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A New Beginning (era 39)
05:41:29 Mar 30th 09 - Sir Archmage Fever:

Whatsuup! its finaly here Era 39! ahhhh! sorry lew its agent Smith era :'(

05:42:07 Mar 30th 09 - Demonslayer Scientist:

Nah, just call it the era of Pirate Lewatha  :p

05:43:00 Mar 30th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

Im excited!

05:44:10 Mar 30th 09 - Sir Archmage Fever:

:D hope we could but you cannot stop seeing the top screen which was Visual Utopia-Era of Agent Smith :D

05:44:15 Mar 30th 09 - Sir Vapor:

Updates for the new era:

  • Training troops are now static. That means they will not increase when you get more land.

  • When taking over a city, buildings will automatically get burned if the attacker has already taken several cities from the defender or if the attackers is fairly stronger. More buildings will be burnt if it's close to the era end.

  • Battle wins and battle experience as well as science will now count in the high scores. Fighting larger battles will give more experience then fighting small ones.

  • Killing troops and peasants with "Rain of Fire" will add to the kill count.

  • Training and building times are increased to max 100 days.

  • Upkeep in allied cities is now 50% instead of 0% upkeep.

  • Slaves can now be used to speed up building construction. If there are unused (not employed) slaves in the city, they will be used to construct buildings. They might however die in the process. whats this

05:44:32 Mar 30th 09 - Demonic Entity:

Era of Pirate Lewatha!!! FINALLY IT HAS STARTED!!!  gl everyone! :D

05:45:16 Mar 30th 09 - Demonslayer Scientist:

Check the Fant topic Shezmoo!

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