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A Shadow Rises
04:07:38 Jan 17th 14 - Mr. Kye:

*Hunched over a table, a decrepit wrinkled man rubs his leathery hands together.  His robes droop, mimicking his sagging skin.  White bushy eyebrows overlap is ever peering pupils that widen in excitement.  Those ancient eyes stare feverishly into an opaque orb.  This globe unveils the many lands of Utopia.  Like little toy soldiers he watches men and women march upon cities.  Most seem to be marked by emblems that of kingdoms; yet from time to time he spots those who seem to hold no loyalty.  These lonely lords are what he seeks....*

"Come hither my young vassals of Utopia," the voice of the elderly man rumbles through the desolate lands.  "Her Shadow seeks those that carry no banner."  

--I just wanted to RP a little bit.  But seriously, anyone who is bored and playing solo on ANY world, you are welcome to join my kingdom.  We can post about our conquests and defeats, maybe paste screen shots, and keep company.  I am alone on my world, but we have 2 members on other worlds. 

You can join us even if you are in a different land.  Her Divine Shadow is the name.--

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