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A Shameful Display Zeta 83
14:15:49 Mar 31st 21 - Konstant (Mr. Farmer Bob):

6 Players in one KD on Zetamania; Heroix, you should know better.

Pela II City Info Owner: Mr. Vladimir III Kingdom Banner Size: 34740 building(s). Kingdom: Hydra Race: Human Gates: open
8:09 AM
Arnosas City Info Owner: Mr. Haldimir Tester Kingdom Banner Size: 78400 building(s). Kingdom: Hydra Race: Elf Gates: no gates
8:10 AM
Goodolddays City Info Owner: Mr. Killakaze Kingdom Banner Size: 401 building(s). Kingdom: Hydra Race: Human Gates: no gates
8:10 AM
Noms City Info Owner: Mr. Polled Kingdom Banner Size: 28900 building(s). Kingdom: Hydra Race: Dwarf Gates: closed
8:10 AM
Vayikra City Info Owner: Mr. Heroix Kingdom Banner Size: 12754 building(s). Kingdom: Hydra Race: Orc Gates: open
8:10 AM
Kerosene City City Info Owner: Mr. Seisnem Kingdom Banner Size: 19897 building(s). Kingdom: Hydra Race: Human Gates: open

14:17:04 Mar 31st 21 - Konstant (Mr. Farmer Bob):

May their ore veins disappear, their farms get scorched, and their lumbermills fail!

May their soldiers fall through illness and their peasants become barren!

May their lands be burned, their kind dispersed, never to besmirch the good lands of Zetamana again!

The Ancient Curse of Zeta has been sent unto them like a plague.

May Zeta have mercy upon their souls for the curse will not show any.

18:41:46 Mar 31st 21 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

I left "Automatically accept new people into the kingdom" checked and people started joining until I was too late to stop it at unwritten 3 member rule. And then I decided not to stop it altogether. 

I mean how long we were gonna keep that 3 player rule? It was obviously not working. OOP war was me vs Forsaken. 4 players in total. In a world. In total. No one else has landed oop. The world was dead.

Now Hydra has more players than Zetamania had in ages altogether. And it's not like any of them landed at the start of the era. Some are just out of protection, some joined today. And most important - most of them are returning or new players. Yes, people are returning.

I'll keep accepting new players and hope other kingdoms do to. It might revive this world. If it will be too large next era - maybe we'll split. I don't know. But at least players are returning to this dead world and VU.

19:04:40 Mar 31st 21 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Tsaindorcus Vaision):

plz do heroix it'll be a nice challenge and maybe get some new blood in here that we so badly need

17:37:07 Apr 7th 21 - Konstant (Mr. Farmer Bob):

Now he has 12 members. There's a reason why we have a 3 person cap on Zetamania. Otherwise it turns into "who has the biggest blob" fest. No strategy, just blob.

If you wanted to help new players/returning, then you should have explained how things work.

Also, out of all the players in the KD, only 2 aren't playing another world. Some of them may be returning players, but most of them are already playing multi-characters on multiple worlds.

I'm fine with expanding the "3 person KD" rule, but you can't do it by your own choice in the middle of an era.

Red & CO (merged)

Army Info
Commander:Mr. HeroixKingdom Banner
Size:Group of Armies (Around 500,000)
Status:Moving North East

We have made 6 hostile attacks on them and they have made 7 hostile attacks on us.

We own a bit more land than this ruler.

Send Mr. Heroix a message

Merged armies

Owned by Mr. Heroix

Owned by Mr. Seisnem

Owned by Mr. Heroix

Dharan Legion
Owned by Lord Senturu

Owned by Mr. Polled

19:52:31 Apr 7th 21 - Mr. Gandalf The White:

You need to announce & talk about rules before an Era starts. It's not an automatic process!!

When i started 2 & 3 men kds, i announced it before every era & players comment whether they interested or not. Because it depends on votes too.

The One & Last King of Good

19:56:51 Apr 7th 21 - Penguin (Mr. Might Guy):

its dead world. be happy that at least someone takes in those sorry losers. 

09:52:41 Apr 8th 21 - Mr. Seisnem:

I think Heroix was suprised that so many people joined the world. But keep in mind that hydra has some inactive players... 

Maybe next era we can reorganize some kingdoms. It's good that so many people are returning to zetamania :) 

10:21:45 Apr 8th 21 - Mr. Gandalf The White:

maybe i'll move Good Kingdom to Zeta.

16:52:23 Apr 8th 21 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Tsaindorcus Vaision):

eh i'm not worried about it we can play blob Vs blob next era this era isnt over yet and the balls still in the air

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