoting for use .... you disapoint me .... so many lies .... so many claims of never naping

As for Phi we have a NAP with them, since we are not interested in Mantrax and we only want to prove our grounds on Armageddon only, Our NAP is fair and mutual, and both our kingdoms have honored it well till this moment.

18:52:07 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

oh and you obisicly had realtions before as you always let them thoguh blockers opended gates for them and basicley let them walk all over your base with the knowing you were safe

18:54:32 Nov 29th 09 - Lady Liquid Sex Drive:

Mr.Bean do you need a hug or something?

Anyway some people will believe anything that is said so with that enjoy your emo thread and maybe get a tissue.

19:35:03 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

im not upset ... im disapointed and frustrated

19:59:03 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Wilover:

I so totally believed this thread would be about Revenge.

I am disappointed and frustrated.

20:07:46 Nov 29th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

Ravage is full of shit and should not be trusted. I call bullshit on the whole " we didnt have a nap until after we declared war on crazy, actions speak louder than words, yeah we were 150% larger thna you and we had also been fighting for a few weeks while you farmed. you warred an alliance that was the same size as you (a team) and their leader went inactive due to RL.  You kept saying " we dont need a nap because we arent going to nap anyone or make agreements with anyone. LMAO then You attacked Beans  when they were two people. nice work. if you were trying to make an alliance that nobody would trust you have succeeded.

20:41:24 Nov 29th 09 - Lady Liquid Sex Drive:

Good lord.....................what a crock of shit...................done done and done. Obviously you guys took too many pills.

Have a good day I know I will :)

20:46:15 Nov 29th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

to recap in case you cant figure it out

Beans- 2 man alliance
simplicity-2 man alliance
assasins- 2 man alliance (i think they may have had 3)
Twisted -4 man alliance
Crazy- 15 man alliance that had been warring Phi the entore time and build only a couple blockers between you and them due to stupidl;y trusting you.
Fightclub-the only ones close to your size that you are fighting.

Yup looks to me like Blackheart is telling the truth LMAO
" Ravage Regime has been in wars since OOP, We fought Twisted, Assassins, A Team, Simplicity and Your kingdom. Then we fought Crazy and now Dark and Fight Club. All of the kingdoms we fought were almost as big as we are or more. Note that Crazy was 150% our size when we attacked it and Fight Club are 170% our size now and we are warring them both at the same time."

You actually have several people who were members in crazy who were part of that 150% larger stat that you are quoting including some of our only people who werent affected by the war with PHI oddly enough. and you also knew that we were not really that large due to the pretty much era long war with Phi. You need to take a better propoganda class, because thus far its an epic fail for you.

21:01:52 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Taylor Swift:

several reasons why revenge pisses me off.

  • hes ginger
  • hes 17
  • his parents are nearly dead
  • hes from the gay capital of the uk

21:12:56 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Culhwch:

Brighton ?? thats the gay capital init ??

21:23:31 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Culhwch:

a question for ravage though ?? if you were so peed at ryan and landros in crazy and that is the reason you all left ?? would it have been easier to have just booted them from the kingdom or is it you who wanted to go off and start afresh without the bad reputation you gave crazy as if thats the case your not doing a good job :( as the bad crap you caused in crazy you have taken with you too ravage and all those who have got naps with the now known KD Dark will now the good things like nap honour we do keep too and we did not attack small kingdoms unless attacked first.
i too wish we had not fell on same world at the begging of era as you could have proven yourselves as the bad neighbour to someone else other than your old kingdom, and when we finally got to land near you we would have known you guys could not be trusted.
and so you feel safe i honestly assume :P that if PHI was not so adamant too go after those who did not flee from a war with phi (on the books from last era) v crazy now Dark they would have taken you down as they would have seen you as the same old crazy they grew to hate last era and that you guys were the ones calling the shots last era and not the ones in charge now.

22:39:03 Nov 29th 09 - Sir Black Heart:

to all who do not understand the game..
If a kingdom doesn't agree to a NAP or a CF then it's not obligated to anything towards anyone. So stop whining about The Regime, We honor our treaties.

War is a matter of strategy, loss and gain. If you were defeated by another KD maybe their members are better, or their strategy works well. It's time Crazy / Dark to wake up and see their errors and fix their KD issues instead of blaming others for their misfortune. Crazy had members, Core with blockers and everything they needed for a good start.

Don't complain when you screw things up.

22:56:18 Nov 29th 09 - Toaster Struddle:

I'm rooting for Black Heart and his crew. I dont really care whos against who. I just like his style! :D

22:59:46 Nov 29th 09 - Sir Black Heart:

Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm
Have you forgotten that we fought A Team a 10 member KD we fought along?
You simply disregarded that Twisted and us were on the same starting spot and a war between us was eminent?
You tend to forget we fought them ALL at the same time making us fight with 10 members a 20+ members in total?

It seems like your shame of defeat has blocked you from appreciating the achievements a kd half yours did while Crazy at that time had a tight core with blockers all over

Ryan you have forgotten that there was a path open between u and PHI and both of you could have passed through. Your kd chose defense and lost, blame us? for what? Your kd had an issue with Phi and was defeated. The Regime has nothing to do with your failures. Deal with it.

23:23:43 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Wilover:

Swifteh, you forgot to add that hes a Spanish emigrant. Fraking Spaniards.

00:13:31 Nov 30th 09 - Mr. Culhwch:

yeah i understand the game black heart and b4 players from wb (which admitly i played) the game was fought with honour and fair play but since alot of the wb players came over they have brought personal hate and probs with them and worst of all their dishonour in playing any game and their back stabbing antics maybe these action will kill this game like it killed wb for many :) to that i hope not.

00:19:40 Nov 30th 09 - Lady Landros of Luxx The Phishhead:

CRAZY divided into two teams. RAVAGER and DARK.  It sounds to me like they are still one big kingdom and are making all this drama on the boards to try to deny it.

01:22:25 Nov 30th 09 - Mr. Ancient Basio:

lux is reason behind me getting mad on you bean , and you know it ...
Mr. Yellow Bean (11/25/2009 6:41:16 PM) GOOD BAD
well dude once cf over were open to asault from ravenge we need a blocker to secure are core :( cant i bulid you a city for it ?
You (11/25/2009 6:48:37 PM)
well , brother me as well will need a blocker to defend this area , and also you could ask caylish what i have been doing to him plus protection i am offering to brick .. leaders of ravage are on my back already as they think i am not attacking dark .so if i let you take this blocker aswell ill be in a bad position.
id suggest you think about phi and dont worry about ravage yet... keep giving my leaders the sweet talk till you get rid of phi. but if you take this blocker ,i garantee that i will be ordered to attack you.

think about it dude. deadly wont really stand and watch you taking his city once more .. he left it to me once as i told him ill secure this part of core.

talking about blocker lux built one to block inside our area

Mr. Yellow Bean (11/28/2009 1:29:25 AM) GOOD BAD
please open gates so i can let my kd though
You (11/28/2009 2:00:30 AM)
did you accept CF or not ?

when (i asked our leaders)and they agreed to talk with you about cf and you never replied .... so i couldnt open the blocker ... btw cf doesnt mean ill open blockers anyways...
Mr. Yellow Bean (11/29/2009 12:58:33 AM) GOOD BAD
We did not make the discusion to attack you .... lux did .... and we are still in discusion about a cf with your diplo leader ... please dont ask are members to leave us ..... :/
You (11/29/2009 1:25:23 AM)
if you do want cf i expect you throw lux out.

he was preping on several cities and tried to make a problem and got one... and i told you what to do to stay friends .you ignored me and now you say i backstabbed you , well thanks anyways.

long post but it has all details of his claims... i rest my case and dont really care what he thinks ...

01:47:13 Nov 30th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

Hahahaha, NIce try BlackHeart, you fought Twisted and then you fought A team while they warred banshees. Had we done what you did with Phi we could easily have killed you. we did not because we at the time thought you were our friends. I dont feel "shame" over losing some pretend battles on a computer because unlike you I didnt do anything shady. I never lied to former friends, never backstabbed anyone and basically have nothing to be ahsamed about I will take an honourable loss ahead of a sketchy victory anyday. You cannot say the same.

You are absolutely right about one thing, a KINGDOM has no obligations towards kingdoms without naps or agreements, one could argue that friends do have obligations to friends however and thats the only reason your kingdom is still alive. Don't worry you taught us a very valuable lesson about trust and misplacing it. enjoy the fruits of your labour LOL you guys are awesome on armageddon.

01:49:14 Nov 30th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

and Lady if Kevin hasnt told already then go ask him now, we have nothing to do with Ravage, we just left them alone because I had friends in that kingdom, I sent out messages not to attack them because of this. I have been shown the error of my ways.

02:03:46 Nov 30th 09 - Mr. Ancient Basio:

since i was in crazy before joining ravage i have to state that when i was there we had many chances to attack and destroy ravage as they were busy attackin ateam and bunshhe , BUT I CONCUR THAT PSYCHO INSTRUCTED US NOT TO DO THAT AS THEY ARE FRNDS And this is why he has my respect as long as i play this game

02:08:06 Nov 30th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

There is no point in arguing it Basio, they see nothing wrong with their actions and they cant admit it or they would have to admit they did something wrong (which is apparently impossible on VU. The fact that I sent a couple KD wide messages about not attcking them under any circumstance is apparently outwieghed by a claim that we opened a blocker. LOL I am almost dead this era anyway I will do my talking on the field next era when i am not done in from getting backstabbed.

02:13:59 Nov 30th 09 - Mr. Ancient Basio:

ryan , i like how you are a fighter where ever you are , but let me give you a peace of advice , you could follow it or throw it away .

Try not to make enemies with your words. you did it with phi and will do it once more unless you start thinking more about consequences .being a good player wont matter if you dont equip your self with diplomatic speech and actions .

also lets think about it together , ravage had no enemy as ateam was destroyed as well as bunshee . and they had to war someone since their armies were already trained previously ,and crazy looked weak while ravage got their west and north and south safe and sound ... they had to attack you (and you couldnt make a pact with them earlier ) ,

am i right or not >?

11:34:02 Nov 30th 09 - Mr. Mike Smith From Calif:

no...they didnt have to attack us....since they are ex crazy from last era that phi so hated they could of takent the opportunity to war phi alongside us at anytime...they also had access to nirvanna as well with kingdoms there to fight or others in other worlds...we said we would never attack them so they were always safe from us and certain cities of theirs liek hellII etc actually blocker our inner core and meant they could have carte blanche of our cities.

summary never trust a word or friendship , only a Nap, kill everything regardless of size around you that isnt napped and if you are too scared to fight a kingdom from previous era that so wants your blood, change kingdoms and hide. i joined crazy full of my previous enemies because a) i thought some of the players who are now ravage were in it this era b) i wasnt going to hide from warring phi.

14:49:39 Nov 30th 09 - Dr. Happy Pants:

Mr. Mike Smith From Calif we did not leave Crazy "too scared to fight a kingdom from previous era that so wants your blood." Phi wanted Ryan's blood (and I think yours too if I remember right) because he kept baiting them. He would not stop baiting them last era when I asked him to. He flat out said NO and he started off this era baiting them. Personally I was sick to death of it all.

It wasn't our war and we told Ryan so at the beginning of the era. I even went so far as to tell him that Crazy was boxing us in and trying to force us to be a Buffer and we would not stand for it. If we had wanted to fight Phi as a buffer for Crazy we could have stood and died for you. We saw no reason to. We left Crazy we are not an extension of Crazy.

We hated landing on the same world. We knew there would be over the top drama at some point. You guys need to stop making wild assumptions about what we are doing. Get over it.

You may well have told each other you were going to be friendly. That was not the vibe we were getting from your leader Psycho nor did we wish to be friendly. We never offered to be and refused the offered NAP and request we fight Phi.

good grief will everyone just stop all the drama.

16:27:51 Nov 30th 09 - Mr. Deathangel:

You all need to stop your whining and being a baby.  I was in RR for all of this and they did nothing wrong.  It is not there fault that Bean is a retard and dosen't understand what a CF means.  Also they don't have to reply to your messages.  That should tell you something if they are not responding to your messages.  The Crazy issue is very simple RR never hide the fact that they wanted to war Crazy.  Just because they finally got it up to attack when Phi was fighting them is just fate.  So the only fight they are in that was not a sure thing is FC.  RR was deciding what to do with them when they attacked me.  So quite the stupid whining and baby act (oh sorry Bean is a baby).  The rest of you are just pathetic to think someone should not attack a person just because they are fighting someone else.  It is a war game get over it and play the game or leave it don't matter to me which.

17:46:31 Nov 30th 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

Im not a baby ... no matter how cute i am :P

But im just anoyed .... arma this era has been a real let down .....

20:52:52 Nov 30th 09 - Mr. Mike Smith From Calif:

dr happy pants

you should of let phi deal with ryan, you compeltely miss what this is about.

ryan countered you as a friend...this forum is full of his praise for you and assurance that we would never attack you as you have such solid history back to tpl days.

i, on the other hand, have been ryan's sworn enemy since 2007 in various games.

why did i join crazy? well i actually liked you and psycho...ryan,nola and lara and i have rather unpleasant history...but i saw the value on how you held up your naps etc in my dealings with you when i was LD and KoH....this changed my opinion about a lot of crazy....i still probably wouldnt of joined.,...but before i even had a kingdom zerocool posted he was going to personally hunt me down even though i did little to phi(and infact congratulated last era for taking my cities etc) so i thought screw it since ryan and i have the same enemies and it would be a crazy thing to do we would join forces....which certainly shocked a few people.

FFS you guys are supposed to be his friends, he held you in the highest regard. one thing ryan is , is loyal. you dont have to like his stance, you can choose to go elsewhere, but it is quite APPARENT from all the posts that you intended to war and destroy him. That's some serious grudges you got there, hell they are ryanesque in their extreme....

i mean when i started KoA with aamir we chose to nap fate because they were full of our ex players from bunnies the era war all your former kingdom mates the very next era(if it isnt an agreed fun war) is pretty harsh.....clearly even though landros and ryan considered you guys good mates with a long history, you held them in utter contempt.

it is pretty sickening to see.

02:14:30 Dec 1st 09 - Dr. Happy Pants:

Mr. Mike Smith From Calif there you go making assumptions again. Ryan and I are RL friends. We still get along fine off the game. Sure he is miffed in the extreme but not everyone has the same world view. This is a game. I war lots of people in this game that are friends and ex kingdom mates. So does everyone here. If we didn't this would be a love fest not a war game.

and this isnt a grudge war either. I really would have preferred they kill us off oop so we could have gotten off of Arma. We did expect them to (sans Ryan who kept telling me he would not attack me).

02:19:32 Dec 1st 09 - Dr. Happy Pants:

Mr. Deathangel yeah FC are fun to fight. You all may take us out yet but we are giving you a run for your gold anyway. Better than I expected us to do. :)

02:47:37 Dec 1st 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

Btw it is true that I remain friends with a few people from Ravage outside VU im just disappointed with them in VU not life, I just wont be allied with them in the game and there are a few who I will not remain friends with at all.

08:50:38 Dec 1st 09 - Mr. Mike Smith From Calif:

that says more about ryan's character than your own...when someone is an enemy he will hound them forever...if someone is his friend, and i have seen it time and time again, he can be shafted and will treat them as a friend "outside of the game"...when the venom in your words on the forum towards both he and landros dont require assumptions to be made in the have stated you asked ryan to stop(and pm me messages to the same effect criticizing him), you were going to leave the game, you left the alliance to essentially be away from him and his are a true friend indeed.

09:58:40 Dec 1st 09 - Dr. Happy Pants:

Mr. Mike Smith From Calif there is no venom. That is something you are reading into it. That says more about you actually

21:36:48 Dec 1st 09 - Mr. Mike Smith From Calif:

actually no it doesnt, nice try and fail at deflection though.

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